Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas: 19 Solutions for Outdoor Spaces

Adding skirting to your deck can make a huge difference in its appearance and functionality. Skirting gives your deck a polished, finished look while hiding unsightly structural elements.

Though skirting may seem like an expensive upgrade, many affordable options exist. Here are 22 Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas perfect for those on a budget.

1. Use Inexpensive Paneling

Use Inexpensive Paneling-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Bob Vila

One of the most budget-friendly ways to skirt your deck is by using inexpensive wood or composite paneling. Options like plywood, beadboard, and lattice panels can be installed as skirting around the perimeter of the deck.

For a particularly easy DIY project, go with 12-inch square lattice panels, which easily fasten to the deck framing. Paint or stain the panels to match your deck for a cohesive look.

2. Try Vinyl Fencing Pickets

Try Vinyl Fencing Pickets-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Pinterest

Individual vinyl fencing pickets, available at most home improvement stores, make for cheap and easy skirting. Run the pickets vertically around the edge of the deck, nailing them to the framing. Painting them adds extra character.

This is an especially great option for platform decks that are close to the ground. Not only does it hide the space underneath, but it prevents debris from blowing into that area.

3. Use Painter’s Canvas

Use Painter's Canvas-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Trex RainEscape

For a lightweight, semi-transparent skirting solution, go with an inexpensive painter’s canvas in a neutral color. Simply stretch and staple the canvas fabric around the edges of your deck, keeping it taut for a smooth appearance.

This is easy to install and remove later on if needed. It also allows air circulation under the deck while obscuring views of the space below.


4. Attach a Vinyl Tablecloth

Attach a Vinyl Tablecloth-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Canva

Plastic tablecloths can be creatively repurposed as temporary deck skirting. For best results, look for solid-colored vinyl or plastic tablecloths with cloth backing.

Drape the tablecloths around the outer deck perimeter, using small nails or decking screws to hold them in place. This thrifty idea works especially well for low-profile decks. Change up the tablecloths periodically to alter the look.

5. Use Rolled Bamboo Fencing

Use Rolled Bamboo Fencing-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Pinterest

For a natural yet polished-looking skirt, try rolled bamboo fencing secured around the deck perimeter. Bamboo is an affordable, eco-friendly material that’s easy to work with. Look for thin, rolled bamboo matting, which easily bends and conforms to the edge of the deck.

Use zip ties, cord, or small nails to hold it in place. This semi-transparent skirting won’t block views or airflow completely.

6. Go for an Easy Bed Skirt

Go for an Easy Bed Skirt-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Medium

Believe it or not, a decorated bed skirt can double as deck skirting in a pinch. Look for a canvas or cotton bed skirt with a pattern or color that complements your deck.

Simply staple or nail the top part of the bed skirt around the entire deck edge, with the decorative ruffled part hanging down to obscure the space below. This creates a soft, whimsical effect on a budget.

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7. Hang Fabric Panels

Hang Fabric Panels-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: DreamLandEstate

For light, breezy skirting, hang fabric panels around the perimeter of your deck. Burlap, canvas drop cloths, upholstery fabric, or even old sheets can work great. Cut the fabric to the length you need, then staple, nail, or glue it to the rim board.

For easier installation, insert grommets into the fabric first so you can tie it up neatly with rope or cord. This idea is perfect for decks with a bohemian vibe.

8. Attach Lattice with Cable Ties

Attach Lattice with Cable Ties-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Bob Vila

Here’s an ultra-low-cost skirting idea: use plastic cable ties to attach lattice panels to the underside of the deck instead of nails. Just drill pilot holes so the cable ties can thread through the lattice pieces and wrap securely around the deck framing.

It takes a bit more time to install but creates a clean look without any visible hardware. For added stability, apply dabs of exterior adhesive as you go.

9. Get Creative with Salvaged Materials

Get Creative with Salvaged Materials-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Next Luxury

Give your deck a one-of-a-kind look using salvaged or repurposed materials for the skirting. For example, secure old window shutters in a row around the perimeter.

Alternatively, use scraps of barn wood, picket fence slats, or metal roofing panels. Misc. vinyl or plastic sheets and signage can also make interesting skirting. Check local salvage yards for free hidden gems.

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10. Try Corrugated Roofing

Try Corrugated Roofing-Inexpensive Deck Skirting Ideas
Source: Pinterest

For a modern, industrial vibe, skirt your deck with corrugated metal roofing. This inexpensive material comes in long sheets that are easy to cut, bend, and fasten to the deck ledge.

The galvanized finish has a cool, metallic look. But you can also paint the metal panels any color to match your outdoor space. This is a durable skirting option that holds up well to the elements.

11. Use Decorative Downspout Cover

Use Decorative Downspout Cover
Source: Pinterest

Rain gutter downspout covers meant to hide drainpipes can double as budget-friendly deck skirting. The plastic or composite covers come in rectangular pieces that snap together over downspouts.

Applied horizontally around a deck, they create a streamlined wrapped look. Use matching downspout elbows at the corners for a finished appearance. This approach works especially well for taller decks.

12. Get Crafty with Tarp Strips

Get Crafty with Tarp Strips
Source: Pinterest

Basic canvas tarps make super affordable DIY skirting material. Cut the tarps into long strips, then use grommets and rope to attach them around the deck ledge. For extra visual interest, cut the strips into different lengths so they overlap in asymmetrical patterns.

