Transform Park Model Homes into Stylish, Functional Retreats

Have you recently bought a park model home or have a plan to purchase one but aren’t sure how to make the most of the miniature space? The great thing about park model homes is that they’re designed to maximize their space so they feel spacious and are incredibly functional without being large in square footage.

The key lies in knowing how to creatively design your park model home so you can have your intimate space to use whenever and however you wish. Whether you use your park model home as a home office, a private retreat to take a break from family, as a vacation home, or to allow family to use when they visit, here are some useful tips for transforming your park model home into a stylish retreat you’ll love.

Your Relaxing Home Office

stylish park model home office

Studies show that the more relaxing and naturally lit a workspace is, the more productive a person is in their private space. Maximizing the natural lighting your smaller living space has access to by keeping window treatments light and airy can not only make working in your home office more relaxing and enjoyable, it helps reduce headaches, eye strain, and other physical symptoms by up to 84%. You can also experience fewer sick days due to stress and feeling overworked.

If you’re using your park model home as a home office, use sheer and gauzy window treatments that let plenty of natural light in. Or, invest in wooden blinds so you can control how much light is allowed to enter your workspace. If you want more privacy in your park model home office without sacrificing natural lighting, you can consider privacy or mirrored window treatments for your windows.

Your Home Away From Home

Cozy park model living space with warm yellow lighting. Earth-toned furniture

Whether you use your park model home as a ‘she shed’, ‘man cave’, or just as an additional room for your home to relax at the end of the day, the space should have yellow, calming lighting and utilize earth and rich colors to bring a soothing ambiance to your space.

Add soft and fuzzy rugs in your favorite hues and patterns to your floors for cozy texture and to break up sections of your smaller space into more defined areas. You can do the same with room dividers and furnishings like tables and ottomans.

Maximize the smaller space you have by installing oval or round mirrors in living areas (this gives the impression the rooms are larger) and incorporate easy-to-care-for houseplants like the snake plant, spider plant, or pothos.

Plants not only add a bit of greenery and nature to your smaller living space, but they also help keep the air clean and pure, allowing you to feel even calmer in the space you wind down in to get away from life’s obligations.

Your Vacation Home

Bright and airy park model interior with ample storage solutions like bookshelves and ottomans

It’s common to buy park model homes for sale and use them as vacation homes. After all, these compact living spaces are technically RVs and can be hooked up behind a hauling vehicle to be taken nearly anywhere you want to go. Your vacation home should be roomy and sparse but still inviting and ready for fun at all times.

The best way to creatively transform your park model home into the ideal vacation home is to fill it with functional and beautiful storage space and plenty of entertainment.

For example, a sturdy bookshelf filled with educational and coffee table-inspired literature can keep you engaged when you’re vacationing far away from the nearest Wi-fi signal.

Or your favorite classic board games can work as an end table for succulent plants. Ottomans and oversized storage bins double as storage compartments for trinkets and other items while still offering comfortable places to sit.

However you deck out your vacation park rental home, keep in mind both entertainment and luxury. This way, even if you’re out camping in a scenic hiking destination, you have access to board games, music, and more to give you comfort and modern entertainment when you need a break from your vacation.

Your Family Guest Property

park model home-Family Guest Property

Using a park model home as a family guest house is a great way to bring comfort and privacy to your guests. Commonly referred to as either a guest house or MIL apartment, a family addition on your property in the form of a park model home won’t take up a lot of space but will have all the same amenities (or even more) than any hotel room offers.

The key to making a family guest house welcoming to all is to stick to bright and neutral colors in earth tones. This way, your guest house appeals to everyone and maintains a modern allure. Furnish your guest house park model home with comfortable bedding and rugs in each room to differentiate each living space from the next.

Every room should have space for luggage, so even though the space is only used when guests are visiting, there should still be a laundry basket and small dresser with drawers for guests to use.
Furnish bathrooms with luxury towels in sage green, cream, sand, sunny yellow, and other earth and natural tone colors.

To keep the guest home nice and comfortable in the summer months, ensure the right AC unit is installed in the space. A portable heater can be put in the smaller guest home for other seasonal use.

Maximizing Your Model Park Home

Model Park Home

Think of the creature comforts you cannot live without when designing your park model home. Furnished and designed with personality and creativity in mind, your personal living space can be made all the more inviting — no matter what you use your space for!

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