16 Elegant Antique White Kitchen Cabinets Ideas (Pictures Included)

Do you want to give your kitchen a timeless and elegant look? Antique white kitchen cabinets are still the go-to choice for many, thanks to countless available designs you can try. White kitchen cabinets are versatile with the quality to match with nearly any color scheme. Furthermore, these cabinets offer lesser contrast when paired with dark flooring or countertop than the normal white cabinets, making them feel warmer.

Here’s a million-dollar question: how can you find the best white cabinet design for your kitchen. Today, we bring you 16 antique white kitchen cabinets styles. Pick any of these for your kitchen to give it a beautiful and graceful appearance.

Antique White Cabinet Designs

Antique white cabinets are multipurpose, meaning they can fit well with any theme you select for your kitchen. That’s the reason you can try out different designs to see which one best suits your kitchenette. Please continue reading to find our top 16 antique white kitchen cabinets designs.

1. White Stained Cabinets

White Stained Cabinets

This traditional kitchen design promotes simplicity and decency, featuring white paneled drawers with ornate brass cabinet handles. Around the kitchenette, there are hanging shelves and cabinets with a rich brown finish.

The range hood suspends over the tile backsplash and has a wood finish in its brackets and trims. Complement the design with a dark-colored kitchen island and granite stone countertop. For a good base that matches the theme, go for random coursed stone tile flooring. Hang a silver chandelier to complete the set.

2. Open Space White Cabinets

Open Space White Cabinets

As the name suggests, this design focuses on a spacious kitchen. This antique white kitchen cabinets design often goes with a pair of large doors and windows to complement the overall airy theme. The kitchen displays white paneled antique kitchen cabinets, and a black stone countertop. Furthermore, the washbasin is dark-colored, which means a modern contrast.

As the kitchen is spacious, good lighting is key. Hang a chandelier or a lamp trio over the kitchen island to enlighten the room. To uplift the colors, go for the Scandinavian wood strip flooring as the base.

3. Symmetrical White Cabinets

Symmetrical White Cabinets

Next up is one of those white kitchen ideas that promote balance. The plan is to place the kitchen island right in the middle, and have a U-shaped cabinet stream surrounding it. Right in the middle is the range hood with an architect that reaches up to the ceiling, decorated by a white paneled body and scroll-shaped pillars.

Either side could feature a window, accompanied delicately by an arched mullioned frame, which acts as a light supply. Opposite to this window, you can have refrigerator casework of a similar theme, reaching up to the ceiling.

The kitchen island also adds significantly to the beauty through its beige granite countertop and dark-colored wood body. For a classic look, hang an iron-wrought lamp bracket over the kitchen island.

4. Black Island And White Cabinets

Black Island And White Cabinets

This antique white kitchen cabinets design is for contrast-lovers. To start with, give your kitchen walls a mint green color to complement the overall theme. Next, the walls should arrange white paneled cabinets paired with glassed display cabinets. Behind the antique cabinets, the backsplash tiles feature a beige and grey hue to promote antiqueness in the kitchen.

For the base, go for a wood plank flooring to get an eye-catching contrast. The kitchen island would have a beige granite countertop and a black painted body with golden accents. Hang a pair of glass orbs as lighting over the island for a vintage feel.

5. Light Floor And White Cabinets

Light Floor And White Cabinets

This antique white kitchen cabinets design maintains the light theme. It starts with the walls featuring white paneled cabinets with a few glassed display panels. The small sandstone tiled backsplash has a light color and complements well with the overall theme.

The flooring features large random coursed tiles that are very light-colored. The kitchen island has a beige granite countertop and a dark-colored body and base. The island also hosts a gooseneck faucet that adds to the kitchen’s classic feel.

6. Dark Wood Island And White Cabinets

Dark Wood Island And White Cabinets

With this antique white kitchen cabinets design, you can bring some variations to the kitchen’s appearance. Mounted to the wall are the same white paneled cabinets and glassed display cabinets, but you can spark things up a bit. For a contemporary feel, you can add carvings over the glassed cabinets and a plate rail across the range hood’s head.

