Mens Bedroom Ideas: 25+ Magnificent Designs You Can Follow Today

Whenever we think of men’s bedrooms, we imagine scattered pillows and pulled bed sheets. Even if they maintain it, it is just a simple and dull bedroom, right. Well, that’s not always true! Our cool mens bedroom ideas can completely transform your bedroom.

Whether you like a light or dark shade and prefer to have a minimalistic or modern design, our mens bedroom ideas have something for everyone. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the best bedroom ideas for men.

Cool Mens Bedroom Ideas

Everyone has a different taste and preference when it comes to decorating their room. Some favor fancy designs and vibrant colors, while others like lighter shades and simpler styles.

Below is our list of 25 cool mens bedroom ideas that offer something for every personality type.

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1. All Black Bedroom

All Black Bedroom

Let’s start the mens bedroom ideas list with something that appeals to black color lovers. This design suits men who fancy darker shades around them.

The idea includes black walls, beds, pillows, and bedsheets. For a contrasting vibe, throw a grey blanket over the bed. To take the contrast beyond the bed, place light wooden furniture in the room. That would bring an elegant feel. Pile a couple of books on the bed to give away the morning reading habit.

2. Outdoor Themed Bedroom

Outdoor Themed Bedroom

This idea is for men who prefer a hard day’s work and outdoor patterns. To start with, the walls should be concrete to display a grayish vibe neutral quilts. Moreover, they should house a couple of charcoal paintings to give away the energetic feel.

The room must have furniture made from unfinished wood to complement the outdoor theme. A small bench at the foot of the bed and a lamp’s stand besides featuring unfinished wood would do the trick.

3. Modern Industrial Bedroom

Modern Industrial Bedroom

If you love an industrial design, this one from our mens bedroom ideas list is for you. This style is for corporate men who like modern designs while retaining industrial flair.

Begin by painting the walls white except for the one behind the bed. This wall ought to display red bricks to kick in the industrial look. Place a black bed and matching furniture around the room and complement it with hanging lights for a modern feel.

4. 1950s Mens Bedroom

1950s Men’s Bedroom

Do you love the 1950s and the newly started industrialization? Then this is one of the best mens bedroom ideas.

The bedroom should be as simple as possible with white painted walls. Place a dark brown framed bed, surrounded by old-looking trunks on either side, as a side table. On the trunks, position a frameless mirror and a desk fan to bring in the old vibes. Complement the room with a dark brown couch beside the bed as well for reading or studying.

5. Men in Twenties Bedroom

Men in Twenties Bedroom

This one is for men who’ve newly entered their twenties and still hold a liking for vibrant colors and cool designs. That’s why this style has a variety of colors to uplift the theme.

Go with a dark-colored wall, preferably deep navy blue, which displays the charm. For furniture, select a light-colored wooden wardrobe, side table, and nightstand. It would give a natural look to the bedroom and promote a contrast.

Try to get an iron-framed bed, as it looks classy with the overall dark theme. Throw an alarm clock and table lamp to add character.

6. Stylish Men’s Bedroom

Stylish Men's Bedroom

Sixth on our mens bedroom ideas list is a modish design for those who prefer to employ the latest trends in their room. To pull this design off, you need a fusion of concrete and wood.

Paint the walls with a dark color and leave the one behind the bed. This wall should have both; painted concrete and wooden textures. The top and bottom parts of the wall should feature concrete, and the middle should frame the wooden design.

Balance the room with sleek nightstands and built-in closets for a compact feel. Attach light-colored curtains to the windows for a cozy atmosphere.

7. Traveling Lovers Bedroom

Traveling Lovers Bedroom

Among our mens bedroom ideas include one for travel enthusiasts. This bedroom design is for men who love to interact with others and are always on the move.

The unique aspect of this design is that it does not follow a specific color. Paint your walls with contrasting shades such as gray and cream. The wooden floor finish adds an outdoor-ish character to the room, while a huge map above the bed completes the set.

To complement the wooden floor, place a wooden bed, a wooden desk, wall-mounted shelving units, and side tables of matching color. Remember, this bedroom’s all about utility!

8. Artistic Men’s Bedroom

Artistic Men's Bedroom

On eighth of our men’s bedroom ideas list lies a suggestion for artist friends. This style best suits men who wish to display their artistic works in the bedroom.

