20 DIY Garbage Can Enclosure Ideas: Tidying Outdoor Space

When it comes to maintaining a clean and organized outdoor space, finding suitable ways to conceal unsightly garbage cans enclosure can be a challenge. However, with a little creativity and some do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit, you can transform these necessary eyesores into stylish and functional additions to your home.

In this article, we present 20 innovative DIY garbage can enclosure ideas that will not only keep your surroundings tidy but also enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

1. Wooden Privacy Screen: Concealment with Natural Elegance

Wooden Privacy Screen
Source: pinterest.com

Craft a wooden privacy screen to create an attractive enclosure for your garbage cans. This elegant solution combines functionality with the natural beauty of wood, ensuring your outdoor space remains visually appealing.

2. Trellis Enclosure: Greenery and Discretion

Trellis Enclosure: Greenery and Discretion
Source: pinterest.com

Utilize a trellis to add a touch of greenery to your garbage can enclosure. By allowing climbing plants to grow, you can seamlessly blend the cans with the surrounding vegetation, providing an eco-friendly and visually pleasing solution.

3. Pallet Fence: Upcycled Charm

Pallet Fence: Upcycled Charm
Source: pinterest.com

Transform discarded pallets into a rustic fence to enclose your garbage cans. This DIY project not only adds a touch of charm to your outdoor space but also promotes recycling and repurposing.

4. Brick Enclosure: Durable and Timeless

Brick Enclosure
Source: pinterest.com

Construct a brick enclosure to ensure long-lasting durability for your garbage cans. This sturdy option offers a timeless aesthetic that can be customized with various patterns and finishes to match your home’s architecture.

5. Lattice Panels: Privacy and Ventilation

Lattice Panels: Privacy and Ventilation
Source: pinterest.com

Install lattice panels around your garbage cans to strike a balance between privacy and ventilation. These panels allow airflow while discreetly hiding the unsightly bins from view.

6. Bamboo Enclosure: Exotic Appeal

Bamboo Enclosure
Source: Botamill

Opt for a bamboo enclosure to infuse your outdoor space with exotic flair. The natural texture and vibrant appearance of bamboo make it an excellent choice for a garbage can enclosure that stands out from the crowd.


7. Repurposed Shed: Hidden Utility

Repurposed Shed: Hidden Utility
Source: Bob Vila

Repurpose an old shed or build a new one specifically for your garbage cans. This clever solution hides the cans away while providing additional storage space for gardening tools or other outdoor necessities.

8. Vinyl Fence: Low-Maintenance Elegance

Vinyl Fence
Source: pinterest.com

Consider a vinyl fence as an easy-to-maintain option for enclosing your garbage cans. Available in various styles and colors, vinyl fences offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

9. Woven Willow Enclosure: Natural Charm

Woven Willow Enclosure
Source: pinterest.com

Craft a woven willow enclosure for a charming and eco-friendly solution. Willow branches can be woven into beautiful panels, providing a visually appealing way to hide your garbage cans.

10. Stone Wall: Solid and Sophisticated

Stone Wall: Solid and Sophisticated
Source: pinterest.com

Build a stone wall enclosure to create a sophisticated and durable solution for your garbage cans. Stone walls add an air of elegance to any outdoor space while effectively concealing unsightly bins.

11. Metal Enclosure: Industrial Chic

Metal Enclosure
Source: pinterest.com

Embrace an industrial aesthetic with a metal enclosure for your garbage cans. Metal panels or grids offer a modern and edgy look that complements contemporary outdoor designs.


12. Living Wall: Green and Sustainable

Living Wall: Green and Sustainable
Source: Trashcans Unlimited

Create a living wall by installing planter boxes or vertical gardens around your garbage cans. This environmentally friendly option not only hides the bins but also enhances air quality and promotes biodiversity.

13. Fence with Decorative Cutouts: Artistic Appeal

Fence with Decorative Cutouts
Source: pinterest.com

Construct a fence with decorative cutouts to add artistic flair to your garbage can enclosure. These cutouts can feature intricate patterns or customized designs that reflect your personal style.

