5 Designer-Approved Tips for Living Room Rug Placement

The living room is more than just a space in your home. It’s the hub of family life. It’s where memories are made, where you gather for movie nights, entertain guests, and relax after a long day.

Given its central role, every design choice in your living room should contribute to its functionality and warmth. One of the most impactful elements you can add is a well-chosen rug.

The right rug ties together your decor, provides comfort, and defines the space. To help you create the perfect living room, we’ve compiled five designer-approved rug placement tips to elevate your space and make it feel like home.

Align Rug Choice with Lifestyle and Style Preferences

A stunning and elegantly designed living room featuring an exquisite large rug

Selecting the right rug goes beyond aesthetics. It’s crucial to consider your household’s lifestyle and style preferences. Living rooms often see a lot of foot traffic, so opting for a durable, easy-to-clean material is essential.

Wool is an excellent choice for active households, a fact well-recognized by Miami interior designers, due to its natural resistance to stains and easy maintenance. A simple clean with a white towel, foaming hand soap, and water usually does the trick.

On the other hand, steer clear of viscose rugs—they may look shiny and attractive, but they’re not as easy to clean. The same goes for sisal rugs, which can be equally challenging to maintain.

It’s a good idea to order rug samples and test them at home. Spill a little liquid on the sample to see how well it cleans up. This practical approach helps ensure you’re making the right choice.

Patterns can be your best friend if you’re looking to hide imperfections from daily wear and tear. If you frequently change your decor, synthetic rugs offer the flexibility to update your look without hesitation. For those willing to invest in a timeless piece, a hand-knotted purple rug provides both high quality and an elevated appearance.

Ensure Proper Rug Size for Furniture

A living room with a rug sized appropriately

A well-sized rug is vital to tying your living room together. Ensure your rug is large enough to accommodate all your furniture pieces or at least the front legs of each piece. Designers suggest leaving 18 to 24 inches of space between the rug’s edge and the walls to avoid making the room look smaller and unbalanced.

Painters and a measuring tape are your best friends when determining the right rug size. If you’re stuck between two sizes, it’s generally better to go with the larger one. This choice helps ensure the rug properly anchors your furniture, enhancing comfort and functionality.

Invest in a Rug Pad

A close-up photo of the underside of a rug with a rug pad attached

A rug pad is a must-have for your new rug for several practical reasons. First, it prevents slipping, essential for safety, especially in busy areas or homes with kids and pets.

Second, a rug pad adds cushioning, making your rug feel softer and more comfortable to walk on. This extra padding makes your living room cosier and more inviting.

A rug pad also helps protect your rug and the floor beneath it. It prevents wear and tear on your floor and keeps the rug’s fibres from breaking down too quickly by reducing friction. That means both your rug and floor will last longer.

A rug pad keeps your rug in place, preventing it from bunching up or wrinkling. It helps your living room look neat and well-kept.

While it might be tempting to skip the pad to save money, it’s a small investment offering great benefits. A rug pad protects your rug and floor, adds comfort, and helps maintain a tidy appearance. So, when you buy a new rug, get a rug pad too.

Explore Vintage Rug Options

A vintage rug with a unique pattern and rich colors in a modern living room

Don’t limit yourself to new rugs. Vintage rugs can add unique charm and character to your living room. Each vintage rug has its history and story, bringing a special touch that new rugs often can’t match.

Keep in mind that vintage rugs might not always be standard sizes. It can be advantageous, allowing you to find a piece that fits your space perfectly. However, be prepared for some quirks and imperfections, which add to their charm.

Vintage rugs may need extra care, especially if stored for a long time. Taking your rug to a local cleaner can help remove any musty odours and freshen it up, ensuring your vintage rug looks great and smells fresh.

Despite needing extra care, a well-chosen vintage rug can become a beautiful focal point in your living room. The unique patterns, rich colours, and quality craftsmanship add a touch of history and sophistication to any space. They can fit into various interior styles, making your living room look stylish and timeless.

Incorporating a vintage rug into your living room decor is a great way to show your style and love for unique, handcrafted items. It’s an investment that can bring warmth, beauty, and a sense of heritage to your home. So, don’t hesitate to explore vintage rug options—you might find the perfect piece that elevates your living room to a new level.

Consider Layering Rugs

A cozy and stylish living room showcases the perfect blend of layered rugs

If you love a smaller rug, layer it over a larger, simpler rug like a sisal or geometric wool broadloom. It lets you enjoy your favourite rug while ensuring the overall setup fits the room.

Layering rugs solves size issues and adds depth and texture to your living room. A neutral base rug provides a backdrop, letting the smaller rug stand out as a focal point. To achieve this, place the larger rug first, then position the smaller rug on top in the seating area or under a coffee table. It creates a visually appealing effect and enhances your living room’s aesthetic.

Layering is also practical for high-traffic areas. The larger rug protects the floor, while the smaller one adds comfort and style. Experiment with different textures, colours, and patterns to find the combination that best reflects your style.


Ready to transform your living room into a stylish and inviting space? Start with these designer-approved rug placement tips. Whether you’re choosing the right material, ensuring the perfect size, investing in a rug pad, exploring vintage options, or layering rugs, these tips will help elevate your living room’s look and feel.


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