10 Exterior Paint Colors For 2022 And How To Choose The Right One

Which exterior house colors 2022 are trending? You don’t want to go ahead with your outdoor paint project before knowing this list. After all, it’s an investment for a decade and you don’t want it ruined.

Those who know the importance of image management know that the personality of a house also impacts the image one is creating in the eyes of onlookers. You would agree that the exterior colors of a house are just as impactful for the house-owner as are the interior colors.

While interior shades determine the day-to-day moods of the residents, exterior shades determine the bonding one develops with one’s residence over time. If you happen to enjoy sitting in your front yards, this influence only enhances.

Add to it the personality these colors and their patterns make on the people visiting you and you will find that the exterior house color doesn’t make an element to mess with.

For those of you who want to present an updated persona and lifestyle, knowing about exterior house colors 2022 is the first step towards getting a modern look for your home.

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Trending Exterior House Colors 2022

Before we dive into the details of color selection for your unique needs, let’s look at a few that are available for you to choose from. You see, not every color is suitable for a house exterior. There are a few colors that naturally repulse the spectator because of their temperature.

Red is one of those colors. It’s so sharp that you don’t want to look at its abundance. A few houses and buildings that do include this color in their exterior house color pallet do so after adding lighter, more subtle shades to the exterior.

At the same time, grey is also snubbed by designers because of its coldness. Although it is more popular than red shades, we use the same strategy with its use in house exteriors that we use with red shades – we combine it with other shades.

For 2022, these shades are expected to remain in trend:


white trending exterior house colors

Modern designs have seriously undermined the popularity of white paints. Yet, it is one of the most used shades for most house owners. The reason behind this popularity is the ease of decoration that comes with white paint.

In other words, if you paint your house in white color, you will face no dilemma when you try to add more colors to the exterior. Almost every shade works well with white. And this color keeps viewers’ attention on greenery that you may plant in your front yard.

In addition to the ease offered by this color, the color is known for its warmth. It’s welcoming – not only to other colors – but also to the viewers. Being in the middle of warm and cool colors, this one allows the viewers to set their moods without using many color contrasts.

You may not like it if you are feeling down and want warmer colors like yellow or the soothing shade of green. But when you are thinking of a long-term impact on mood, white color allows you the neutrality you want in different moods.


Yellow trending exterior house colors

Yellow is the color that maintains the most reasonable and welcoming warmth among all shades and hues.

Its brightness makes it a perfect candidate for those walls that stand directly under the sun. As this shade doesn’t absorb much sunlight, you can rest assured that the color wouldn’t fade for years to come.

Unlike white, this shade is forgiving and small bumps that may arise during the painting time can go unnoticed easily. Also, it is dust resistant and hides the discoloration smoothly. Hereby, it’s one of the most low-maintenance and welcoming shades.


Brown trending exterior house colors

If you want to keep your exterior natural, you might want to experiment with a brown shade. Another option for a nature-loving look is beige.

Going with beige color brings more ease than choosing a brown shade for your house exterior. This shade looks neutral and doesn’t require contrasting shades to balance out the striking appearance. You can also choose to combine beige shade with brown elements of your façade to get a more attractive look.

On the other hand, brown comes within the collection of dark colors. It is difficult to maintain. But that concern may come as secondary when you consider the difficult planning brown exterior shade requires.

You see, when you use brown as the primary shade of your house’s exterior, you have to add other colors as well to balance out its darkness. Also, these additional colors cannot have a minor impact. Instead, they – or their combination – should cover more than 20% of the façade.

The brown shade looks great on those houses whose major parts of exteriors are covered by doors, windows, and columns. The complete theme will color the walls in brown and add brighter hues for these elements giving a sophisticated yet eye-catching look.


Green trending exterior house colors

This naturally abundant color looks close to nature when its right shades are chosen. This color has a soothing effect but when you use more radiant hues for the exterior, it can become tiresome for the eyes. To counter this, most homeowners go with muted shades of green.

Earthly green and sage green exterior house colors are the hues that look most natural. You can safely depend on them to blend with other exterior elements like outdoor furniture, plants, and railings. Pewter green is another color that can go well with exteriors without needing much input from other colors to balance out the green effect.

More radiant hues of green aren’t preferred for the exterior walls but if you still want them to build your house’s image, add other shades such as cream and yellow.


Gray trending exterior house colors

Just like white, gray color ensues an aura of sophistication and significance. Unlike the most neutral color of white, however, gray has a colder appearance. But you can neutralize it with brighter, livelier colors.

