10 Artistic Deck Design Ideas for a Stunning Outdoor Space

Just as the kitchen can be the heart of a home’s interior space, a deck can be the heart of your backyard or outdoor area. A beautiful, well, planned, and creative deck offers limitless opportunities for socializing, relaxing, dining, and more.

Maybe your deck will have cozy nooks to sit and recharge with your favorite book or a space for yoga. Outdoor dining sets and comfortable patio furniture make an inviting post for socializing, parties, and get-togethers with friends and families.

There are so many ways to use your deck, but it all starts with planning. Get inspired with some ideas to create an original, artistic deck that reflects your unique personality and design preferences.

1. Go Bold and Modern With a Pop of Color

Modern deck With a Pop of Color

Exterior design features like decks can really elevate your backyard, and you don’t have to just go with traditional looks. While many decks are designed in muted wood looks, with neutral colors, natural stains, or faux wood panels that are quite understated, you can create a very artistic look by choosing a color for your deck.

Along with faux wood, you can also choose unique stain colors or outdoor paints to create, a bold, bright, or artistic look for your space.

If you opt for this type of design, consider downplaying the colors of the furniture and decor to keep things in balance. Or, incorporate the deck’s color in subtle ways throughout the theme to keep it all tied together.

2. Add Lighting for an Ethereal, Artistic Feel

Add Lighting for an Ethereal, Artistic Feel

No matter what type of deck you ultimately decide to use, adding unique outdoor lighting to the space can really add a unique and special feel. There are dozens of different lighting styles to choose from, including under rail lights, side mount lights, post cap lights, and even stair lighting if you are really feeling inspired. T

his lighting not only looks beautiful, but it also has the added protection of creating additional safety when using the deck in the evenings and at night.

3. Choose Unique Shapes and Designs for the Deck Itself

octagonal deck
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You can certainly install a deck in a classic or standard shape, but if the traditional rectangular or square designs aren’t quite the right fit for your artistic heart, consider a custom design.

Try different raised levels, and elongated deck, or having specific areas a bit more sectioned off so there are different spaces to your deck.

Going with unique shapes, like an octagonal deck, or innovative design elements, like a recessed deck, can provide an incredible appeal and your personal stamp of style on your backyard area.

Whether you choose a more traditional design or a unique shape, google “deck builder near me” to consult with professionals who could help make your deck dreams come true.

4. Try In-Deck Designs to Create a Breathtaking, Artistic Feel

deck with a star-shaped design

Creating original designs within the deck itself makes it more intricate than a standard, solid-color design. Choose different shades of the same decking and consider an installation that has a special design or focal design on the deck itself.

Star-like shapes, differently shaded squares, and multi-faceted designs in slightly different color families can provide an ultra-artistic look that still feels harmonious and relaxing.

5. Consider Built-In Furniture for a Functional Yet Artistic Design

Build-in furniture in the deck

Build-in furniture in the deck, such as benches along the side, or even other seating, dining tables, or accent pieces, can do double duty in creating an incredible artistic feel and also making the space highly functional.

Built-ins give the deck a more expansive, spacious feel, and they coordinate with the deck perfectly. They also make it simple to have ample space throughout the deck for socializing and relaxing.

6. Unique Rails Add Artistic Designs to Your Deck

Dreck with Unique Rail design

Your railings and posts can go beyond the standard design to provide a custom, original look. Using different materials, creative spacing, or multiple designs in rail and post materials can all add up to a very unique look and feel.

There are many types of railings to choose from, too, so you can go with something intricately designed, or something sleek and minimal. Contrasting colors, curved railings, and much more can create something highly personalized for your space.

7. Add Fire or Water Elements for a Creative Look

deck with unique fire or water-based elements

Adding unique fire or water-based elements to your deck can really give it an impressive feel and artistic look. A uniquely designed table can help create a cozy, relaxing space in a main or offset area of the deck. A pretty fountain in the center can draw people’s eyes and add to the aesthetics.

Even smaller features like torches, outdoor candles, or table-top fountains can all increase the beautiful aesthetics of the deck. Or, go all out with an above-ground pool attached to or directly off your deck.

8. Use Plants for an Elevated Natural Design

deck design with plants

Even if you have a standard deck design, incorporating plants into the decor can really add to the beauty of the area. Whether you include small tabletop gardens, potted plants with unique artistic planters, or hanging plants that rejuvenate the space, you can’t go wrong with adding flowers and plants to your deck space.

9. Accents Like Rugs and Canopies Create a Relaxing, Artistic Look

deck with a colorful rug, throw pillows-deck design ideas

Don’t underestimate the power of simple accents on your deck, either. Even if you already have your main furniture, like a sectional and dining set, you can add other elements that add softness and artistic design. Rugs, throw pillows, canopies or shades, and other items can go a long way in adding a bright pop of color or adding interest to the overall space.

10. Opt for a Themed Deck Inspired by Your Favorite Things

Themed Deck

Another simple way to enhance your deck without a lot of design elements is to create a theme. Do you love all things palm-tree and vacation-inspired? Give your deck a beachy feel with lots of white, beachy colors and ocean-inspired decor.

Is a rustic mountain lodge your ideal retreat? Give it a natural, woodsy feel through the patio furniture and decor elements you choose.

Maybe there are just an array of design elements and colors that speak to you personally; feel free to incorporate those throughout the deck space. Choosing an overall theme that speaks to you can create that custom and artist feel.


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