Unique Bird Baths: 30 Designs to Attract Songbirds to Your Yard

Installing a bird bath in your yard or garden is an excellent way to provide water for visiting birds while also enhancing your outdoor space with a decorative focal point.

When shopping for a bird bath, you’ll find there are many unique and aesthetically pleasing designs to choose from.

Here are 30 Unique bird baths to consider adding to your landscape.

1. Tiered Pedestal Bird Bath

Tiered Pedestal Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: The Birdhouse Chick

A pedestal bird bath with multiple tiers allows several birds to drink and bathe at once. The tiered design also adds visual interest. This type of bird bath has a traditional look that works well in cottage gardens and other rustic outdoor spaces.

2. Mosaic Bird Bath

Mosaic Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Etsy

Mosaic tiles lend color, texture, and creativity to a bird bath basin. Choose mosaic tiles in shades of blue and green to mimic ponds and lakes.

Warm earth tones like terra cotta and brown help the bath blend into natural surroundings. Mosaic bird baths provide artistic flair to gardens.

3. Rustic Concrete Bird Bath

Rustic Concrete Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Discount Garden Statues

For a low maintenance bird bath, opt for a simple concrete basin design. Concrete bird baths hold up well to freezing temperatures and the elements.

Rustic, handcrafted concrete bird baths suit outdoor spaces like cottage gardens. Ornate concrete birdbaths can serve as garden focal points.

4. Glass Bird Bath

Glass Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Wayfair

A glass bird bath makes a striking garden accent. The translucent quality gives a clean, modern look. Frosted or colored glass offers privacy for bathing birds while still allowing light to pass through.

A glass bird bath is also low maintenance and weather resistant. Place one on a stone pedestal in a flower bed.


5. Tabletop Bird Bath

Tabletop Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Pinterest

Tabletop bird baths situated on pedestals work well for small yards and gardens since they don’t take up much ground space. Elevated baths also deter cats and other predators. Look for decorative tabletop bird baths to suit your style, like this flowering mosaic design.

6. Tree Branch Bird Bath

Tree Branch Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Black Forest Decor

Use a found tree branch to craft a rustic bird bath. Choose a partially hollowed out branch, then seal the inside with non-toxic waterproofing. Set the branch on a boulder or other raised surface. Branch baths are organic, wildlife-friendly features for natural gardens.

7. Pottery Bird Bath

Pottery Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Pinterest

Glazed ceramic or pottery bird baths infuse color and artistry into gardens. Opt for bright glazes to attract songbirds.

Handcrafted pottery bird baths make artistic additions to cottage gardens, patios, and other outdoor living areas. They bring a touch of whimsy to gardens.

8. Concrete Leaf Bird Bath

Concrete Leaf Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Garden Stew

Encourage birds to bathe in your yard with this creative leaf-shaped concrete bath. The naturalistic shape and neutral concrete color help the bath blend into nature-inspired gardens.

Its organic leaf shape brings playful style. Place it on a patio or nestle it into a flower bed.


9. Metal Bird Bath

Metal Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Amazon

Classic hammered metal bird baths complement traditional gardens. Choose copper, aluminum, or galvanized metal to withstand the outdoor elements. A metal bird bath adds vintage Americana charm to your landscape. Place it on a pedestal or ground base.

10. Backyard Birdbath Fountain

Backyard Birdbath Fountain-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Gardener’s Path

Moving water helps deter mosquitoes that spread diseases like West Nile virus. A birdbath fountain or mini waterfall aerates the water, making it healthier for visiting birds. The pleasant trickling sound is soothing to enjoy from a patio or deck.

11. Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Solar Bird Bath Fountain-Unique Bird Baths
Source: One Click Shopping

Take your bird bath up a notch by adding a solar-powered fountain pump. The fountain provides clean circulation and movement to attract more wild birds. Solar pumps run automatically without wiring or electricity. It’s an easy way to upgrade a traditional bath.

12. Recycled Bowl Bird Bath

Recycled Bowl Bird Bath-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Scavenger Chic

Give old bowls or pots new life as creative DIY bird baths. Look for interesting, colorful glazed ceramics at flea markets and secondhand shops.