You can paint or stencil the tarps to match your color scheme. This is an easy way to test out skirting before committing to a permanent solution.


13. Hang Shower Curtains for Privacy

Hang Shower Curtains for Privacy
Source: Pinterest

Plastic shower curtains lend privacy when hung vertically around a low-profile deck. Cut the shower curtains to the length you need, then bind the upper edge with rope, trim, or hem tape.

Attach hooks to the outer deck edge, then slip shower curtain grommets over the hooks to hang in place. Choose solid or patterned curtains in colors complementing your space. This creates a semi-transparent screening effect on the cheap.

14. Secure Tarps or Drop Cloths

Secure Tarps or Drop Cloths
Source: Heavy Duty Tarps

For quick, temporary skirting, secure heavy canvas tarps or painter’s drop cloths around the deck perimeter. Use rope, bungee cords, zip ties, or wooden battens screwed to the rim joist to hold them in place.

Neutral colored tarps blend in well, while bright colors make a fun statement. This super easy solution works great for rental properties, seasonal properties, or just testing out ideas.

15. Attach Decorative Fringe

Attach Decorative Fringe

Add some playful flare to basic deck skirting using decorative fringe pinned or stapled to the bottom edge. Choose colorful acrylic craft fringe trimmed to the length you want. For rustic flair, make your own fringe by cutting strips into salvaged fabric pieces or burlap.

Let the fringe hang loose for a boho vibe or adhere it to a painted board for a more polished look. This simple treatment dresses up plain skirting affordably.

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16. Get Crafty with Bottle Caps

Get Crafty with Bottle Caps
Source: Vivacious Victorian

Make a colorful DIY skirt using plastic bottle caps secured to netting or mesh fabric. First, cut mesh to size and attach it around the base of the deck using a batten strip.

Then use small screws or craft adhesive to fasten clean bottle caps to the mesh in any fun pattern you like. Make sure to seal and smooth any sharp edges for safety. This funky upcycled skirt is sure to spark conversation.

17. Wrap Faux Greenery Garland

Wrap Faux Greenery Garland
Source: Pinterest

For easy camouflaging that doesn’t block views or airflow, wrap inexpensive greenery garlands around the outer deck supports. Use plastic, silk, or preserved greenery garlands from the craft store.

Choose realistic looking greens that complement your yard’s natural landscaping. Twist tie or zip tie the garland to any vertical or horizontal framing components visible underneath the deck. Refresh occasionally to keep it looking lively.

18. Get Scrappy with Scraps

Get Scrappy with Scraps
Source: The Home Atlas

Put leftover fabric, vinyl, leather, or rubber pieces to use as eclectic deck skirting. Nail, staple, or glue assorted scraps in a patchwork design around the deck perimeter. Mix and match materials and colors for fun. Cut long strips and overlap them for a shabby chic look.

You can also use this as an opportunity to upcycle old T-shirts, jeans, or other clothes into funky fringe. Get creative with whatever unique scraps you have on hand!

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19. Add Versatile PVC Piping

For durable skirting that’s also easy to remove, use PVC piping hung with pipe straps around the deck joists. Cut 1-inch or 2-inch diameter pipes to length and spray paint them to coordinate with your color scheme.

The piping hangs in place nicely to screen the space below while still allowing airflow. Remove it quickly when needed for storage access. PVC takes paint beautifully, so you can update the look each season.


Skirting a deck doesn’t have to be an expensive project. With a little creativity, you can use almost anything to add affordable skirting for style and function.

The possibilities are endless for materials you can source on the cheap or repurpose from existing items around your home.

Any of these inexpensive deck skirting ideas will help you transform your outdoor living space on a dime. Just be sure to use durable, weather-resistant materials suited for long-term outdoor exposure. Happy DIY deck skirting!



Q: What are the benefits of adding skirting to my deck?

A: Some benefits of deck skirting include hiding unsightly structural elements underneath, preventing debris buildup, improving privacy, enhancing appearance, and adding decorative flair. Skirting gives a deck a more polished, finished look.

Q: What are some inexpensive skirting options for low profile decks?

A: Great budget options for low profile decks include using vinyl fencing pickets, plastic tablecloths, rolled bamboo mats, shower curtains, canvas tarps, or PVC piping. These are affordable ways to add lightweight draping skirting.

Q: How do I attach skirting to my existing deck?

A: Common ways to secure skirting include using nails, screws, staples, adhesive, rope, bungee cords, zip ties, grommets, hooks, and pipe straps.

Choose the best method for your specific skirting material and deck construction. Attach securely to prevent sagging.

Q: Should deck skirting allow airflow underneath?

A: It’s a good idea to use skirting that doesn’t entirely block airflow under the deck. This will prevent moisture and mold issues.

Some breathable options include lattice, pickets, mesh fabrics, bamboo fencing, and certain vinyl or fabric panels.

Q: Can I use salvaged materials for affordable DIY deck skirting?

A: Yes, repurposed or upcycled materials like old shutters, roofing, fencing, signage, and fabric scraps can make great low-cost deck skirting.

Get creative with materials you have on hand or find at salvage yards. Just be sure they are weather-appropriate.

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