Barn Style Shed: 13 Amazing Designs to Create Your Dream Space

Barn style sheds are iconic and offer a charming, rustic aesthetic perfect for storing lawn equipment, woodworking projects, or even converting into a cozy getaway space.

With the right barn shed plans, you can create a beautiful and functional outbuilding to suit your needs and property style.

The Benefits of a Barn Style Shed

There are many reasons a barn style shed is a great addition to any property:

  • Rustic Charm: Barn sheds evoke a cozy, rural vibe with details like board and batten or vertical siding, large doors, and exposed rafters. This timeless look complements many home styles from traditional to farmhouse.
  • Lots of Storage: The high roofline and open layout of a barn shed provides ample room for storing all kinds of items from bicycles to furniture. Many plans include built-in shelving, racks, and lofts.
  • Flexible Usage: While most commonly used for storage, barn sheds can also house workshops, art studios, pool houses, detached garages, and more with the right floor plan.
  • Cost Effective: Building a barn shed is generally more affordable than constructing a detached garage or addition. The simple utilitarian design reduces material costs.
  • Customizable: There are endless possibilities when modifying barn shed plans to suit your precise storage needs, aesthetic tastes, and yard constraints.

Key Design Elements of Barn Style Sheds

There are a few signature features that define the classic barn style:

  • Steep pitched roofline: The angled roof is iconic. For more height, a gambrel or saltbox shape is common.
  • Board and batten siding: Vertical boards with battens create bold lines and a rustic vibe. The boards can be painted or stained.
  • Roll up doors: Large doors on tracks allow easy access and flexibility. They come in a range of materials from wood to steel.
  • Simple windows: Modest square or rectangle windows keep costs down while allowing in light and views. Barn sashes with cross hatch panes are charming.
  • Minimal overhangs: Deep roof overhangs aren’t typical. The walls extend upwards for more interior space.
  • Exposed rafters: Leaving rafter tails exposed at the eaves enhances the unfinished, utilitarian look.

With these traditional elements in mind, let’s look at 13 barn style shed plans ideal for the DIY builder.

1. Two Story Gambrel Roof Shed

Two Story Gambrel Roof Shed-Barn Style Shed
Source: Storage Sheds and Garages

This handsome two story shed has a spacious gambrel roof for increased storage capacity. The first floor offers room for vehicles, equipment, or a workshop while the upper half story loft adds extra square footage for odds and ends or even a guest space.

  • 800 square foot footprint
  • Downstairs drive-in entry
  • Upstairs accessed by stairs
  • Loft windows across front

The rustic board and batten siding, exposed rafter tails, and roll up doors create authentic barn styling on this multi-functional outbuilding with tons of storage.

2. Tiny Saltbox Cottage Shed

Tiny Saltbox Cottage Shed-Barn Style Shed
Source: Reeds Ferry Sheds

At just 120 square feet, this pint-sized saltbox shed has lots of character and usability in a minimized footprint. The charming dormered front overhang provides shelter at the entry door while maximizing interior headroom.

  • 120 square feet
  • Double doors offer wide access
  • Dormer over entry porch
  • Side window for natural light

This basic saltbox shed has versatility as a mini guest house, writing retreat, or arts and crafts cottage thanks to the built-in desk and shelving. The solid wood double doors and siding make this micro barn shed extra cute and cozy.

3. Lean-To Tool Shed

Lean-To Tool Shed-Barn Style Shed
Source: Cedarshed USA

Attached tool sheds, like this lean-to design, conserve yard space and keep essentials within reach. This budget-friendly shed features:

  • 8′ x 12′ floor plan attached to house wall
  • Single door entry with side window
  • Pegboard and shelving organize tools
  • Extra-wide overhang keeps contents dry

By attaching this shed to an exterior house wall, foundation costs are minimized while also allowing access to power. The cottage-style board and batten siding and door give this utilitarian shed added country flair.


4. Narrow Single Shed With Loft

Narrow Single Shed With Loft-Barn Style Shed
Source: Raber Portable Storage Barns

For petite yards, this slim 6′ x 12′ single story shed with loft maximizes storage in a condensed footprint.

The first floor offers entry through double doors and can house large equipment or vehicles. Up top, the open loft provides storage for lighter items or even workspace.

  • 6′ x 12′ shed with 6′ x 6′ loft
  • Downstairs equipment storage
  • Upstairs open loft space
  • Double entry doors

This compact narrow shed can tuck horizontally against a wall or fence line. The board and batten siding, exposed rafter tails, opener windows, and barn doors optimize old-fashioned farmhouse style.

5. Octagon Shaped Shed

Octagon Shaped Shed-Barn Style Shed
Source: Tiger Sheds

The unique octagon footprint of this shed provides ample interior space while making smart use of outdoor real estate. The eight walls allow excellent airflow and light from multiple angles.

  • Approximately 150 square feet
  • Eight walls with a door on each
  • Centered octagon shape
  • Pitched roof

Besides outstanding storage for the square footage, this octagon shed could even serve as a gazebo, playhouse, or poolside cabana thanks to its open and airy layout.

6. Quaint Cottage Shed With Porch

Quaint Cottage Shed With Porch-Barn Style Shed
Source: Building Bluebird

This pint-sized 8′ x 12′ shed offers old-fashioned curb appeal with its charming facade featuring a twin door entry with an arched open porch. Inside, a window provides light while a built-in cabinet and shelving offer organized storage.

  • 8′ x12′ single room layout
  • Double door entry under arched porch
  • Cabinetry and shelving included
  • Side window for natural light

Bearing resemblance to a miniature country cottage, this darling shed provides character and functionality beyond a basic storage shed. The welcoming front porch makes it ideal for hosting a small gathering or taking a cozy time out.

