Sheds with Lofts: Maximizing Extra Space

Are you running out of space in your home? Do you have a storage shed, but still need more space? Adding a loft or purchasing a shed with a loft can dramatically increase the ROI of your shed with loft, and provide much more space for storage.

What is a Lofted Shed?

What is a Lofted Shed-Shed with Loft
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To specify, sheds with lofts are not the same as two-story sheds. Two-story sheds could be thought of as “glorified lofts.” Two-story sheds can be transformed into sheds with loft apartments, rooms, and more, while lofted sheds are much more specific to storage.


Popular Shed with Loft Sizes

Not quite sure what size lofted shed you need? Here are a couple of popular lofted shed sizes that you may find helpful:

12×16 Sheds With Lofts:

12×16 Sheds With Lofts-Shed with Loft
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One common shed size is the 12×16 shed with loft; although the 12×16 is on the larger side, the flip side is that a 12×16 shed with a loft will not be jam-packed with items.

The size of a loft can vary from having an attic-sized loft to a smaller 4’ deep loft. Even a 12×16 lofted barn shed with a 4’ loft will provide an additional 48 square feet of floor space; that’s 25% more floor space waiting to be utilized in your 12×16 shed!

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12×24 Sheds With Lofts:

12×24 Sheds With Lofts
Source: Rocky Mountain Sheds

Thinking greater, 12×24 sheds with lofts, which are 288 square feet of ground-level space (not to mention additional loft space), allow for multiple shed ideas to be used in the same shed.

To put it in perspective, the square footage of three average cars combined could comfortably fit in a 12×24 shed.

Plus, you got even more space above! Even 10×12 lofted sheds or 12×12 sheds with lofts provide sufficient space for a multitude of yard equipment.

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Barn Style and A-Frame Lofted Sheds

Barn Style and A-Frame Lofted Sheds
Source: Glick Woodworks

Thankfully, we do not live in a 2-dimensional world and so it is important to understand that not only do sheds with lofts need sufficient surface area for storage items but also sufficient overhead clearance.

This is especially critical if you’re looking to expand storage space with a loft.

The Barn Style shed (also known as a Gambrel shed) uses the traditional double-sloped Gambrel roof design, while an A-frame shed has a regular single-sloped roof. If you want to learn more about different roof designs click here to read more.

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Why Sheds with Lofts?

Why Sheds with Lofts
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Overall, sheds with lofts offer a number of benefits that make them more versatile and convenient than other sheds.

A shed that has a loft maximizes the storage capacity without cluttering your floor space. Lofts make a great spot for those Christmas decorations or other infrequently used items!



In conclusion, if you’re looking for extra storage space without sacrificing your floor area, consider purchasing or adding a loft to your existing storage shed. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to maximize your storage capacity and keep your home clutter-free.


Q: What is a lofted shed?

A: A lofted shed is a type of storage shed that has an additional storage space above the main floor. It is designed to maximize storage capacity without cluttering your floor space.

Q: What are the popular sizes of sheds with lofts?

A: Some popular sizes of sheds with lofts include 12×16 sheds with lofts and 12×24 sheds with lofts.

A 12×16 shed with a loft can provide an additional 48 square feet of floor space, while a 12×24 shed with a loft can provide up to 288 square feet of ground-level space.

Q: What are the different types of lofted sheds?

A: The two most common types of lofted sheds are barn style and A-frame style. Barn style sheds use the traditional double-sloped Gambrel roof design, while A-frame sheds have a regular single-sloped roof.

Q: What are the benefits of having a shed with a loft?

A: Sheds with lofts offer several benefits, including maximizing storage capacity without cluttering your floor space, providing additional space for infrequently used items, and reducing the burden on customer support reps by allowing customers to self-serve and find answers to their problems on their own.

Q: How do I choose the right size shed with a loft?

A: When choosing the right size shed with a loft, consider the amount of storage space you need and the amount of overhead clearance required for your items.

Popular sizes include 12×16 and 12×24 sheds with lofts, but there are many other sizes available depending on your needs.

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