Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof: Transform Backyard into a Social Hub

Having an outdoor bar in your backyard can take your entertaining game to the next level. With some thoughtful planning and DIY skills, you can create a functional and stylish backyard bar that will become the ultimate hangout spot.

Adding a roof over your outdoor bar provides shade and protection from the elements while giving the space a polished look.

Whether you want a simple bar for casual get-togethers or an elaborate entertaining space, there are many fantastic outdoor bar plans to choose from. Here are 17 amazing DIY outdoor bar plans with roof to inspire your backyard building project.

1. Rustic Wood Bar –

Rustic Wood Bar-Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof
Source: DIY projects plans

Construct a simple rectangular wood bar top using 2×6 cedar boards secured to a 4×4 post frame. Install a gable roof extending 6 feet from the bar top using corrugated galvanized steel panels.

Add 3 fixed bar stools with tractor seat backs and a shelf along the back for glassware storage. Hang two black metal barn pendant lights over the center of the bar top for lighting.

2. Cinder Block Bar –

Cinder Block Bar-Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof
Source: CSK Management

Use 16x8x8 standard cinder blocks stacked two high to form the base of the bar, about 4 feet long and topped with a smooth wood ledge for seating. Attach a flat roof using 2×4 framing and 4×8 polycarbonate roofing panels.

Paint the cinder blocks in two tones using exterior masonry paint. Top the bar with gray geometric cement tiles and add chrome and leather barstools.

3. Lean-To Bar –

Lean-To Bar-Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof
Source: Etsy

Attach a corrugated tin slanted roof approximately 8 feet long and 4 feet out from an exterior house wall or side of the garage. Use 4×4 posts anchored in concrete to support the roof.

Build the bar top using 2×4 framing covered in marine plywood, about 4 feet long. Add a drink rail and shelves below for extra storage.


4. Tiki Hut Bar –

Tiki Hut Bar-Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof
Source: Pinterest

Construct a bar top using 1×3 bamboo slats spaced 1 inch apart. Support the bartop on 6×6 posts wrapped in bamboo mats. Create a bamboo thatched gable roof 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall attached to the posts.

Include hanging bamboo lantern lights, tropical drink glasses, rattan stools with thatched seats, and faux bamboo privacy walls.

5. Outdoor Bar with Fireplace –

Outdoor Bar with Fireplace
Source: ESP Metal Products & Crafts

Build an L-shaped bar top using concrete topped with flagstone. Create the 12 foot long bar top and 6 foot return attached perpendicularly. Use a stone veneer over wood framing to construct a 4 foot wide fireplace and chimney along the outside of the return.

Install a gabled shingle roof extending 8 feet from the concrete bar top. Include 5 padded swivel barstools, accent lighting, and a built-in grilling station.

6. Pallet Wood Bar –

Pallet Wood Bar-Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof
Source: HomeBNC

Arrange 5 full intact shipping pallets to form the back wall and use half pallets stacked on their sides to create the 8 foot long bar top. Use metal poles or 4×4 posts to support a polycarbonate roof panel sloped at 45 degrees, 4 feet deep.

Paint the pallets a dark charcoal color and add shelves for glassware. Hang Edison bulb string lights overhead and an old whiskey barrel by the front corner.


7. Repurposed Door Bar –

Repurposed Door Bar-Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof
Source: DIY projects plans

Lay a solid core wood door at least 6 feet long horizontally on 2 saw horses. Attach an 8 foot long 4×4 wood frame to the top using angles irons.

Cut 4 foot by 6 foot polycarbonate panels and attach them to the frame using silicone and screws to create a watertight roof. Add 2 fixed barstools and use removable strips along the sides to prevent rain getting in.

8. Octagonal Gazebo Bar –

Octagonal Gazebo Bar-Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof
Source: Pinterest

Assemble an eight-sided gazebo frame from pressure treated 4×4 posts and 2×6 boards. Create angled roof supports meeting at a peak approximately 10 feet high.

Use T&G wood decking to cover the roof and wrap around floor. Add a rectangular wood bar top, vented side walls, ceiling fan, and barstools.

9. Covered Porch Bar –

Covered Porch Bar
Source: RTA Outdoor Living

Extend an existing uncovered porch area out 6 feet, maintaining the roof height. Install cedar tongue and groove boards on the ceiling and new wall.

Build the bar top using old barn wood planks on a 2×4 frame. Include woven wicker barstools, Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and a drink cooler.