Seal drainage holes, then mount the vessel on a pedestal or stack of large stones. Recycled bowl bird baths lend a quirky personality to gardens.


13. Concrete Bird Bath With Planter

Concrete Bird Bath With Planter-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Empress of Dirt

This unique design pairs a concrete bird bath basin with a side planter for flowers or foliage. The planter provides built-in landscaping to help the birdbath blend into the garden. Choose plants like lavender and sage that attract pollinators and hummingbirds.

14. Bird Bathing Pool

Bird Bathing Pool-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Pinterest

Use an entire mini pond or pool as a bird bath to give birds plenty of space. Stock with pebbles and stones for perching. Integrate water plants such as water lilies, lotus, and hyacinths to give birds shelter. Mini pools create a backyard oasis for you and local wildlife.

15. Bird Bath With Pedestal

Bird Bath With Pedestal-Unique Bird Baths
Source: Haddonstone

the pedestal base elevates this traditional stone bird bath basin for easy access by ground-feeding birds. Pedestals also discourage predators like cats from disturbing bathing birds. For a decorative look, choose an ornate pedestal style that matches the basin.

16. Sculptural Birdbath

Sculptural Birdbath
Source: Pinterest

Incorporate your favorite art or sculptures into a unique bird bath design. Look for figurines and statues with bowls or vessels that can hold water. Painted terra cotta and glazed ceramic sculptures make colorful, whimsical bird bath creations to display in the garden.

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17. Deck-Mounted Bird Bath

Deck-Mounted Bird Bath
Source: Amazon.com

Take advantage of outdoor living spaces by installing a bird bath on a deck or patio. Mount a simple concrete, ceramic, or metal basin to a deck post. Add a small solar fountain pump if desired. A deck-mounted bath lets you view songbirds up close as you relax outdoors.

18. Antique or Vintage Bird Bath

Antique or Vintage Bird Bath
Source: Salvage-Garden

Search for a bird bath at antique stores, salvage yards, and garage sales. Vintage metal, stone, and concrete bird baths have old-world appeal.

Simply give an antique a fresh coat of paint or sealer to protect it from the outdoor elements. Vintage bird baths add long-lasting charm to gardens.

19. Hand-Painted Ceramic Bird Bath

Hand-Painted Ceramic Bird Bath
Source: Burley Pottery

Choose a hand-painted ceramic bird bath for a pop of color and artistry. Opt for nature motifs like flowers, vines, trees, and songbirds. Warm metallics like copper and bronze work well as accent colors. A hand-painted bath personalizes your garden retreat.

20. Concrete Sphere Bird Bath

Concrete Sphere Bird Bath
Source: Pottery Barn

A round concrete ball partially buried in the garden makes for an unusual bird bath. Concrete spheres come in various sizes – opt for a smaller diameter to serve as a birdbath.

Partially submerge the orb and fill with fresh water for visiting birds. Unusual baths can become garden conversation pieces.

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21. Bird Bath With Shelves

Bird Bath With Shelves
Source: The Home Depot

This fun design incorporates small shelves for potted succulents, cacti, and other petite plants. The plant shelves surround the basin, making for a unique display.

Choose drought-tolerant plants that don’t need frequent watering to simplify care. A bath with plant shelves creates a mini backyard oasis for you and wildlife.

22. Bird Bath Planter

Bird Bath Planter
Source: Homes & Gardens

Surround a traditional bird bath basin with planted pockets or built-in planters. Choose flowers and herbs that attract hummingbirds and butterflies, like fuchsia, lavender, verbena, and mint.

The blooming bath becomes its own garden focal point. Planting around a birdbath helps it blend into gardens naturally.

23. Modern Fluted Bird Bath

Modern Fluted Bird Bath
Source: Garden Statues

Contemporary gardens call for modern bird bath designs like this fluted metal basin style. The sleek, ribbed shape has a minimalist, sophisticated look.

