Shower Lights Ideas: 18 Ways to Radiant Bathroom Glow

The shower is an essential part of any bathroom. After a long, stressful day, there’s nothing better than a hot shower to wash away your worries.

However, a dark and dreary shower can put a damper on an otherwise relaxing experience. The right lighting can transform your shower from drab to fab!

Proper shower lighting serves both form and function. The right fixtures provide sufficient illumination for tasks like shaving or exfoliating while also setting the perfect ambiance.

With the vast array of shower lighting options available today, it’s easy to find solutions to brighten your bath. Here are 18 shower lights ideas to help you add some glow.

Accentuate with Accessories

One easy way to brighten your shower is by incorporating lighting accessories. Options like wireless LED modules and pendant lights provide directed task lighting without requiring electrical work.

Battery-Powered LED Modules

Battery-Powered LED Modules
Source: Pinterest

Wireless, battery-powered LED modules offer an effortless option to add light to your shower. These lightweight units typically feature strong adhesives to attach to any shower surface.

Opt for a module with multiple LEDs to distribute light evenly. Place modules strategically in dark corners or by the shower head for ideal illumination.

Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights
Source: Designing Idea

Pendant lights plug into standard outlets and hang from the ceiling over the shower area. Opt for moisture-resistant, UL-listed lights made specifically for damp locations.

Look for adjustable cord lengths and lighting angles to direct light where needed. Pendants work well to highlight a Shower seat or shelf area.


Up the Ambiance with Fixtures

Along with directed task lighting, the overall ambiance of your shower depends heavily on the overhead general lighting. The key is choosing the right fixture for your shower’s size and style.

Flushmount Ceiling Lights

Flushmount Ceiling Lights
Source: MyDomaine

For a clean, streamlined look, flushmount ceiling fixtures fit seamlessly into the bathroom ceiling. LED panels and round or square shallow lights work well.

Avoid fixtures labeled damp locations, and only choose ones rated for wet areas. Properly installed flushmount lights add a subtle glow while keeping the focus on your elegant shower design.

Rainfall Shower Heads

Rainfall Shower Heads
Source: Pinterest

Rainfall shower heads provide relaxing drenching along with soft, even light. Opt for an LED rainfall combo unit with different color temperature settings.

Cool white light keeps you alert and focused while getting clean. Switch to warmer tones to set the mood for rest and relaxation as you unwind.

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights
Source: Pinterest

LED strip lighting offers a modern way to shower in color. Waterproof strip lights are easy to install on any shower surface.

Some feature color remote controls to change settings from energizing cool hues to soothing warm tones. Sync strip lights with music or set automated color changing programs to turn shower time into a spa-like experience.


Strategically Place Shower Niches

Shower niches act as built-in shelving to hold bath necessities. These recessed spaces also provide the perfect opportunity to add integrated lighting.

Wall-Mounted Shower Niches

Wall-Mounted Shower Niches
Source: Houzz

Opt for illuminated shower niches placed at eye level. Niches should be large enough to hold shampoo bottles, razors, and other shower essentials. Waterproof LED strip lights or moisture-resistant fixtures around the niche provide both task lighting and visual interest.

Shower Bench Niches

Shower Bench Niches
Source: DecorPad

An illuminated niche beneath a built-in shower bench offers both seating and storage. Opt for a waterproof light fixture or LED strip installed underneath to provide glare-free illumination. Use the lit niche to store shower supplies at arm’s reach.

High Ceiling Niches

High Ceiling Niches
Source: Ecolocity LED

For a dramatic look, install a niche outfitted with lighting in a double-height shower ceiling area. Seek niche fixtures rated for wet locations, such as integrated LED panels or moisture-resistant hanging lights.

The elevated illuminated niche makes a stunning design statement while providing practical storage and lighting.


Add Flair with Specialty Shower Lighting

Tired of boring shower lighting? Specialty fixtures add intrigue and customize your shower lighting design. From colorful glass tiles to futuristic sconces, options abound to make your bath truly one-of-a-kind.

Colorful Glass Tile Accents

Colorful Glass Tile Accents
Source: Designing Idea

Add pops of color with backlit glass tile niches or shower floor accents. Choose glass tiles in vivid jewel tones or in shades of sea glass for beachy nuance. Set the mood by switching up tile colors or change the ambiance with color-changing LED lights.


Sconces-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: The Spruce

Bring nuanced style with vintage-inspired sconces made water-resistant for shower use. Or go for ultra-modern illuminated metal sconces for contemporary flair.

Place matching sconces across from each other on bathroom walls or staggering them asymmetrically for extra style points.

