Budget-Friendly Pool House Ideas: Transform Your Backyard

A pool house can transform your backyard into a luxurious oasis and give your family extra living space to relax, entertain, or exercise. However, constructing an elaborate poolside cabana can be prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, there are many affordable DIY options to create a functional and stylish pool house without breaking the bank.

1. Repurpose a Storage Shed into a Pool Cabana

Repurpose a Storage Shed into a Pool Cabana-Pool House Ideas On A Budget
Source: Backyard Buildings

One thrifty approach is to convert an existing storage shed into a pool house. Storage sheds provide an instant structure and roof that only needs interior remodeling.

First, install insulation to regulate temperature. Then add fun amenities like a mini fridge, ceiling fan, speakers, and comfortable patio furniture.

Consider widening doors, adding windows, and painting the exterior to give your shed pool house a fresh look. This is an accessible project for DIYers looking to stretch their budget.

2. Build an Open-Air Pergola Pool House

Build an Open-Air Pergola Pool House-Pool House Ideas On A Budget
Source: Structureworks

A pergola structure topped with a waterproof fabric shade provides an open-air pool house design. The breathable canopy allows airflow while sheltering you from the sun’s UV rays.

Drape lights across the pergola to create a dreamy ambiance at night. Underneath, incorporate a dining set, lounge chairs, and stylish potted plants. A basic wooden pergola kit can be constructed in a weekend for a few hundred dollars.

Add affordable weatherproof curtains on tracks to enclose the space if desired. An outdoor pergola is a simple, low-cost pool house.


3. Get Functional with a Portable Pop-Up Gazebo

Get Functional with a Portable Pop-Up Gazebo-Pool House Ideas On A Budget
Source: WeatherPort

Pop-up metal gazebos are handy, budget-friendly pool houses to erect as needed. Sturdy waterproof canopies come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate lounge areas, dining sets, and small exercise zones.

When entertaining or taking a swimming break, wheel out your pop-up gazebo and unfurl it in minutes without tools. Fold it back up when not in use.

Install heavy-duty anchors if you live in a windy area. While basic, pop-up canopies deliver ample space at a fraction of the cost of traditional structures.

4. Fashion a Pool House from a Prefab Shed Kit

Fashion a Pool House from a Prefab Shed Kit
Source: Sheds Unlimited

For a permanent pool house, assemble a prefabricated shed kit on a level patio or concrete pad. Contemporary resin kits snap together like puzzles, while wood barn-style kits use basic tools for assembly.

Choose a shed size that fits your backyard constraints and interior needs. Install French doors or sliding glass doors to enjoy open-air views.

Prefab shed kits allow you to create a customized pool house through paint colors, window placements, and interior upgrades. Scale up with insulation, electricity, and plumbing to enable seasonal use.


5. Get Creative with a Upcycled Shipping Container

Get Creative with a Upcycled Shipping Container
Source: Pitre Kanal Sistemleri

Repurposed shipping containers create unique, ultra-modern pool houses. Containers provide rigid walls, roofing, and flooring ready for transformation into hip hangouts. Start with a rust-free, weatherproof container placed on a foundation.

Cut doors, windows, and skylights to open it up. Insulate the interior before adding amenities like flooring, electricity, and furniture.

Paint and decorate the exterior to complement your poolscape. While pricier than other DIY builds, upcycled shipping containers deliver sleek and durable pool houses full of character.

6. Keep It Simple with an Umbrella and Lounge Chairs

Keep It Simple with an Umbrella and Lounge Chairs
Source: Better Homes & Gardens

If a full pool house is beyond your budget, create a relaxation zone with patio umbrellas, chaise lounges, and small tables. Select sturdy aluminum or steel market umbrellas with bases that can withstand wind.

Arrange waterproof, all-weather wicker chairs underneath. Place convenient ledge tables nearby for snacks, drinks, and sunblock. Dress it up with cheerful cushions and bright accent rugs.

Later, you can expand your furniture footprint or enclose with curtains. An inexpensive umbrella setup delivers shade and style without construction.



Building a pool house on a budget is entirely possible with creative planning and problem-solving. Repurposing storage sheds, erecting prefab structures, or simply shading loungers cost-effectively let you carve out functional backyard escapes.

Select flexible foundationless options if you may move in a few years. With imagination and elbow grease, you can craft a personal poolside oasis on a budget. A cooling dip is even sweeter when followed by relaxation in your own private cabana.


Q: What are some of the most affordable materials to build a pool house?

A: Some budget-friendly pool house materials include wood shipping pallets, fabric canopies, metal carports or gazebos, repurposed storage sheds, and prefabricated resin or barn-style shed kits.

Q: What amenities can I add to a pool house on a budget?

A: Affordable pool house amenities include outdoor furniture like loungers, dining sets, and umbrellas, as well as decorative lighting, small refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, ceiling fans, and storage cabinets or lockers.

Q: How can I make a pool house comfortable without spending a lot?

A: Strategies for comfort include utilizing breathable shade canopies, installing insulation, positioning near trees for shade, using ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, and providing ample ventilation and ceiling fans.

Q: What are some good foundation options for inexpensive pool houses?

A: Cheap foundation choices include pavers, poured concrete pads, gravel, sand, or bare dirt for temporary structures. Permanent buildings can use minimal concrete footings or screw piles that lift them off the ground.

Q: Should I get permits and professional help for a budget pool house?

A: If building a larger or more complex pool house, consider consulting your local permit office and hiring a qualified contractor, especially for electrical and plumbing work. But simple DIY structures likely don’t require permits.

Roy Jason
Roy Jason
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