14. Shutter Enclosure: Vintage Charm

Shutter Enclosure: Vintage Charm
Source: Plasticine House

Repurpose old shutters to build a unique and charming enclosure for your garbage cans. The weathered texture and vintage appeal of shutters bring character to your outdoor space.

15. Rope or Chain Enclosure: Nautical Inspiration

Rope or Chain Enclosure: Nautical Inspiration
Source: Alamy

Incorporate a nautical theme by using ropes or chains to enclose your garbage cans. This creative idea adds a maritime touch to your outdoor area while keeping the bins securely concealed.

16. Stacked Stone Enclosure: Rustic Elegance

Stacked Stone Enclosure: Rustic Elegance
Source: pinterest.com

Stack stones to create a rustic enclosure that blends seamlessly with nature. This DIY project offers a timeless and elegant solution for hiding your garbage cans.

17. Colorful Painted Enclosure: Vibrant and Playful

Colorful Painted Enclosure
Source: pinterest.com

Transform your garbage can enclosure into a vibrant focal point by painting it with eye-catching colors. This playful approach adds personality and liveliness to your outdoor space.

18. Fabric Screen: Versatile and Temporary

Fabric Screen: Versatile and Temporary
Source: AliExpress

Hang a fabric screen around your garbage cans for a versatile and easily removable enclosure. Choose a weather-resistant fabric that complements your outdoor decor to add a touch of elegance.


19. Hinged Fence Panels: Easy Access

Hinged Fence Panels: Easy Access
Source: YouTube

Install hinged fence panels to provide convenient access to your garbage cans. This practical solution ensures hassle-free waste disposal while maintaining the visual appeal of your outdoor area.

20. Wrought Iron Enclosure: Classic Beauty

Wrought Iron Enclosure: Classic Beauty
Source: Soldadura CMH

Opt for a wrought iron enclosure for a classic and sophisticated look. The intricate details and timeless elegance of wrought iron make it a perfect choice for concealing your garbage cans.


In conclusion, keeping your outdoor space clean and organized doesn’t mean compromising on style. By implementing these 20 DIY garbage can enclosure ideas, you can transform a necessary utility into a visually pleasing and functional addition to your home. Choose the option that best suits your taste, and enjoy a neat and beautiful outdoor area that reflects your personal style and creativity.

Remember to always consider local regulations and guidelines when implementing any enclosure projects to ensure compliance with waste management requirements.


Q: How difficult is it to build a DIY garbage can enclosure?

A: The level of difficulty can vary depending on the chosen design and your experience with DIY projects. However, many DIY garbage can enclosure ideas can be accomplished with basic tools and materials, making them accessible to beginners with a bit of patience and determination.

Q: Can I customize the size of the garbage can enclosure to fit my specific needs?

A: Absolutely! One of the advantages of DIY projects is the ability to customize them to suit your requirements. Whether you have multiple bins or need a larger or smaller enclosure, you can adjust the dimensions to accommodate your specific needs.

Q: What materials are commonly used for DIY garbage can enclosures?

A: DIY garbage can enclosures can be constructed using various materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, brick, bamboo, and even repurposed items like pallets or shutters. The choice of materials depends on factors like desired aesthetics, durability, and personal preference.

Q: Are there any guidelines or regulations I should follow when building a garbage can enclosure?

A: It’s essential to check local regulations and guidelines regarding waste management and outdoor structures. Some areas may have specific requirements for the location, size, and design of garbage can enclosures.

Adhering to these guidelines will help ensure compliance and avoid any potential issues.

Q: How can I maintain and clean my DIY garbage can enclosure?

A: Regular maintenance and cleaning can help keep your garbage can enclosure in good condition. Depending on the materials used, you may need to periodically apply sealants, paint, or protective coatings. Additionally, cleaning the enclosure and the bins themselves will help prevent unpleasant odors and keep your outdoor space fresh and tidy.


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