10. Lean-To Metal Roof Bar –

Lean-To Metal Roof Bar
Source: Pinterest

Attach an 8 foot long sloped roof starting at 10 feet high down to 6 feet off the ground to metal posts. Use corrugated galvanized steel roofing panels secured with screws.

Construct the bar top using 2×6 cedar boards on a 2×4 frame. Anchor the bar posts in concrete footers and add foot rests.

11. Gable Bar with Louvered Sides –

Gable Bar with Louvered Sides
Source: AZENCO Outdoor

Construct a rectangular gabled roof peak 12 feet wide and 10 feet tall using framing and asphalt shingles.

Install 12 inch wide louvered wood panels on the two side walls that can tilt open for access. Use matching wood double barn doors on one end and build a reclaimed wood bar top.

12. Triangle A-Frame Bar –

Triangle A-Frame Bar
Source: TheDIYPlan

Arrange two sheets of plywood at 45 degree angles to create a triangular roof with a 2 foot overhang on each side. Use 2×4 posts anchored in concrete to attach the 6 foot long plywood roof to.

Build the bar top with treated pine boards and attach securely to the posts. Add some rope lighting along the corner.

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13. Double Slanted Roof Bar –

Double Slanted Roof Bar
Source: ventures

Build two identical 12×8 foot shed roofs using framing and corrugated metal panels. Join them peak-to-peak so the two roofs slant away from each other.

Install a 12 foot long bar top parallel to the peaks beneath. Add a retractable canvas awning off the back for adjustable weather protection.

14. Standing Seam Metal Roof Bar –

Standing Seam Metal Roof Bar
Source: Pinterest

Use 12 foot long interlocking rectangular steel roofing panels to create a slanted roof. Match the steel roofing on the front bar facade and underbar.

Make the bar top from reclaimed barn wood planks. Add industrial touches like black iron pipe shelving brackets and cement board accents.

15. Pergola Bar with Retractable Awning –

Pergola Bar with Retractable Awning
Source: Retractableawnings.com

Fortify an existing pergola with additional support posts and crossbeams. Install a manual retractable awning above the bar top area.

Create the bar counter from ipe wood and include hooks for hanging glassware and planters. Run electrical to the pergola to add lighting and music speakers.

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16. Portable Weatherproof Bar –

Portable Weatherproof Bar
Source: Bar Plans

Build a bar top using 2x4s and 1/2 inch bamboo board cladding secured with waterproof adhesive to a treated plywood base. Attach four lockable caster wheels.

Create removable roof panels from clear acrylic sheets mounted in aluminum frames that attach to the bar top edges.

17. Backyard Pub Shed Bar –

Backyard Pub Shed Bar
Source: Dunster House

Transform a storage shed into a cozy pub by installing barn wood style walls and tongue and groove ceiling. Add pub tables, a long front bar with overhang, brass foot rest, and swinging saloon-style doors.

Use decorative license plates and old bottle displays as decor. Install a shed roof with asphalt shingles.



The possibilities are endless when planning your dream outdoor bar! Built-in or freestanding, rustic or modern, whimsical or elegant – get creative designing an oasis suited to your taste and backyard space.

Protecting your investment with a durable roof ensures it will endure seasons of use.

Before starting your project, consider any permits needed and have underground utilities marked if digging.

Plan well, enlist skilled friends, and don’t be afraid to hire contractors for complex steps. With good preparation, you can DIY a fabulous covered bar for making memories with family and friends. Cheers!


Q: What is the easiest roof style for an outdoor bar?

A: A simple slanted lean-to or angled A-frame roof is easiest for DIYers to construct. They provide good rain protection without complex framing.

Q: What roofing material is most weather resistant?

A: Metal roofing like corrugated tin, standing seam, or galvanized steel offers the most durability and weather resistance for outdoor bars.

Q: How can I make my outdoor bar roof decorative?

A: Use interesting materials like bamboo, thatch, Spanish tile, or cedar shingles. Or add architectural details like exposed rafter tails, faux chimneys, or decorative gable vents.

Q: What is important for roof support?

A: Use thick and rot-resistant wood like cedar or pressure treated posts anchored in concrete footers. Or install sturdy metal or vinyl roof support columns for stability.

Q: How do I waterproof an outdoor bar roof?

A: Use overlapping shingles, standing seam metal, or interlocking roof panels. Apply waterproof adhesive/tape at all seams and connections. Install sufficient overhangs and angle roof for good drainage.

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