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7. Lean-To Firewood Shed

Lean-To Firewood Shed
Source: This Old House

Designed for stacking, drying, and storing firewood, this simple lean-to shed protects your woodpile from the elements. By attaching to an existing wall, the foundation is simplified.

  • 8′ x 6′ footprint
  • Angled roof for rain runoff
  • Open front for easy access
  • Side and rear wall only

With room for approximately 2-3 cords of wood, this rustic shed provides covered storage to keep your firewood dry and seasoned. The angled roof allows snow, rain, and debris to easily wash over the open front.

8. Backyard Storage Barn

Backyard Storage Barn
Source: Stor-Mor Sheds

Maximize your backyard real estate by constructing this sizable 500 square foot barn shed for equipment, storage, or workspace. The soaring 12′ walls accommodate large vehicles while the optional loft adds additional storage capacity.

  • 500 square feet
  • 12′ wall height
  • Multiple large doors
  • Optional loft storage

Positioned on a concrete slab, this backyard barn shed features timeless barn styling like exposed rafters, charming windows, and those iconic double doors that glide open for drive-through access.

9. Open Air Picnic Pavilion

Open Air Picnic Pavilion
Source: Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes

Bring the family together outdoors with a backyard picnic pavilion. The open sides allow breezes to flow through while the roof provides shade and shelter.

  • Approx. 12′ x 16′
  • Open air roofed design
  • Concrete slab flooring
  • Perfect for picnics and gatherings

Featuring a simple gable roof, rustic exposed rafters, and charming barn styling, this pavilion can be customized with added benches, lighting, or garage doors. It also works nicely as a 3-season outdoor living space.

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10. Oversized Two Car Garage

Oversized Two Car Garage
Source: Glick Woodworks

This deluxe 24′ x 24′ two-car garage shed features room for vehicles, storage, and even a workspace. The high-pitched roof creates open overhead space while the garage doors allow drive-through access.

  • 576 square feet
  • High angled roof
  • Two oversized garage bays
  • Concrete slab floor

For car collectors, hobbyists, or small businesses, this oversized garage shed provides ample secure space. Customize with a side entry door, windows, a loft, or garage storage systems.

11. Gable Roof Cottage Shed

Gable Roof Cottage Shed
Source: Patch

This quaint 144 square foot cottage shed features plenty of built-in storage and a practical layout perfect as a garden retreat or backyard guest suite.

A set of French doors provides entry from the side into the main living area complete with window seats, shelving, and cabinet storage.

  • 144 square foot shed
  • Side set French doors
  • Window seats, cabinets, shelving
  • Electricity and AC ready

Charming features like the decorative vented gable, louvered shutters, flower boxes, and stone pathway give this cottage shed old-world countryside appeal.

12. Classic Gable Roof Barn

Classic Gable Roof Barn
Source: Sheds Unlimited

Get back to basics with this quintessential barn shed featuring classic gable roof styling, bold vertical board and batten siding, and signature barn doors. The spacious and practical layout provides flexible room for storage, animals, or even a workshop.

  • Approx. 12′ x 16′ dimension
  • Double barn doors on front
  • Choice of windows or open bays
  • Loft ready with flooring reinforcements

This iconic country barn shed is highly customizable from size to features. Select add-ons like electrical, plumbing, insulation, storage systems, and more tailored to your needs.

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13. Modern A-Frame Shed

Modern A-Frame Shed
Source: Design Milk

Blend modern and rustic farmhouse style with this contemporary A-frame shed. The striking A-frame roofline gives this shed geometric flair while vertical plank siding, metal roofing, and iron fixtures add sleek modern accents.

  • 10′ x 20′ rectangular floor plan
  • Dramatic A-frame roof line
  • Modern and rustic blend
  • Concrete slab base

The storage potential in this A-frame is impressive thanks to dual lofts nestled under the steep pitched roofline. For artists, hobbyists, or design aficionados, this shed makes an ultra chic backyard escape.

Build the Barn Style Shed of Your Dreams

Barn style sheds deliver signature country charm, expansive storage, and incredible versatility. Whether you need a basic outdoor storage building or an upgraded backyard barn with custom features, there is an ideal easy-to-build kit or plan out there.

With proper site prep and foundations, these charming DIY barn sheds can be erected in spare weekends using basic tools and lumber from your local home improvement store. Soon you will have the adorable new addition you’ve been dreaming of!



Q: What size barn shed should I build?

A: The size of your barn shed depends on your intended use and property constraints.

Small sheds of 6×8’ are good for basic storage while larger 12×16’ and beyond are better for vehicles, workshops, and gatherings. Consider how much space you need as well as zoning laws.

Q: What foundation is best for a barn shed?

A: Barn sheds are commonly built on concrete slabs or piers. A slab offers the most secure base, especially for heavy items or damp ground. Pier footings are budget-friendly but may shift over time.

Q: How much does it cost to build a barn shed?

A: Basic small barn sheds can be DIYed for $1000-$2000 in materials. Larger and more customized sheds with insulation, electricity, plumbing can range from $5000-$15,000+ depending on features.

Q: What should I use to build my barn shed?

A: Traditional barn sheds feature wood siding, doors, and trim with asphalt roof shingles. For longevity, use pressure-treated lumber, exterior grade fasteners, and galvanized hardware. Sturdy framing and foundation are key.

Q: Do I need a permit for a barn shed?

A: Most areas require permits for structures over 100-200 sq ft. But always check your local ordinances. Permits ensure proper zoning, codes, and safety are met but do add fees and processes.

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