10 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Backyard Oasis

With the warmer months approaching, now is the best time to redesign or improve your outdoor and backyard space.

The key to a successful backyard renovation is to mix elements of lifestyle, plants, and landscaping. Start with the architectural qualities of your outdoor space and design from there.

Similar design principles can apply to all types of backyards, but do not think there is a universal fit – this is not a one-size-fits-all situation. The individuality of backyard designs is what makes them the most fun for homeowners and designers alike.

Take the time to create the perfect backyard oasis by following these ten tips below:

1. Privacy

A serene and private backyard oasis, perfect for relaxation and entertainment

Creating a private oasis in your backyard is easier than you think.
Backyard privacy is essential for unwinding and having a great time with friends and family. When designing your outdoor area, plan for seclusion by adding thick plants or shrubs as hedges.

If plants are not your thing, build a wooden fence or a stone wall. Before building these, you will need to check your local ordinances for potential restrictions on height or neighbor proximity.

2. Fire Pit

Fire Pit
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Installing a fire pit in your backyard area is a fantastic way to stay warm on chilly nights and is fun all year round.

It doubles as a gorgeous focal point while offering a conduit for toasting marshmallows – and who doesn’t love a tasty s’more?

When installing a fire pit, add a thin layer of sand to the bottom to limit the amount of heat that the bottom of the pit is exposed to. For additional protection, add some lava rocks over the sand.

3. Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool in backyard Oasis
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Apart from adding tons of fun to your backyard, a pool will increase the value of your property. While they are not cheap to install, they do offer a reprieve from the summer heat and provide a place to exercise and enjoy yourself.

Consider partially enclosing your swimming pool with a fence or privacy screen so you and your family have some privacy while swimming.

Enhance the look of your pool by adding mood lighting – not only does it look great, but it will make swimming after dark that much safer.

4. Deck

backyard oasis featuring a spacious wooden deck adorned with comfortable furniture

Your home’s style will be a major factor in its ideal deck design.
Find a Deck Builder in “Roseville Minnesota” to give you the best advice and assistance for adding a deck to your outdoor oasis.

A house door will serve as the primary access to the decked space, so keep in mind that your door choice will determine the deck’s elevation. The best decks accentuate your property, so do not rush through your design or build process.

After your deck has been built, incorporate stylish furniture and accessories to give it a polished look.

5. Water Feature

A small, DIY fountain in a backyard

No matter how big or small your backyard is, there is always room for a water feature.

There is something so fundamentally peaceful about water – that is why so many people get drawn to rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Start small by building a DIY fountain and then adding to it from there.
If you have small children or pets at home, keep their safety in mind when designing yours. Even an inch of water can be deadly for an unsupervised little one.

From modest fountains to elaborate wall features, they will likely require some form of electrical and plumbing expertise to design and create.

Ask your local hardware shop for ideas or recommendations from the professionals.

6. Landscaping

backyard landscape showcasing an array of vibrant flowers

Adding or renovating the landscaping of your backyard can seem like a daunting task if you do not have a green thumb.

There are so many ways to approach landscaping, so do not panic. Look for inspirational ideas online and compile a collection of your favorites. Consider what style will suit the rest of your property and take it from there.

If your budget allows, hire a landscape designer to help bring your outdoor space to life. A skilled professional will show you how to make the most of your space and create purpose-driven zones.

7. Furniture

A comfortable outdoor furniture set with plush cushions

Your outdoor area should be one of your favorite parts of your home.
Great patio or outdoor furniture is essential for bringing comfort and function to your space. Begin by deciding how you want your outdoor area to function, and then choose furniture items to suit your needs.

When buying patio chairs and sofas, always try before you buy. Your patio furniture needs to stand up to the elements while retaining comfort.

Look for pieces with plush cushions, and ensure they are weather-resistant to prevent fading and mildew growth.

8. Drapes

outdoor patio scene neutral-toned drapes are flowing gently in the breeze

Patio curtains or drapes are made from materials that can withstand the elements, that is what sets them apart from traditional indoor options.

The patio options are typically made from heavy-duty fabrics that are fade-resistant and waterproof, ensuring their durability in the tougher seasons.

When choosing a color scheme for your outdoor drapes, stick to a neutral palette. You can always add pops of color with furniture pieces, rugs, and décor items.

9. Décor

Backyard Dcor

Decorating your outdoor area is as important as your indoor spaces.
That does not have to be a complicated project. Start by presenting your plants and flowers in new and attractive ways. Plant your favorite cocktail herbs in a vertical garden, or add beautiful flowers to hanging pot plants.

Add cushions, vases, wall art, and rugs for an added touch of elegance. Mirrors can also bring a touch of fancifulness to outdoor spaces, but you need to position them safely so they do not start fires.

10. Pets

A dog-friendly backyard with a secure fence and safe plants

While dogs need loads of space to exercise, installing a dog-friendly fence will allow your pup to stretch their legs while keeping safe.

Make sure your fence is tall enough to prevent an escape and does not have sharp or protruding ends.

When designing your pet-friendly backyard, choose your plants carefully. Some plants are poisonous for dogs and cats, so choose safe options such as Aster, Marigolds, or Pansies.

To End

Designing a backyard can feel overwhelming, especially when working with a large area. Plan to build your backyard in phases to make the projects more affordable and manageable.

Take the time to choose the designs and details that make you feel most at home – after all, your outdoor oasis should always feel like a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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