Begin by painting all the walls black as it uplifts any frame you’d tack on the wall. Install a couple of low-hanging pendant lights from the ceiling near the painting frames for an elegant sense. A dark-colored wood cabinet with shelves that’d feature tools, accessories, sculptures, and other artistic paraphernalia is a must. Furthermore, you can spread a rug at the bedroom’s center with vibrant textures to blend with the overall theme. Also, place a chair and a pouf to contemplate on your next work.

9. Apartment Men’s Bedroom

Apartment Men's Bedroom

Are you living in an apartment with few rooms? Although it may sound crazy but switching your common lounge into a bedroom is a wonderful idea. It is next on our men’s bedroom ideas list. The main goal here is to make the most of the limited space we have.

Choose light colors such as light gray and white to make the area feel more spacious. Place light-colored wooden bed, shelves, and side tables to match the overall décor. Throw a rug with grass texture on the floor and feature indoor plants on the table for a lively atmosphere.

10. Glossy Men’s Bedroom

Glossy Men's Bedroom

Next up in our men’s bedroom ideas list is the glossy bedroom. This design is for men who prefer a shiny and light atmosphere rather than dull and dark themes.

The walls should have glossy tiles, preferably in a light color. One of the walls should feature huge windows that act as the source of light. An upholstered bed headboard stands out and gives the room a charming feel. Place an acrylic side table beside the bed and throw a velvet mattress and fur blanket for a premium look.

11. Lit Men’s Bedroom

Lit Men’s Bedroom

This design is for men who love to keep their bedroom lit at all times. During the day, huge windows would act as a source of natural light. However, when things go dark at night, lamps and lights keep the room bright.

To pull this one off, concrete walls should feature the color ‘gray.’ Next, hang pendant lights from the ceiling for extra lighting. You could have a computer table beside the bed if space allows and install an RGB lighting system. Throw a furry rug, tack frames on the wall, and place some indoor plants for a natural look.

12. Office Bedroom

Office Bedroom

On the twelfth of our men’s bedroom ideas list is a proposal for guys who take work too seriously. This design brings a portion of your office to your bedroom, allowing you to work comfortably.

The walls can have different colors, as they divide the personal and work life. Go for a wooden bed with light colors to bring the office furniture feel to your bedroom. Place a tall shelf beside the bed to hold the office files. Moreover, throw a couch and pouf in the middle for reading and studying. A rug with decent textures could spark the office feel, as well.

13. Rider’s Bedroom

Rider’s Bedroom

Men who love to ride bikes and bicycles should rejoice, like this design from our men’s bedroom ideas list is for you. This plan brings the outdoor feel right to your bedroom.

The room should have a combination of concrete and brick walls. Paint the concrete wall grey and throw a matching pouf in the middle for comfort. The other wall should feature red bricks for an uplifting contrast. Over the bed, display a bicycle frame with yellow accents to communicate your passion and convey a sense of happiness.

14. Compact Men’s Bedroom

Compact Men’s Bedroom

Do you like your bedroom to be clean and not too packed with items? Then we have one of the best men bedroom ideas for you. This design suits men who adore keeping their rooms organized and love to maintain them frequently.

This design looks best with light colors and an ample supply of light. Therefore, rooms with windows best portray this idea. Begin by painting the walls with two different colors for a refreshing look, and place a small wooden-framed bed in the middle. Match it with a side table on one side and a giant lamp on the other for an eye-catching focal point of your room.

15. All Grey Men’s Bedroom


Just like we had one design for black color lovers, this one is for gray fans! This idea is for men who fancy exhibiting masculine attributes, dimensions, and harmony in their rooms.

Go with concrete walls and paint them all gray. You can make a variation by going for pegboard tiles to line up the wall. Place a wooden bed in the center and have the headboard custom-made to exhibit gray upholstery. Clothe the bed in a gray blanket and throw a matching furry rug on the floor to make the room more appealing.

16. Classic Men’s Bedroom

Classic Men’s Bedroom

Among all other men’s bedroom ideas, this one’s for classy men who like to remain decent even in their bedroom. This design best goes well with men who prefer simplicity over fanciness.

A dark-gray concrete wall is an ideal option for this design, matched with white furniture for a decent contrast. Beside the bed, place a white side table holding an alarm clock, indoor plant pot, and a small white computer desk. A white cabinet can keep statues, sculptures, or other decorative items. To avoid the room becoming too dull, exhibit vibrant colored pillows on the bed.

17. Musical Men’s Bedroom

Musical Men’s Bedroom

How can we forget the music lovers, right? This design from our men’s bedroom ideas list is for guys who like to demonstrate their music passion to others.

