Exploring the Diversity of Pea Gravel Colors and Sizes

When it comes to landscaping materials, few are as versatile and visually intriguing as pea gravel. This unassuming aggregate boasts an impressive diversity, ranging from a spectrum of colors to an array of sizes.

Let’s take a deep dive into the world of pea gravel colors and sizes, exploring the vibrant hues it offers and the various dimensions that define its presence.

Pea Gravel: A Palette of Colors

Pea gravel is not just a functional material; it’s a canvas for creativity. With a wide range of colors, it allows for endless possibilities to match your landscaping vision:

1: Pearlescent White Pea Gravel

Pearlescent White Pea Gravel
Source: Pinterest

White may appear simple, but in the world of gravel, it’s a versatile canvas. Ranging from creamy to slightly gray, white pea gravel complements modern and traditional landscapes alike, adding an elegant touch.

2: Earthy Brown Pea Gravel

Earthy Brown Pea Gravel
Source: Standard Supply

Brown pea gravel is a timeless choice, offering warmth and character. From deep browns to shades with hints of red or pink, it’s perfect for rustic landscapes, though caution is advised when pairing with gray-painted surfaces.

3: Elegant Black Pea Gravel

Elegant Black Pea Gravel
Source: PSDgraphics

Black pea gravel exudes sophistication and contrast. With variations from midnight black to smoky gray, it’s a low-maintenance alternative to white, but be aware of its heat-absorption properties in sunny climates.

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4: Versatile Gray Pea Gravel

Versatile Gray Pea Gravel
Source: Whittier Fertilizer

Gray pea gravel finds its place in driveways and pathways. From light to dark shades, gray offers subtlety and versatility, making it an excellent choice for adding texture to outdoor spaces.

5: Bold Red Pea Gravel

Bold Red Pea Gravel
Source: All Terrain Landscaping

Red pea gravel brings vibrancy and energy to hardscapes. Ranging from maroon to fiery reds, it’s ideal as a foundation or accent, adding a touch of drama to your landscape.

6: Refreshing Green Pea Gravel

Refreshing Green Pea Gravel
Source: Aguafina

Green pea gravel harmonizes effortlessly with gardens. From soft blends to bold mixes, it enhances the natural beauty of plant life while adding a fresh touch to your space.

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7: Sunlit Yellow Pea Gravel

Sunlit Yellow Pea Gravel
Source: Decorative Aggregates

Yellow pea gravel radiates warmth and vitality. From golden hues to bright shades, it’s a fantastic choice to enliven your garden or outdoor area.

8: Serene Blue Pea Gravel

Serene Blue Pea Gravel
Source: EarthStoneRock

Blue pea gravel evokes tranquility, making it perfect for areas near water features. Choose from light blues to deep royals, creating a serene atmosphere.

9: Majestic Purple Pea Gravel

Majestic Purple Pea Gravel
Source: Gardening Channel

Purple pea gravel adds a touch of enchantment. With shades like lavender and amethyst, it pairs beautifully with other colors, creating a unique visual experience.

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10: Harmonious Multi Colored Pea Gravel

Harmonious Multi Colored Pea Gravel
Source: Pavingstone Supply

For those who love variety, multicolored pea gravel is the answer. Blending cool and warm neutrals, it provides a balanced backdrop that complements any house color or landscape design.

11: Lively Rainbow Pea Gravel

Lively Rainbow Pea Gravel
Source: Landscape Shoppe

Rainbow pea gravel bursts with cheerfulness. Whether in neon mixes or softer hues, it brings vibrancy to gardens, infusing them with life even during colder seasons.

Pea Gravel Sizes: A Dimensional Perspective

Beyond colors, pea gravel sizes play a crucial role in design and functionality. Here’s a breakdown of the various dimensions:

Smallest Pea Gravel

Smallest Pea Gravel
Source: Landscapers Corner

Measuring at 3/16″, this size is perfect for heavy traffic areas. Often labeled as #89 gravel, it may require additional stabilization methods like resin binders.

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Large Pea Gravel

Large Pea Gravel
Source: Straight Line Fence, LLC

With stones measuring 1/2″, large pea gravel is resilient in high-traffic zones. Corresponding to #7 gravel, it maintains stability without the need for binders.

1/2″ Pea Gravel

1/2″ Pea Gravel
Source: The Gravel Company

While not the technical definition, 1/2″ rocks are commonly marketed as pea gravel. They offer similar versatility and affordability.

3/8″ Pea Gravel

3/8″ Pea Gravel
Source: South Bay Materials

Around 3/8″ in size, true pea gravel falls under #7 or #8 gravel categories. It’s an ideal choice for various landscaping applications, available in a plethora of colors.



Pea gravel proves itself as more than just a landscaping material. With its kaleidoscope of colors and an assortment of sizes, it allows you to shape outdoor spaces according to your vision.

Whether you seek a tranquil retreat, a vibrant garden, or an elegant pathway, pea gravel stands ready to fulfill your design aspirations. Its versatility is a testament to its timeless appeal in the world of landscaping.


Q: What is pea gravel?

A: Pea gravel is a small, rounded landscaping aggregate ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 inches. It’s popular for pathways, driveways, and garden projects due to its versatility.

Q: What colors does pea gravel come in?

A: Pea gravel comes in various colors including white, brown, black, gray, red, green, yellow, blue, and even multi color options.

Q: How do I choose the right pea gravel color?

A: Consider your landscaping design, existing colors, and desired mood. Warm tones like brown or red add coziness, while cool shades like blue or gray evoke tranquility.

Q: What are common uses for pea gravel?

A: Pea gravel is great for pathways, garden beds, driveways, accents around plants, and outdoor seating areas due to its comfort and visual appeal.

Q: How do I choose the right pea gravel size?

A: Select size based on purpose. Smaller sizes (1/4 inch) suit pathways, while larger (3/8 inch) work for driveways. Factor in stability, aesthetics, and use when deciding.

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