Nine Practical Reasons You Need a Shed Now

Looking for something extra to add to your property? Well, if you’re looking at building a shed, you’re on the right track. Sheds are an asset to any household. Whether you have a small garden shed or a home office in a shed, they’ll add value to your property in more ways than one!

Investing in good quality can sometimes be a little costly, so to help you see why building one is a great idea, we’ve gone ahead and listed a few reasons to build one.

Why Build a Shed?

A quaint, picturesque garden shed nestled amidst lush greenery

At first, you might be asking, “Why a shed?”. This is totally normal. In most cases, when people think of a shed, they think of a large red barn or a small garden shed. We’re not limiting this to that. We’re talking about useful, practical sheds that have versatile functions, styles and sizes.

The sheds we’re referring to are used for pretty much anything, including:

  • Residential homes
  • Warehouse
  • Storage facilities
  • Home offices
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Pool equipment storage house
  • Entertainment areas

So to answer your question, we choose sheds because they’re versatile, cost-effective, durable, and they are extremely useful!

Reasons to Consider Getting a Shed

Now that you know why we love sheds, let’s look at why you should get one. Having extra storage space in your yard is always beneficial. But just putting a shed up for the sake of it might not be wise.

So, here are a few things to consider when getting a shed:

1- You Have a Need for a Shed

Reasons to Consider Getting a Shed

Sheds are useful, but they need to be used before you consider getting one. That, and they need space in your yard. So, if you’re considering buying a shed, ask yourself what need it will provide for. Maybe you do a lot of garden work or need a small workshop.

A small shed would be perfect for that. Or, if you need a place to park your cars so you can work on them. That’s another great use for a shed. Let the need justify the purchase of a shed.

2- To Protect Valuables

 image of a shed storage space for bikes

We all have those items that are susceptible to the elements. Cars, bikes, and power tools all need to keep them safe. Building a shed could be your solution.

You could use it as a garage for your vehicles and create storage areas in it to keep your tools safe. The best part is you can lock it up when you’re not using it, so no pests can get in, and your valuables are safe from the elements.

3- You Value a Well-Kept Property

An image of a well-organized shed with tools neatly stored on shelves

Maintaining a property is hard work, and it often requires you to have a collection of tools and equipment to help you do it. That equipment needs a place to go; otherwise, it’ll just sit in the way and cause cause. Building a shed gives you a place to keep your tools safe and out of the way.

Not to mention that keeping all your tools in one place will help you find them when they’re needed. So, if you value a well-kept property, build a shed to store the odds and ends that would otherwise lie around your yard.

4- To Store Dangerous Things

An image of a locked shed with a warning sign

We all need that place in the house or on the property where dangerous or potentially harmful things can be kept, especially if you have children. A shed offers you the perfect place to keep these kinds of things.

5- You Need Some Space to Yourself

 cozy and inviting shed

We all need some downtime now and then. Building a cozy shed can be the perfect place to escape. It could be your man cave or boudoir (that’s a lady’s equivalent to a man cave if you’re wondering).

What’s amazing is this doesn’t even have to be that big of a job. You could purchase a shed kit that has everything you need to build your little escape room.

6- You Need a Home Office

An image of a well-equipped shed being used as a home office

Over the last five years, the digital world has boomed! To date, there are so many people working online from home it’s a wonder why people need cars anymore! But working from home can be distracting because there is always something to do.

If it’s not washing the dishes then it’s sweeping the floors or folding clothes. It can be tough to separate your personal from your professional life when you work from home.

That’s where the shed comes in. With a shed, you can design it and kit it out to be the perfect cozy home office. It ticks all the boxes. You still have to get ready, “leave” home, get the job down and then come home again.

7- You Need for More Storage

Storage Solution

Over a few years, it’s extremely easy to hoard everything you buy. This can lead to clutter extremely fast which can be a nuisance. Sheds can be custom-built to be efficient storage facilities.

You can add cupboards, a mezzanine, and any other storage contraption you can think of to provide you with the space you need to store your belongings.

8- Storage for your Outdoor Equipment

Storage for Outdoor Equipment

Sheds don’t only need to be used as a place to keep garden supplies or dangerous chemicals. They’re also a subtle place to keep your outdoor equipment.

For men and women who love fishing, hunting, kayaking, or motorbike, these items aren’t exactly the best to keep in the house, they need to be in a garage or, wait for it, a shed! If you don’t have a built-in garage in your house then a shed is the next best place for outdoor equipment.

9- As a Cost-Effective Home

cozy and cost-effective tiny home

More and more people are opting for residential sheds because of how cost-effective they are. In comparison to traditional homes, sheds are built much faster and they cost significantly less.

This makes them an affordable investment for a young couple buying their first home. They can also be fully customised, allowing people to design the home of their dreams for less.

Final Thoughts

Interested yet? For more information about building a shed or even if you have any questions, contact a professional shed building service like Fair Dinkum Builds, and they’ll be happy to provide some clarity on sheds for you.

As we end things off, remember that sheds have more than one use; it’s all up to your imagination. We only have good things to say about getting a shed. So, do yourself a favour and check out your options.


Terrill Welch
Terrill Welch
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