The Ultimate Guide To A Minimalist Home

It doesn’t matter whether you are already living in your dream house, in the middle of building one or just started looking at the best house and land packages available. Regardless of where you currently are in the process, you can create a stunning minimalist home.

Why Minimalist?

The word ‘minimalist’ was first used in the early part of the 20th century. However, it didn’t really become a popular architectural concept until the 1970s and 1980s.

As the name suggests, adopting a minimalist home means removing all the unnecessary clutter. You’ll want to create clean lines throughout your home and minimalist décor. In addition, it’s important to think about nature and try to bring it more into your home.

The truth is that homes become cluttered over time. Even if you try not to, you’ll collect items over the years. This can be the small trinkets made or given to you by loved ones, or a collection of books, kitchen gadgets, or even photos.

Everything has a sentimental meaning, that’s why you hang onto it. But, the truth is that you don’t need all these things to remember different events. They aren’t even, necessary to make your home more comfortable.

Going minimalist allows you to embrace a life of simplicity and you’ll be surprised at how rewarding this is.

Features Of Minimalist Home

If you’re considering building or modernizing your home to reflect the minimalist style, you need to know the top minimalistic features. However, you also need to remember that your home is unique. That means, do what feels right for you, minimalistic is clean lines and simplistic living. Think about what this means to you and work on that concept.

Reduce Clutter


The basic concept of minimalism is that less is more. You’ll want to remove the huge array of DVDs attached to your wall and the clutter covering a home office desk. Get rid of the kitchen utensils littering your surfaces and leave out just the things that you really need.
Your home will need less maintenance and feel brighter and larger.

Keep It Personal


It is important to note that going minimalistic doesn’t mean stripping your home of personality. It still needs to reflect your personality. For example, instead of having a wall of family photos, select just one or two and put them on the wall.

This will reflect the personality of your property and, with some good lighting, can transform the wall and feel of the room.

Storage Options

Storage-Options-Minimalist Home

Remember, removing the clutter doesn’t actually mean getting rid of everything. It means you need to start thinking more about storage solutions. Some items, that are used infrequently, should be stored. This means they are easy to get to but, that the storage is blended or invisible.

It allows you to create the clean lines without giving up everything. This effectively allows you to create a balance between the clean lines of minimalist styling and the need to keep some of your treasured possessions.

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