Rain Showerheads

Rain Showerheads-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Architecture & Design

Rain showerheads provide total immersion along with awe-inspiring ambiance. Choose extra-large rain showerheads ranging from 8 to 16 inches for a true soaking experience.

Opt for styles combining soothing water flow and color-changing LED lights. Vibrant hues washing over you with enveloping water mimic exhilarating tropical storms!

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Make a Statement with Unique Materials

The design of your custom shower lighting does not have to be limited to just glass and metal. Get creative by incorporating unexpected materials for fixtures that double as art.

Natural Stone Shower Lighting

Natural Stone Shower Lighting-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Erin Kestenbaum

Sliced agate or alabaster panels fashion ultra-luxe illuminated fixtures and niches. Thin-cut semi-precious stones transmit diffused light for a striking glow. Ornament shower walls with round onyx orb sconces flaming with internal illumination.

Wood Lighting Features

Wood Lighting Features-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Lamps Expo

Wood lends warmth and texture when used for shower light fixtures. Opt for moisture-resistant woods like teak or use marine epoxy to seal the wood.

Backlit wooden wall panels, branch-like sconces, and wood-accented niches seamlessly marry nature with cutting-edge lighting technology.

3D Printed Lights

3D Printed Lights-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Harness 3D printing technology to manufacture futuristic shower lighting fixtures unattainable with standard manufacturing.

Think wave-shaped sconces, geometric spot lights, or nature-inspired organic pendant lights. 3D printed lighting makes a seriously sleek statement.

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Power Up with Smart Technology

Smart lighting takes your shower into the future. Take ambiance, convenience and efficiency to the next level with these tech-forward lighting ideas.

Voice Controlled Lighting

Voice Controlled Lighting-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Business Wire

Hands-free voice control makes it easy to adjust shower lighting on command. Use a device like Alexa paired with a smart LED light system. Change colors, dim for mood lighting, or brighten when you need maximum illumination.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion Sensor Lighting-Shower Lights Ideas

Motion sensor shower lighting turns on automatically when it detects movement. Great for nighttime visits or early mornings when you’d rather not fumble for a switch. Choose LED options to maximize energy savings.

App-Controlled Lighting

App-Controlled Lighting-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Hansgrohe

The latest LED fixtures connect to smartphone apps for total lighting control. Use a secured WiFi connection to turn lights on and off, change color modes, set timers, and create custom settings from anywhere.

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Enjoy a Spa Shower Experience at Home

Get the most out of your shower with strategic placement of spa-inspired lighting. The proper fixtures transform utilitarian spaces into relaxing, rejuvenating retreats.

Backlit Ceilings

Backlit Ceilings-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Housing

Backlit ceiling panels diffuse soft, indirect light for an ambient glow. This spa staple provides uniform lighting with minimal shadows – perfect for shaving, exfoliating and unwinding.

Toe-Kick Lighting

Toe-Kick Lighting-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Simple Lighting

Toe-kick lighting illuminates the base of showers and bathtubs with LED strip lights or small accent fixtures. This subtle lighting guides safe entry and exit from the shower while adding a professional touch.

Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces-Shower Lights Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Consider wall sconces with cylindrical opaque glass shades to emit ambient uplighting. This spa lighting technique eliminates glare while filling the space with quiet illumination. It’s a welcome sight after a stressful day!



The shower should be a relaxing oasis that promotes rejuvenation and renewal. By incorporating the right mix of lighting, you can create a space that is functional, safe and inspiring.

Whether you crave a high-tech environment or a simple spa, the lighting ideas above will help add some glow to your shower. Thoughtfully chosen fixtures not only illuminate, but also reflect personal style.

With so many options for brightness and beauty, you’re sure to find shower lighting to energize your bath. Let these shower lights ideas stir your creativity to design the perfect bright and brilliant shower space!


Q: What are some quick ways to add light to an existing shower?

A: Install battery-powered LED modules, plug-in pendant lights, or stick-on strip lighting for easy task lighting.

Q: What type of shower lighting works best in a small bathroom?

A: Streamlined flushmount LED ceiling lights or mini pendants provide ambient lighting without taking up space.

Q: How can I create a spa-like shower experience at home?

A: Use backlit ceiling panels, toe-kick lighting and wall sconces to create a soft, ambient glow. Add rain showerheads and natural materials.

Q: What electrical work is required for wet location shower lighting?

A: Moisture-resistant fixtures properly installed per local codes by a qualified electrician, using GFCI outlets.

Q: How do I choose shower lighting to match my design style?

A: Select metallic, glass, vintage, organic or futuristic fixtures that complement your desired contemporary, traditional, natural or modern look.

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