Commercial Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for In 2024

The year 2024 will likely be a year of practicality, creativity, and sustainability. Business owners and homeowners alike have been thumbing through the pages of design magazines, bookmarking design elements to stand the test of time, prioritize employee well-being, and take care of the environment.

Many commercial interior design trends have already found favor with business owners. However, these trends stand out more than most:

Biophilic Design

A futuristic commercial space with a biophilic design

Ask any leading retail design and renovation company like I-5 Design Build, and they’ll likely tell you that biophilic design is a popular request in commercial spaces. Biophilic design describes design elements that connect building occupants with nature.

However, it goes beyond natural colors. Biophilic design revolves around elements that resemble nature, like natural light, organic materials, and vegetation. The goal is to foster a more peaceful, calming environment that promotes better well-being in the working population.

Residential Furniture

A modern and cozy office space filled with a mix of residential and commercial furniture

Many business owners only shop with commercial furniture companies. However, that has started to change in recent years. Walk into your average office space in 2024, and you may be surprised by how homely it can feel.

Sofas, rugs, artwork, and lamps are just a few of the many furniture and accessories you can find in commercial businesses servicing the general public. Businesses are trying to make their employees and customers as comfortable as possible.

Warm Colors

A well-lit commercial space interior designed with warm and inviting colors

Be brave and go bold. That’s the general trend for 2024 regarding paint colors. Many business owners are now steering away from cold and contemporary colors in favor of warm, vibrant ones. While these colors may make commercial environments feel warmer, color psychology may also be at play.

For example, red can be the ideal color to inject liveliness into a building, while yellow can uplift and invigorate in some climates. You may even opt for black when seeking a chromatic theme in your commercial space.

A Wellness Focus

A modern and inviting office space showcasing a perfect blend of productivity and wellness

The healthier employees are, the more productive they may be. With that in mind, some business owners are looking at wellness features when redesigning their offices. Ergonomic furniture, dedicated relaxation spaces, and more plants are just a few of the many popular additions.

Circular Economy

We’ve only got one planet. The more resources we need, the more at risk we are of having ecological overshoot occurring. This is when we use more than what our ecosystems can supply.

Wanting to do right by the environment and environmentally conscious consumers, many companies are now adopting circular economy policies. This means they’ll do their best to reuse, repurpose, and recycle. They want to do their best to no longer contribute to the demand for materials.

They’re sourcing recycled building materials and purchasing modular furniture with replaceable parts. They’re also repairing and refurbishing furniture rather than disposing of it when it succumbs to wear and tear. When they can’t get around buying new furniture, many business owners are now opting for used, recycled, or refurbished furniture to give it a new lease on life.

The year 2024 is looking bright for commercial business owners. If you’ve been considering a commercial interior rejuvenation, these trends may be worth exploring.


Terrill Welch
Terrill Welch
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