Creative Deck Designs: Blending Art and Function Perfectly

There are so many options when it comes to decking today; no one is limited to traditional designs or minimalist looks. If you want something more bold or that has a really unique artistic flair or feel, you can have the deck design of your dreams.

Thanks to all the materials and installation services, you can have a deck design that stands out just the way you want it to. Plus, you can create the ideal blend of art and function in, on, and around your deck for that perfect outdoor space that reflects your personality and style.

Get Beyond a Single Color or Shade

outdoor oasis with a multi-colored deck design

When you’re creating your outdoor oasis, rather than installing decking in a single hue, consider creating a deck that includes two or more colors in its design. This might be as simple as installing two different alternating shades in the decking floor itself, or it can involve a creative pattern with different shades or colors.

It might even mean using a contrasting or complementary shade for the deck railings. No matter how you do it, using more than one color or shade can make a big impact on the overall visual interest and appeal.

Get a Little (or a Lot) Creative With Your In-Deck Design

Creative With Deck Design

Yes, you can have a gorgeous deck that’s simple and doesn’t have an artistic in-deck design. But if you really want to make a splash in your backyard? You can go all out and get as creative or intricate as you’d like with different designs on the deck floor.

This might be something like an abstract pattern or tapestry of shapes, but it can also be much more in-depth with unique prints, patterns, motifs, or scenes. This can involve some additional planning in the beginning stages, but if you have your heart set on something truly original and artistic, the result can be well worth it.

Add Bump-Outs, Sunken Lay-Outs, in Buil-in Furniture for a Grand Design

 Buil-in Furniture for a Grand Deck Design

A basic design absolutely does the duty when it comes to beauty and function, but for something that’s truly grand and goes beyond the classic looks, you can consider unique layouts as well.

Things Like deck bump-puts, sunken areas with seating or fire pits, or built-in furniture like benches, tables, or garden areas, can all add practical and aesthetic elements to your new deck.

Incorporate Curves or Angles for Even More Interest

A beautifully designed curved wooden deck

Square and rectangular decks are fairly common, and for good reason; these are practical, gorgeous, and functional. However, for a little bit more artistic flair, you can consider different looks.

Will a circular deck, or one with curved sides, be more in line with your artistic vision? What about creating a deck that has different areas than are at adjacent angles, or built-in benches with alternate angles? Multi-level decks that have twists, turns, and nooks to explore are another option.

Think Outside the Box With Artistic Borders and Accents

Deck With Artistic Borders and Accents

The way you border your deck and the small accents make a difference as well. For example, you may add a border to a deck that’s low to the ground of multi-colored stone, mulch, native plants, pine straw, or other decorative elements.

You may choose to frame raise decks with a pathway or rows of plants. Subtle artistic elements, like unique post caps and interesting railings, can also add to the overall look.

Talk to the deck builder in your local area for current and local trends; a deck builder in Nashville might know of specific trends that work well for warmer climates, while those in northern cities like Cleveland or Ann Arbor may know of trends for places with cooler weather.

Use Furniture and Outdoor Decor to Make an Impact

outdoor living space featuring an eclectic mix of furniture materials

Of course, the way you set up your deck can have a major impact on how artistic and unique it feels as well, no matter what style of deck you have.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Choose original materials for your outdoor furniture, or mix and match a blend of styles, such as concrete, teak, metal, stone, and wicker
  • Choose oversize or unique-shaped outdoor sectionals to make a splash
  • Add colorful or artistic outdoor end tables for subtle artistry
  • Incorporate playful colors or bright patterns into the outdoor throw pillows or cushions
  • Add wind chimes, bird feeders, or other hanging decor to add more visual interest
  • Use furniture with different levels, such as a bar heigh-dining table and a low fire pit, to create unique contrast
  • Add oversize yard games to the deck or surrounding area
  • Try built-in outdoor speakers to enhance the space with musical artistry
  • Incorporate artistic Feng Shui elements for balance and harmony throughout the space

Don’t Underestimate the Power of DIY Touches and Outdoor Decor

DIY Touches and Outdoor Decor

Don’t downplay your own unique sense and DIY power, either. There are so many ways that you can add creative decor and accents, or make the space feel extra special and uniquely you by small DIY projects. Whether you create something original or try an upcycled project to add to the space, you can DIY your way into an artistic look in no time.

Create a Creative Backyard Space That Speaks to You

Creative Backyard Space

You can cultivate an incredible outdoor area that invites everyone to relax, socialize, and soak in the sun, all while expressing yourself and your own personal sense of style.

Whether you go all out with a truly grand deck design that incorporates one-of-a-kind designs into the flooring, or you have a more subtle route through accents, furniture, and DIY projects, the only limit to the space of your dreams is your imagination.


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Terrill Welch
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