7 Reasons Why You Should Install Ducted Air Conditioning

Since its creation in 1902, air conditioning has made a huge impact on the world. From becoming an essential component in cars to the business industry, it’s safe to say that air conditioning has become central to our lives. But what kind of air conditioner should you get?

Many homeowners just get a traditional wall-mounted AC because they’re cost-effective and readily available. But there are also other types, like the ducted air conditioner, which is ideal if you want to get a conditioner for your own home.

In this article, we’ll explore why getting a ducted air conditioner is a good idea and how it’ll benefit you.

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

What is ducted air conditioning?

Also known as a central AC system, the ducted air conditioning system is usually used to facilitate the heating or cooling of an entire building or facility.

By using ducts placed in the roof, the AC system transports cooled or heated air throughout the building from one source. This allows for the building to save on power by utilising one more powerful AC instead of several smaller ones.

Where are Ducted Air Conditioners Used?

Usually, you’ll find ducted air conditioning units in larger buildings or homes. Because of the nature of this AC system, it would need a decent amount of roof space for the vents to run through the roof. Large businesses with buildings that have many offices or warehouses that require a standard temperature would often go for a ducted AC system.

Why You Should Install a Ducted AC System

Now that you know what ducted AC systems are and how they work, here’s why we think you should install one:

  1. They Run QuietlyWhy you should install a ducted AC System

While technology has led to some pretty slim and quiet wall ACs, ducted air conditioning systems are usually much quieter because the AC unit is installed outside or on the roof, far away from the offices or rooms the air is carried to. Because of this, you’re getting cool or warm air without the noise from the machine.

2. Whole Home Heating and Cooling

Ducted AC systems provide cool or warm air to the whole building; whether it’s a house or office, you have one system for everything. This system can also be customised so that each room can set and control the temperature, so there’s no need to freeze when everyone else wants a cooler temperature.

3. Low Profile

A sleek living room interior with a barely-there air conditioning vent on the ceiling

When you walk into a room, it’s pretty easy to spot a traditional AC attached to the wall, especially if it’s a bigger, older model. Ducted AC units are seamless. They use a vent in each room and funnel the air to those rooms through the vents, so instead of having a big old AC on your wall, you have a small open vent that allows the air through.

4. It May Increase Your Property’s Value

The exterior of a house with a well-maintained central air conditioning unit outside

Having an AC is beneficial regardless, but with duct AC systems, they’ll significantly add to the value of your home. While wall ACs are still fixed to the host, they only function in one room, so their value is limited. Ducted ACs can function for the whole home, so, as a result, they’ll bring value to the whole home.

5. Control the Flow in Different Rooms

In addition to being able to control temperatures in different rooms, you’re also able to manage the AC flow in different rooms to save energy. For example, if you’re not using rooms, then there’s no reason for the AC to be running, right? So, you can turn the AC off in some rooms while keeping it running in others.

6. More Cost-effective

ducted air conditioners More cost-effective

In the long run, a ducted air conditioning installation can be a lot cheaper than purchasing individual wall ACs for each room, especially if you need an AC for a large building. Consider the cost of installing individual ACs in each room. You have the AC cost multiplied by however many you need, the labour costs for installing them, and then the running costs for each AC.

With ducted ACs, you have one AC with vents and different control components. While it might be an expensive investment upfront in comparison to one wall AC, when you consider how much it costs to install multiple ACs and run them, ducted airconditioners may be the better option.

7. More Energy Efficient

Following the example above, installing a ducted AC system could also be the more energy-efficient option, especially if you’re using the zoning space functions and only using the AC in those areas. Remember, it’s one machine running instead of multiple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Much does it Cost to Install Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ans: Ducted AC systems will often vary in cost depending on the size and functions you need them to perform. For instance, if you want a ducted AC system that has variable controls in different zones, then the system will require more technology and will most likely cost more.

But, if you want a straightforward ducted system with one control, then it’ll be less. Size also plays a huge role in cost. The more vents are needed, the more materials are needed, and the greater the cost. We’d suggest getting a few quotes from reputable companies before installing one.

Q: Is Ducted Air Conditioning Noisy?

Ans: Not at all! Ducted AC systems are known for how quiet they run. The AC units are usually put on the roof or outside the building so they’re far from the vents. If your ducted AC is noisy, we’d suggest getting it checked.

Q: How Often does Ducted Air Conditioning Need Maintenance?

Ans: With an AC, regular maintenance is always beneficial. Over time, their air filters can get clogged, which stops how efficiently they work and could put strain on the motors. That’s why it’s important to have a professional come and inspect and perform routine maintenance on your AC at least once a year.


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