Step-By-Step Guide: How to Build a Driveway Gate and 7 Popular Designs

If your house has a driveway, you would definitely want to know how to build a driveway gate. First, it gives the driveway a complete look by barring the entrance. Secondly, it improves the appearance of the house significantly. Thirdly, a driveway gate provides safety by acting as a barrier against any trespassing and avoiding children straying off onto the street.

However, building a driveway gate can be challenging and requires a specific skill set to execute the job flawlessly. Continue reading to find more about how to build a driveway gate, the material you’ll need, some creative design ideas, and much more.

Before You Start

The first step to getting started with how to build a driveway gate is to mind-map a design. It is the outline you’ll follow to arrive at the final product and would need to manage material and time accordingly.

We’ve compiled the following questions you can ask yourself to determine the driveway gate design you need to follow:

1. What kind of wood would I use?
2. What’s the distance between the columns, their height, and the width of the gate?
3. Does my driveway hold a particular shape? Driveways can have holes, slopes, or other obstacles that you should consider to avoid troubles later on.

What Is An Ideal Wood for Driveway Gates?

When learning how to build a driveway gate, one of the most critical decisions is choosing the wood that suits the process. The quality of the wood determines whether the driveway gate would survive harsh weather conditions or not.

If you’re wondering how to build a wooden driveway gate, consider the following wood types:
1. Accoya
2. Cedar
3. Oak
4. Redwood

Other Material Needed

Now that you’ve decided the type of wood you’ll use when building the driveway gate; the next step is to work out a list of other necessary items.

While learning how to build a driveway gate, you must also consider the following materials:

1. Wood Screws
2. Wood Glue
3. Wood Paint
4. Galvanized Metal Straps

What’s a Driveway Gate Made Of?

Before we dive into how to build a driveway gate, it’s good to know the major components we need for construction. A driveway gate typically consists of the following parts:

1. Stiles at left and right side that act as a column of the gate.
2. Bottom and top rails that work as a base and roof of the gate.
3. A middle rail running across the gate to support the structure.

How to Make a Driveway Gate?

Now that we identify the significant components to make a driveway gate, we can answer how to build a driveway gate. Before going ahead with this step, ensure you have the wood and all other required materials to begin working.

Building a driveway gate involves the following six steps:

1. The first step is to cut the wood into stiles and rails. For this purpose, you’ll measure the distance between the driveway opening and the height of the columns accurately.

2. Next, assemble these cut pieces using wood glue and screws. When merged, the stiles and rails should give the appearance of a wooden frame.

3. Cut wooden boards and fit them into the empty frame using wood glue and screws.

4. You can add more strength to your driveway gate by securing the joints with galvanized metal plates.

5. To offer a cleaner look, mount metal straps to the edges of the gate.

6. Once the gate is ready, bring it to the entrance and install it on the post.

Another significant factor to consider is the condition of your driveway. As the gate would sit over the driveway, it’s essential to check it for any holes, cracks, and other obstacles. In some cases, you’d want to pave the driveway before you finalize your plan on how to build a driveway gate. Gravel is the most sought material to pave the driveway, but if you’re not ready to give it a more expensive look, concrete is the best alternate.

If you’re interested in going for a concrete driveway pavement, be sure to check out the pros and cons of a concrete floor.

What Are Popular Driveway Gate Designs?

Now you’re familiar with how to build a driveway gate, but that will only yield a standard-styled gate. There exist many popular driveway gate designs that you can use in your gate’s construction.

However, not all the designs would be appropriate for your driveway. Factors such as driveway size, material needed, and your preference would influence the choice.

Without further ado, let’s examine the top 7 creative DIY driveway gate designs.

1. Double Driveway Gate

Double Driveway Gate

When thinking about how to build a driveway gate, double-gate is the go-to design. For a driveway with a large opening, you can install double gates to it. The double driveway gate design offers a luxurious look to the exterior as well as covers the ample space more aesthetically.

The gate would open inward from the middle. You can make it automatic by partnering with an electric- or solar-powered device.

