Transform Your Home with Nature Themed Wallpaper Designs

There’s something about the natural world that soothes the soul, whether you’re relaxing on a beach somewhere or scaling a majestic mountain. While we can’t always be in nature, we can bring its beauty indoors through creative wallpaper patterns.

The good news is wallpaper is making a major comeback as more and more people look to add warmth, texture, and character to their living spaces. Gone are the days of dated floral prints and fussy patterns.

Today’s wallpaper options are modern, fun, and can transform any room. Whether you live in an urban apartment or suburban home, wallpaper allows you to incorporate nature’s splendor into your decor effortlessly. Here’s how you can bring the outdoors in with the right wallpaper.

Bring the Forest Inside

A stunning living room features an accent wall transformed into a lush, vibrant green forest mural

If you find the forest peaceful, consider bringing that same tranquil vibe into your home with woodland-inspired wallpaper. Look for designs that feature mighty trees, playful squirrels, or delicate ferns. Neutral palettes complemented by pops of green can create a soothing, natural look, and you can add to the outdoorsy feel with texturized paper. Y

ou may also mix faux wood panels with painted murals for a whimsical treehouse effect. Nowadays, you even have 3D effet wallpaper that can give you an even more realistic feel.

Leafy trails and forest scenes aren’t the only way to achieve the woodsy wallpaper look, though. Try papers featuring Bob Ross-style scenic landscapes, like mountains or rivers winding through grassy plains.

Rural farmhouse or cabin motifs also reflect the beauty of the great outdoors, while wood-look wallpaper brings a raw, rustic texture indoors. Pair it with durable aluminum outdoor furniture and decor in natural hues to complete the outdoor living room vibe, and consider sticking with muted, moody lighting for an immersive experience.

Bring in the Ocean Breeze

A bedroom with a calming ocean wallpaper mural with soft creams-nature themed wallpaper

The sights and sounds of the ocean have an instantly calming effect for many of us, and now you can bring a taste of the seaside home through wallpaper that captures the colors and textures of sand and surf.

Soft creams paired with notes of ocean blue and green are a great way to create a soothing backdrop. Papers with subtle wave patterns or illustrations of shells and starfish can also add endearing details without going overboard on the nautical theme.

On the other hand, you can turn any room into a personal retreat with wallpaper depicting serene seascapes. Try painting an accent wall in a light sand or linen hue, then add a mural featuring a peaceful stretch of beach.

Throw in some woven accents and driftwood-inspired furniture for a casual coastal vibe, and Bob’s your uncle! Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match tropical motifs with abstract wave designs for an eclectic look, and opt for natural woven fibers such as sisal and jute rugs to complete the look.

Botanical Beauties

A living room with statement wallpaper featuring oversized classic rose and violet print

Flowers are a great way to add a feminine touch to your space. You can do this with floral wallpaper in classic rose and violet prints. Of course, bold blooms like peonies, poppies, magnolias, or exotic varieties make exciting alternatives to traditional picks. Or you can opt for hand-painted papers for a fresh-picked appearance.

The great thing about floral wallpaper is that it allows you to celebrate and highlight your favorite flowers while bringing nature’s beauty indoors. The possibilities stretch far beyond typical bouquet staples to include any vibrant botanical that catches your eye.

Leaf patterns can also breathe organic life into a room. From delicate ferns to dramatic palm fronds, leaves add visual interest and a subtle dose of nature. For an inviting garden feel, try trail ivy or monstera across a powder room, or go for woodsy maple or birch leaves blended into an abstract design for living rooms.

Don’t overlook wallpaper showcasing cacti, succulents, herbs, and other unique plants. Whimsical mushroom prints offer an earthy Alice in Wonderland vibe that’ll transport your mind and set your space apart.

Alternatively, take inspiration from your garden or farmers’ market favorites and find papers featuring your botanic picks. The right colors and scale can transform any plant into artistic decor.

Into the Wild

 A kid's room with a playful animal print wallpaper mural

From menswear-inspired zebra stripes to exotic leopard spots, animal patterns can truly liven a neutral room. You can mix patterns in similar color families, like leopard and tiger prints, for a layered jungle effect. Then, incorporate furry friends in fun, modern ways, like tessellated foxes or panda faces. A kid’s room or play space is the perfect place for oversized animal impact in the form of a giraffe or elephant murals.

For a more subtle approach, look for papers with prints of animal hides, feathers, or horns. Abstract designs reference bold African beasts or safari themes without literal depictions and are perfect for minimalist spaces with muted tones.

Illustrative motifs, on the other hand, use minimal lines to capture animals in graphic silhouettes. Also, look to nature photography for inspiration on pairing animals, foliage, and landscapes

Wallpaper Wonders

bedroom with wonderful wallpaper design

We all know the benefits of having plants in the home, but what if you’re not particularly green-thumbed? Well, you can bring your décor dreams to life with stunning outdoor-themed wallpaper. While its nature motifs provide a dose of the outdoors inside, don’t get overwhelmed by all the colors and textures.

Get creative and mix modern materials like metals or velvets with natural paper for contrast. Consider unifying a room around a favorite landscape or fashioning an exotic enchanted forest in a little girl’s room. Whatever you do, be sure to choose patterns that reflect your passions, be they floral, aquatic, or wild.

With so many options, where to begin?

Start by considering the mood you want to cultivate in a space. Do you want to create a bold jungle, a tranquil forest, or a calming ocean ambiance? Browse different patterns and let alluring ones catch your eye. Look for colors echoing the tones of nature, and seek textures that mimic creatures, foliage, and weathered woods.

Before you know it, you’ll discover the perfect wallpaper to turn your home into a personal sanctuary filled with nature’s beauty. And with a little creativity, you can bring the great outdoors inside and enjoy tranquil surroundings every day.


Wallpaper offers a fantastic way to transform your space and connect with the beauty of nature, even when you can’t be outdoors. From serene forests and calming oceans to vibrant botanical gardens and captivating animal prints, there’s a wallpaper design to suit every style and preference. So unleash your creativity, browse various patterns, and find the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your home.


1. What Kind of Mood can I Achieve with Wallpaper?

Wallpaper allows you to create various moods, from tranquil forests and calming oceans to bold jungles and vibrant botanical gardens.

2. What Colors Should I Look for in Nature-Themed Wallpaper?

Opt for colors that reflect nature’s tones, such as greens, blues, browns, and creams.

3. Can I Use Wallpaper if I Don’t have a Lot of Plants?

Wallpaper with nature motifs provides a fantastic alternative if you don’t have a lot of plants or struggle to keep them alive.

4. Where should I Begin when Choosing Nature-Themed Wallpaper?

Consider the mood you want to create in your space. Browse various patterns and choose colors and textures that echo the beauty of nature.

5. How can I Incorporate Other Décor Elements with Nature-Themed Wallpaper?

Mix modern materials like metals or velvets with natural wallpaper for contrast. You can also incorporate woven accents, driftwood furniture, or natural fiber rugs to enhance the theme.

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