10 Most Comfortable & Creative Space Saving Beds of 2022

Your bedroom may not always allow for a giant bed with a queen- or king-sized mattress because of space constraints. However, it does not mean you should stop looking for a comfortable sleeping arrangement. Consider space saving beds – they are an excellent fit for small rooms.

Not only do they provide a cozy night’s sleep, but they also cover as little space in your bedroom as possible. Their design converts the unusual nooks and corners into sleeping sections to make the most out of the area available. Below are our top 10 space saving beds pick that is worth trying for your tiny bedroom.

1. Lina Metal Daybed

Lina Metal Daybed

This compact bed comes with a rollout trundle, which provides extra sleeping space. The primary frame acts as more of a sofa by day and converts into a bed at night. The rollout section of this bed goes under the mainframe when not needed for sleeping.

The overall design is sleek, and you can match the bed and trundle with similar coverings and pillows. It comes in Black and Gold shades, offering the option to match your bedroom’s theme. The only downside is that this bed can only host up to 2 people.

2. Avilla Full Storage Bed

Avilla Full Storage Bed

Are you looking for a bed with compartments to store some of your items? Then these space saving beds with storage from South Shore are a perfect fit. It has a minimalistic design, only covering a tiny portion of your room. Furthermore, the bed features nine storage sections, three on each side, to stow away stuff lying around your bedroom.

This one from our space saving beds collection is all about a neat presentation of your small bedroom. It also comes with different color options such as full, winter, and black oak. These shades offer more ways to match your bedroom’s theme. However, while you can put books, clothes, and other items in the compartments, it does not have any cover or lid, making it look a bit messy.

3. Roll Away Smart Guest Bed

Roll Away Smart Guest Bed

Next up in our space saving beds list is the Roll Away Bed from Zinus Store that focuses on portability. It is incredibly light-weighted, under 44 lbs, and houses a four-inch mattress. Moreover, it comes with three types of foams; Comfort, Viscolatex, and High Density.

The overall steel-framed design brings compactness to your bedroom. Consider it among the best space saving guest beds; it allows you to roll it to the room where your guests stay. Once they leave, you can stow the bed back in your storeroom. The only drawback; it only comes in black color, which might not look good in every room.

4. Tri-Fold Foam Mattress

Tri-Fold Foam Mattress

This foldable mattress from Milliard Store also makes it to our space saving beds list. This fold down bed is versatile; you can also convert it into a sofa. So, whether you look for a comfortable seating solution for your kids’ room or a space-saving bed, this foldable mattress can do it all.

A plush, 4.5-inch high-density foam is the primary material in the mattress, offering a comfortable sleep. It’s highly likely to use this mattress for more than just sleeping and frequently moving it around the house. Even in that case, you don’t have to worry about the mattress getting dirty, as the cover is removable and washable.

5. Twin Low Bunk Bed

Twin Low Bunk Bed

Let’s not forget the kids’ room when it comes to space saving beds. Max and Lily offer the best compact bunk bed for kids with an attractive design. It comes with a slide attached to the top bed for a recreational activity and a ladder mounted to the other side. The slide and ladder are removable, allowing for extra room.

The bottom bunk lifts only 2 inches off the ground, and the top bed has a 14 inches high safety rail around the edges. This space saver bed comes in various shades such as white, grey, and natural wood to support the vibrant looks of your children’s bedroom.

6. Vertical Mount Murphy Bed

Vertical Mount Murphy Bed

On sixth place on our space saving beds collection is the one made for extremely tight bedrooms. The vertical mount bed from Rockler follows a pull down bed design, meaning the bed won’t be visible until you pull it down. You can choose between twin-size, queen-size, and full-size bed frames, making it even a space saving queen bed.

One thing to remember; it is a DIY bed kit, which means you have to assemble and design the bed. The kit, however, comes with all the information you need to get started.

Furthermore, there’s even a toll-free number you can consult for advice. You can also download manuals from the manufacturer’s website to speed up the process. The plus point is that you can give the bed a personal touch when assembling. For instance, you can accompany cabinets and drawers of your preference.

7. Loft Bed with Desk

Loft Bed with Desk

Do you need both: a desk and a bed? But your tiny room does not allow it. Then these space saving beds from Maxwell are a perfect fit. The loft bed has a metallic structure, and the design is unique, offering a desk under the bed. On the right side, a ladder leads up the bed.

The bed provides much utility for the space it takes. With the desk, you have the freedom to place your laptop or computer, together with all your books for study. At the top-left end of the desk, you find shelves that you can decorate or place any other items. Furthermore, this space saving bed frame comes in grey, white, and blue colors.

Speaking of study desks, check out seven up-to-date ideas to arrange your study room to help you divert critical attention to studying and work.

8. Loft Bed with Storage

Loft Bed with Storage

If you lack storage space, this Caitbrook Twin Loft Bed is a great choice. These space saving beds have enough cabinets and drawers at the bottom to meet all your storage needs. The dark wood gives the bed a decent and compact look and nearly matches every bedroom theme. On the right side, a small ladder leads up to the lofted bed, and the combination of drawers with lidless cabinets offers a more balanced look.

9. Queen Sofa Sleeper

Queen Sofa Sleeper

How about space saving beds that could turn into a sofa for an idea? The Soletren Sofa Sleeper showcases this versatile design. It is a sofa when folded and a space saving full size bed when pulled out. Moreover, these hide away beds for small spaces come in ash and stone color to match your bedroom. However, you should consider one thing; when pulled out, the bed might take a bit of space, as it’s a full-sized bed. Before purchasing, make sure you have enough room to fit in a queen-sized bed.

10. Corner Bed

Corner Bed

We’ve all tried shoving a mattress into a corner, but it doesn’t look attractive at all. This corner bed from Isabella caters to the small space bed needs by fitting nicely into a corner. Its unique headboard allows it to clasp cleanly to any corner and deliver a comfortable sleeping arrangement. The bed lifts relatively high from the ground, too, providing storage space underneath. However, bear in mind that it does not come with the mattress and its cover.

Bottom Line

When purchasing a bed, the critical factor is the space available in your bedroom. Often you have to rule out the beds you love due to lack of room. For such situations, you should consider room saving beds design. Whether you need a foldable, pull-down, or portable bed with storage solutions, you can access various options. If you happen to have a tiny dining room as well, you should also consider dining tables for small spaces

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