4 Tips to Help Keep Our Home Clutter-Free

Keeping a home clutter-free is no easy task when we have a growing family and have been in our home for a while accumulating items. However, we should not despair when the solutions are out there to help us.

For instance, we could think about storage units Chicago has. As the third largest city in the United States with a population of almost three million, as you can imagine, they have plenty to choose from. It is a case of weighing up your particular location, the dimensions you need, then how many of their facilities you want to take advantage of.

This article will therefore consider a few tips, including self-storage as a solution, that can help you to declutter and keep your home that way. Always look for a solution that could be temporary or permanent because then it offers plenty of flexibility.


A unit rented away from home may be the solution to all your problems when you have simply run out of space within your home. It will certainly work out more cost-effective than upscaling to a new home. It will not just be the cost to buy it but all the closing costs and higher heating bills that we would have to consider.

The advantages of self-storage units include:

  • They can become a place to transfer objects to while decluttering and making decisions about objects.
  • Enhanced security often included will mean that CCTV cameras and monitoring are taking care of your possessions 24/7.
  • Climate-controlled conditions often feature to protect the most sensitive items from storage damage. Electrical appliances and musical instruments feature in this category.
  • Drive-in storage units allow for large and awkward furniture to be transferred into them. These are likely to be taking up the most room in your home. A wardrobe with clothes can serve two storing purposes inside a self-storage unit when it comes to creating house space.

Arrange Objects More Precisely

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Rather than just putting items in the first space we find, it can be better to categorize certain objects and have, for example, boxes fitting together to waste less of a gap.

It is surprising if you assess just how much space you could generate for a few more objects when you move things around and stack them together. This is the approach a parcel van company adopts to cut down on the number of trips by packing its van in the best possible way.

If you put things in boxes they will often fit together better, as long as the box is not a lot bigger than the item. Although, you could fit many smaller things inside one box if packed well so that they avoid damaging each other.

Regularly Review the Number of Items You Possess

It pays to have a more regular spring clean when you assess all your items and the function they are serving. They need to have a current function or be aesthetically pleasing to have a place in your home.

A duplicate item may be kept inside a self-storage until needed in the future or sent in another direction if you are never likely to use it again.

Write a List

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It is always worth making a list so that you can gain a better picture in your mind of just how many items are surplus to your requirements. If you are not sure whether you could do without it, then try putting the item in a self-storage unit first.

It’s good to see a list all condensed and in front of you rather than trying to imagine all that you have that you might never want again. If tucked away it would be even harder to imagine. It is surprising what we can unearth if we look. That object might be out of the way currently but that space could be used to store something else without what is currently there.

Mark on your list where items could be directed and then give it thought. You may make some changes before finally deciding, which is the beauty of such a list.


So, by considering the tips above, you should now have a better idea of how you can keep your home clutter-free. Regardless of whether you hire a storage unit, or if you make the decision to arrange objects more precisely, they can all make a vast difference to your living space.

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