Off-white concrete walls are excellent for this design because they uplift any object placed on the wall. The bed’s headboard should feature gray upholstery to introduce contrast.

Above the bed, tack real-life guitars, drum sticks, and other musical instruments to showcase your passion. Place a small side table to hold collectibles or lyric books to kick start your session.

18. Gaming Men’s Bedroom

Gaming Men’s Bedroom

Next in our men’s bedroom ideas list is for gaming enthusiasts. This design suits men who love to play games and keep their gaming accessories right in the bedroom.

Gamers prefer to keep the natural light out of the room. Therefore, to avoid the room becoming too dull, paint the walls with bright colors such as light blue and yellow. Place a dark-colored wooden bed in the corner and a wide table, holding all your gaming gears beside it. Install RGB lighting kit behind this desk to send changing hues up the wall. Also, tack a poster or painting displaying your favorite game.

19. Natural View Bedroom

Natural View Bedroom

Do you have a fantastic natural or city look right outside your window? This idea takes the sight to your advantage and offers an eye-catching design. It goes with men keen to interact with others and invite their friends over for a drink and talk.

Place your bed with a white sheet and pillows right under the window that displays the view. Alternatively, you can replace the entire wall with glass panels for a bigger picture. Concrete walls should be gray to offer a sharp contrast. Place red pouf and chair beside the bed for a revitalizing feel. Over the bed, hang a large lamp from the ceiling for lighting and completing the set.

20. Book Lovers’ Bedroom

Book Lovers mens bedroom ideas

How can we forget the book devotees? Among other men’s bedroom ideas, this one targets gents who like to remain indoor and dedicate their time to reading and studying.

This design brings all your favorite books to your bedroom. Place a wooden bed and a large bookshelf next to it. Paint the walls with light colors to brighten the room.

21. Mathematical Men’s Bedroom

Mathematical mens bedroom ideas

This layout from our men’s bedroom ideas list helps you demonstrate your affection for mathematics.

You’ll need to paint your walls with darker colors to follow this plan. Right above the bed, you can draw designs resembling mathematic equations in white. On the side table, throw a couple of books to give the room a nerdier feel.

22. Astronomy Bedroom

Astronomy mens bedroom ideas

This proposal is for fellas who cherish looking beyond their windows and have a liking for space and stars.

Bring your love for astronomy to your bedroom by placing your bed next to your window. Beside it, install a telescope that looks directly out of the window. Paint the wall with creative designs such as planets for an immersive experience.

23. Cozy Men’s Bedroom

mens bedroom ideas

Among other men’s bedroom ideas, this one focuses on coziness and comfort. Make use of your fireplace, build a hearth, and place a table and a couple of chairs before it. Throw a white furry rug on the floor that extends under the bed.

Above the hearth, tack a few wall-mounted shelves decorated with books, awards, and decent painting frames to uplift the room’s coziness.

To note down some juicy takeaways, check how to design your bedroom to feel cozy.

24. Hunter’s Bedroom

mens hunter bedroom ideas

Next up in our men’s bedroom ideas list is one for the hunting aficionados. This design serves well to men who fancy staying outdoor for most of the week and bag some animals for living while they’re away.

Upon returning home, treat your eyes with a metal-framed bed clad in an animal fur blanket. Paint the walls with dark colors for a rustic feel. Purchase animal trophies and tack them on the wall over the bed for an eye-catching ornament. On the side table, light up some candles to invite a warm ambiance in the bedroom.

25. Sporty Bedroom

mens sporty bedroom ideas

Last in our men’s bedroom ideas list is a design dedicated to sports enthusiasts. This idea is for fitness fanatics and outdoor game lovers who always like to test their limits and never settle.

Go with concrete walls and paint them gray because it uplifts different objects in this masculine bedroom. Above the dark-colored wooden bed, tack the posters or large paintings of your favorite teams or players to introduce your passion to others. Decorate your bed with a sheet, blanket, and pillows featuring your much-loved team’s logo, and scatter workout machines around the room for a gymnastic feel.


It is a common notion that men’s bedrooms are always a mess with pulled sheets and clattered items. While it may be true for some, it’s not entirely the case. Men’s bedrooms can look as beautiful as any other room if you follow certain men’s bedroom ideas to spark up your den. Our men’s bedroom ideas have something for every personality. Whether you’re a hunting lover, a sports enthusiast, or a bookworm, our men’s bedroom ideas collection has a design to tackle every taste and preference.

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