Speaking of external space, check our simple landscape ideas to make the most out of your roomy outdoor areas.

2. See-Thru Driveway Gate

See-Thru Driveway Gate

This design gives a different appearance to your driveway. The idea is to have a driveway gate you can see through. It best suits driveways made of expensive materials such as concrete, asphalt, and paving stones.

The concept follows a single or double gate design, depending on the driveway opening. For a double-gate design, you could curve the top rails to form an arc for a better look. The gate’s body would have vertical slats with little distance to not allow anything to pass through between them.

3. Sliding Driveway Gate

Sliding Driveway Gate

This one is for people with a driveway opening not big enough for a double-gate design. The sliding gate takes lesser space by sliding behind the wall. This design also suits driveways built on a slope, as it opens and closes relatively quickly than a swinging gate.

The sliding driveway gate is cheap to build, as it mainly utilizes wood for the body and frame. For a decorative touch, you can add different patterns to the gate’s body using wood straps. So, now you know how to build sliding gates for driveways.

4. Strong Wooden Gate

Strong Wooden Gate

When you are learning how to build a driveway gate, you should consider a solid wooden gate design. It employs high-quality wood to give the entrance a dominant and sturdy appearance.

One strong gate is typically 4 inches in width. If your driveway’s opening size exceeds this, then you’ll need two of these gates. Bear in mind that the posts should be as strong as the gates to support their weight. Without a heavy anchor, the gate would wiggle, or at worst, come off.

To make the gates strong, pair them with metal plates and straps at the edges. Be sure to use corrosion-resistant material to maintain durability.

5. Cedar Driveway Gate

Cedar Driveway Gate

When studying how to build a driveway gate, consider a cedar driveway gate. As the name suggests, you need Cedarwood for the construction. The wood adds a classy appearance to your house’s exterior while also maintaining a sturdy profile.

The cedar gate looks best in a double-gate design, provided you have enough space. Some variations include constructing a small door beside the entrance for easy access to the pedestrians. The addition of the door makes the design more utilitarian. It provides a way for both vehicles and people while also giving your house a luxurious look.

6. Pallet Driveway Gates

Pallet Driveway Gates

If money’s an issue when considering how to build a driveway gate, use one of our cheap driveway gate ideas. The pallet wood design is an excellent choice. Pallet wood is relatively inexpensive, easy to obtain, and durable. Like other styles, this one’s better off with a double gate design if the opening allows it. Typically, pallet wood gates are not that tall, and hence a wheel is an excellent option to install under each door to keep them rolling.

7. Rolling Driveway Gates

Rolling Driveway Gates

When pondering over the options on how to build a driveway gate, rolling driveway gates are ideal as well. The idea is similar to sliding driveway gates where they glide in and out of vision when opened or closed. However, the rolling driveway gates are often bigger than the sliding doors.

Building a rolling gate is simple. Once you’ve constructed the entrance of your preferred design, turn it upside down and install two wheels at the base. Next, secure a rail on the ground over which the gate would roll. Make sure the rail is of a considerable width to allow the gate to roll freely.

Driveway Gate Hardware

The job does not finish after building and installing your favorite driveway gate. You need to accompany the gate with specific hardware that helps make the most. The most necessary hardware to pair with your driveway gate includes:

1. Gate locks
2. Latch to keep the gate closed
3. Latch to keep the gate open
4. A vertical rod that drops into the ground to lock the gate

To successfully install this hardware to your driveway door, you need specific equipment. Make provisions for an angle grinder, drill machine, concrete, and screws before beginning with the installation.

Final Words

For your driveway, you ought to have a gate that blocks its entrance. It not only keeps strangers out but also adds character to your house. To get all these benefits, you must know how to build a driveway gate. Driveway gates can take many forms, and there exist numerous designs you can follow to arrive at your favorite one. Whether it’s a sliding, rolling, or double-gate design, you can build your preferred gate as long as your driveway space and condition allow it.

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