Pair it with modern outdoor furnishings and architectural landscaping. A modern bath suits contemporary backyard retreats.

24. Rustic Wagon Wheel Bird Bath

Rustic Wagon Wheel Bird Bath
Source: Facebook

Repurpose an old wagon wheel as a fun, rustic bird bath idea. Look for a wooden wagon wheel and give it a fresh coat of water-repellent sealant.

Add a plastic or galvanized washtub basin to the center. Fill with water and add stones for perching. Wagon wheel baths make great old-fashioned garden accents.

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25. Oblong Concrete Bird Bath

Oblong Concrete Bird Bath
Source: McCumber Fine Gardens

An oblong, oval, or rectangular basin shape provides more surface area for multiple birds to bathe and drink at once. The streamlined rectangular shape fits nicely along borders and fences. An oblong basin also works well mounted on a deck or patio.

26. Dual Level Bird Bath Fountain

Dual Level Bird Bath Fountain
Source: VisualHunt

A dual level or two tiered fountain birdbath allows birds to gradually acclimate to the water in shallower levels before taking a deeper bath.

The different levels also accommodate different species. The cascading effect helps oxygenate the water. Dual level fountains appeal to a variety of wild birds.

27. Copper Bird Bath Bowl

Copper Bird Bath Bowl
Source: Wayfair

Copper’s natural rustic patina makes it ideal for crafting outdoor bird baths. Copper bird bath bowls add subtle color and texture to gardens.

The malleable metal can be worked into artful shapes and designs. Consider mounting a copper bowl bath on a pedestal for stability. Copper develops a stately patina over time.

28. Bamboo Bird Bath

Bamboo Bird Bath
Source: Biltmore Shop

For a casual DIY bath, make a bamboo bird bath using lengths of bamboo sealed together into a square frame. Line the frame with plastic and fill with water.

Adding pebbles and stones provides perching spots. Bamboo baths have a natural, laidback look perfect for rustic and Asian-inspired gardens.


29. Wine Barrel Bird Bath

Wine Barrel Bird Bath
Source: Pinterest

Recycle an old wooden wine barrel into a novel bird bath idea. Use a plastic tub liner or seal the inside with non-toxic waterproofing. Add interesting touches like copper bands around the barrel if desired. Wine barrel bird baths make great additions to cottage gardens.

30. Simple Terra Cotta Saucer

Simple Terra Cotta Saucer
Source: Martha Stewart

Small terra cotta saucers found at garden centers make excellent basic bird baths, and they’re very affordable. Choose glazed saucers in bright colors to attract wild birds.

Saucer baths work well placed on the ground, on boulders and stumps, and mounted on walls and fences. Add a few decorative accents.


With such a wide range of unique bird baths designs to choose from, you can easily find one that fits the style of your yard or garden. Look for creative bath styles that compliment your outdoor living space, whether it’s traditional, modern, rustic, or eclectic in style.

Place your bird bath in an open area of the yard that allows birds to see predators coming. Clean and refresh the bath with fresh water weekly.

Then enjoy watching birds flock to your new backyard oasis. With a little TLC, a unique bird bath becomes a gorgeous garden feature that attracts beautiful songbirds.



Q: What are some unique bird baths ideas?

A: Unique bird bath ideas include mosaic, glass, pottery, sculpture, antique, hand-painted, concrete sphere, wagon wheel, bamboo, wine barrel, and repurposed bowl designs.

Q: Where is the best place to position a bird bath?

A: Position bird baths in open areas of your yard where birds can see predators coming. Near trees and shrubs provide landing spots.

Q: How often should you clean a bird bath?

A: Clean and refresh bird baths with fresh water at least once weekly to prevent disease. Scrub with a brush and non-toxic cleaner to remove algae.

Q: What can you add to a bird bath?

A: Add stones, pebbles, marbles, or sticks to create landing spots and varying water depths for different birds.

Q: How can you keep bird baths from freezing in winter?

A: Use a bird bath heater, deicer, or aerator to keep water moving and prevent freezing in winter months. Empty baths if temperatures drop below freezing.

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