Interestingly, gray doesn’t need indulgence in bright colors to keep the look warm. You can go with natural shades of brown, green or you can mix the brighter yellow hues in small quantities to maintain the balance.

The best candidate of a house to get this color is one that has a brown shade – or other darker shade – for the roof and needs this hue to cover the walls.

Light vs Dark Shades

Light versus Dark Shades

We have considered different trending exterior house colors 2022. But you should also know how and where you should use these colors. The first tip is to consider the ease of maintaining the paint. Although the paint quality matters a lot in determining the look and its sustainability for years to come, color has a say in how long will this paint maintain its beauty under the sun.

The brightness of a color in a room has a huge role in determining the mood of a resident. Although as we move outdoors, this impact diminishes considerably, one impact remains. But other concerns replace this worry.

For example, you would find yourself calculating how much heat this color will absorb and transfer to the interiors. And how much heat will it absorb to lose its brightness in the coming months and years? The first concern will talk about the comfort you would feel inside your home while the second concern will enlighten you regarding the budget you should maintain for the next exterior house paint.

Note that light colors add a couple of years to the expected life of house paint. As you go towards darker colors, the life expectancy of paints decreases considerably. Moreover, darkest hues lose colors more rapidly in the first few months making the freshness of paint a short-lived pleasure.

You may still choose darker hues for your house exterior if you can bear the faded look you will get within months after the paint. If you do so, make sure that you are including lighter shades as well for the elements otherwise the darkness will become a key theme in the façade.

The principle of painting the roof is different from painting the walls. For roofs, you can choose darker colors. Again, your walls’ pallet should be brighter if your roof has a darker color.

Lighter hues are best for walls. They deflect sunlight making your interiors cool. They may not shorten the paint’s lifespan but they increase the efforts you have to input in maintaining everyday glory. You may have to spend a few more hours every other month washing your exterior paint but the savings in the long-term would justify this extra effort.

Most people choose light colors for walls to make them sustainable.

Roofs and Walls

Roofs and Walls

We have already established that you can keep roof colors dark and as you go towards the façade, it can convert into brighter hues. For roofs, a few shades are more in trend than others. Exterior house colors 2022 for roofs include brown, blue, and green.

If you go with the most natural-looking color of brown for the roof, you can complement it with cream, beige, or white facades. Always remember that when you have used brown in your house exterior, the more neutral the complementary color is, the more harmonious the look will become.

Blue is a unique color that people have started choosing for their roofs. The color signifies the roof and makes it visible from afar. The color also doesn’t go well with a majority of shades. Because of its unconventional nature, this color suits the unconventional and unique building designs most.

Also, those homeowners who choose blue roofs should take time to experiment with different colors of façade to see how sunlight emphasizes these colors. After all, it’s a matter of years and you don’t want to get stuck with a combination that’s not suitable for you!

Blending With Lawn

Blending with Lawn

Paint is just one of the many colors that create a house’s ambiance. It is a tiny object among the hundreds of natural objects that are found just outside your home. For example, you’ve got sunlight’s color and color temperature, plants’ greenery, sky’s reflection, and floral decoration outdoors.

When you are choosing the best exterior paint for your house, you have to imagine all these elements so your house appears a part of its surroundings. The presence of these elements is the reason that prompts people to choose light colors as these shades accentuate the surrounding natural objects.

If you’ve got plants outdoors, green wouldn’t make a great choice of façade unless you are using its sage hues. It’s because the green color will not allow the greenery in the lawn to fully express itself.

If you grow a complete garden, you would choose from white, cream, beige, or grey exterior house colors. If your front yard is just a collection of some pots, you should go with the most sophisticated hues of brown, yellow, and even silvery green.

Theme and Plan

Theme and Plan

On top of natural lights and colors, you should also consider the different parts of your façade. If the majority portion of your exterior walls is covered by doors, windows, and railings, you have to carefully choose a color for these parts so they remain harmonious with the walls’ color. You may also want to explore a few exterior window trim ideas to know which color will suit the trim you have selected.

You can also not ignore these parts if they are taking up only a small portion of your façade. Usually, you use contrasting colors to paint the façade and these parts so their small appearance is enhanced.

Also, note that you may want to add brightness to your house façade but you don’t want to overdo it. Normally, homeowners go with combining two or three colors for the façade paint. More than this is only taken up when your external walls are large or when you want to give a different personality to separate portions within a building.

Take Away

While the choice of interior color depends mostly on the comfort of the residents, the exterior house colors 2022 depend a lot on environmental factors, especially sun and heat. If you want the outside color for houses to persist for years, you should choose light tones.

Also, consider the colors you see around your house and choose the new paints accordingly.

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