The 3 Most Important Tips To Stage A House For A Quick Sale

The goal of every homeowner putting their house up for sale is for it to happen quickly. If it takes too long for the sale to happen a domino effect begins that sets off many problems to follow. The best way for a quick sale is to make sure your house looks amazing.

This involves staging the house so it puts its best foot forward and makes it irresistible to buy. Staging is important because it can make your house stand out in the market. A well-staged home often sells faster and sometimes even for a higher price. In this article, we will give you the top things to focus on when staging your house.

1 – Focus on Curb Appeal

Focus on Curb Appeal
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The outside of the house is the first thing that people will see when they come to an open house or walk through with a realtor. That’s why curb appeal is so important. Even simple landscaping changes will have a big impact. Keeping the lawn neatly mowed, adding some fresh mulch, and planting a few colorful flowers can make your home look more inviting.

The entrance of your home is particularly important. A clean, welcoming entrance can invite people in and give them a positive impression that influences how they see the inside. Consider repainting your front door, replacing old house numbers, or adding a new doormat.

Repainting the exterior will make a big impression so think about hiring a painter like this Edmonton residential painter.

2 – Declutter

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Decluttering is the first and most important step in staging your home for sale. Removing excess items and personal belongings helps make your spaces look larger and more inviting. People need to see themselves living there and seeing all of your personal belongings and pictures makes it difficult for them to do so.

When you start decluttering, tackle one room at a time. Remove items you don’t use daily and put them in storage. This includes personal items like photos, collections, and any clutter on countertops and tables. Keep only the essentials and a few decorative items to create a clean, open feel.

Remove family photos, personal mementos like trophies, and any artwork. The goal is to create a neutral environment where buyers can easily picture their own lives.

3 – Highlight the Key Features

Highlight the Key Features
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Accentuating the key features and fixtures of your home is an effective way to attract potential buyers. Every home has unique aspects that can be highlighted to enhance its appeal.

Take some time to think about what the selling points of the house are. It could be a big backyard, a fireplace, or a finished basement. Once you figure out what people will be impressed by, make an extra effort to make it stand out. Make the fireplace a focal point by decorating the hearth and adding some cozy furniture around it, for instance.

In the case of a finished basement, make sure to update the furniture, replace any old fixtures, and give it some good lighting.


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Terrill Welch
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