Integrating Stylish Decks into Home Design and Decor

Homeowners enjoy several advantages over renters, but one of them is the freedom to make changes to their properties. If you have a landlord, then you have a lot of restrictions on changes that can be made to the living space. Plus, if there is an outdoor space, it is likely very small or shared with other tenants.

A deck is the perfect blend of outdoor living and indoor comfort. It extends the living space into the outdoors, allowing the household members and guests to enjoy fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful day. It is also a great spot for sharing meals and spending time in conversation.

If you are thinking about building a deck, either on your own or with the help of a contractor, then style is going to play an important role. After all, you want your deck to be an extension of your home, so it must be able to integrate with the design and decor elements of the rest of the property. Here are a few tips to ensure your new deck fits in well with your home design and decor.

Matching Themes

Deck matching home interior design

Interior design often revolves around a theme. Many homeowners choose specific styles that are echoed throughout their homes, including trends like contemporary, industrial, English cottage, Bohemian, or even nautical. If you have one of these interior design trends as a focus in your home, it makes sense to match that theme with your new deck project.

For example, if you have implemented Earth-inspired colors inside, such as green, brown, or blue, then it makes sense to maintain a natural aesthetic outside. Instead of composite decking, stick with lumber for the deck to reflect the environmental look that already exists on the inside. By matching themes, you will create unity between the deck and the home’s interior.

Complementary Colors

Deck color matched to home exterior

The color of your deck could easily clash with the outside of the home. What color is your siding? What about the roof? What shade are the shutters around your windows? Your home could have anywhere from two to five primary colors on the exterior, which makes color selection for the deck extremely important.

For example, if you have a home with white siding and green shutters, then it would probably be wise to embrace a natural brown for your decking. These colors would complement each other well and create positive curb appeal.

However, a gray deck may not bring out the colors of your home as effectively. You also should consider the condition of your yard, as a lackluster lawn could also have color implications for the deck.

Safety and Longevity

Functional and Durable Deck for home

You know what isn’t stylish? A deck that is built poorly and doesn’t last long. Although there are numerous style considerations for your deck, the top priority should always be functionality.

If you cannot safely sit on your deck on a beautiful day, what is the point of having it even if it is aesthetically pleasing? Smaller decks could be ideal for a challenging DIY project.

However, if you do not have the know-how, then you could end up with a poorly built deck that isn’t even up to local codes. The best way to ensure your deck is safe is by having professionals do the job.

Simply google “deck contractor near me,” and you will easily find the top-rated professionals in your area. This is a much safer bet since they have the experience and will know how to follow all the local codes necessary for safe structures that last.


Stylish Decks with outdoor furniture and plants

A deck is not complete without a little bit of accessorizing. This can include outdoor furniture, area rugs, outdoor cooking equipment, and even plant integration.

If you have decor throughout your home, why wouldn’t you include it in this additional space? You can implement some very creative decor ideas since this deck is outside.

A wooden pergola would be a nice touch to add some elegance to the build. Some climbing plants along a trellis wall would help the deck blend in with the natural environment.

A stylish area rug can reflect the design choices of the home’s interior in this outdoor space. Don’t be afraid to spruce things up with your deck so that it integrates with the rest of your home.

Build a Deck That is the Highlight of the Property’s Exterior

Balanced Stylish Decks and interior design

A deck can have a massive impact on the property’s curb appeal. Not only will it increase the value of the home, but it will also improve the home’s aesthetics.

If those aesthetics integrate with the design choices of the interior, then you will create total balance throughout the property. With your new stylish deck, you will have a place to enjoy the great outdoors without sacrificing all the indoor comforts you are used to, like seating, pillows, and even the ability to prepare meals.

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