For an exquisite look, go for a double bull-nosed granite countertop and a dark-colored wooden body for the kitchen island. A crucial touch is the mosaic tile backsplash behind the stove to maintain the premium look. Hang a silver chandelier over the island, and you can have one of the best kitchens with white cabinets.

7. White Cabinets And Beige Wall Paint

White Cabinets And Beige Wall Paint

This antique white kitchen cabinets model follows an L-shaped style. The walls array white paneled and glass cabinets, mixed with stainless steel appliances fitted into the casework. The kitchen island features a salt-and-pepper granite countertop, supported by spiral comb pillars and scroll-shaped brackets.

Depending on the space, you can add another kitchen island, placed in a reverse L-shaped style against the cabinets. For a refreshing look, use the ample countertop space to place indoor plant pots. If the area allows, squeeze in a picnic-styled dining table right beside the islands.

To maintain the old-school look, have red oak flooring as a base. Hang a pair of well-lit lamps or chandeliers to enlighten the spacious kitchen.

8. Dark Floor With White Cabinets

Dark Floor With White Cabinets

An antique white kitchen cabinets design has to be eye-catching, and this one fits well in this category. The walls host white paneled cabinets reaching up to the ceiling and a slanting range hood top. The backsplash features diagonally fitted subway tiles, while the gap over the stovetop shows black and white tiles.

Use dark maple wood for the flooring to ignite a dark-and-light contrast. Take the color difference to the kitchen island by featuring a black and white granite countertop and white casework. To complete the theme, hang a pair of glass and black metal pendants over the kitchen island.

Are you pondering over different flooring options for your kitchen? Check our comparison of the top 3 home flooring types to choose the best base for your kitchen.

9. White Cabinets With Grey Walls

White Cabinets With Grey Walls

Do you want to give your kitchen a medieval look? With this antique white kitchen cabinets model, you can use grey walls to bring a stony look to your kitchen. The idea is to have raised white paneled cabinets that reach the ceiling. Beneath these, rough unfurnished stone tiles in grey color would cover the wall.

If you’re not up for an extremely old-looking kitchen, pair it with a stainless steel refrigerator for a little modern appearance. Go for a matching grey granite countertop and dark wood body for the kitchen island. Have the same dark wood for the flooring to match the overall theme, and hang a couple of pendant lamps over the island to complete the set.

10. Contemporary White Cabinet Kitchen

Contemporary White Cabinet Kitchen

With this antique white kitchen cabinets design, bring modernity to your kitchen. The island has a white granite countertop supported by raised white paneled antique cabinets and plinths. The antique white cabinets also populate the wall, along with glassed display cabinets.

For a contemporary touch, have an X-shaped wine storage shelf just above the basin. The faucet and the basin have a chrome finish to complement the modern look. The backsplash would have white mosaic tiles running along the top of the countertops. To match the tiles, go for a pale white wood flooring. The white theme makes the kitchen more spacious.
Take advantage of this to squeeze a little dining table inside and hang a pair of red pendant lamps over it.

11. Vintage Black And White Kitchen

Vintage Black And White Kitchen

This antique white kitchen cabinets design beautifully captures the black and white contrast. The overall theme is white, with occasional touches of black. The white paneled cabinets feature on the wall, as well as under the countertop, together with a white subway tile backsplash. Apply white paint on the ceiling, so it blends with the theme.

Black touches come through cabinet handles, and you can go for oiled brass vintage handles, as well as black speckled granite countertops. Besides, you can hang black pendant lamps to increase the inclusion of black in the theme. For the flooring, pick diamond patterned slate tiles in orange, grey, and brown color. A picture window that looks out to the yard completes the vintage kitchen appearance.

12. Curved Breakfast Bar Kitchen

Curved Breakfast Bar Kitchen

Next on our list is a more luxurious antique white kitchen cabinets model. This style requires a spacious kitchen as a kitchen island would tuck in between the wall and the curved breakfast bar. The wall displays high antique white cabinets, reaching up to the ceiling. Add a plate rail across the stovetop and an arched pelmet for a luxurious feel.

The backsplash displays brown brick tiles, and you can tilt them over the stovetop to create an eye-catching accent. For a matching feel, you can have the same black and white granite countertop for the kitchen island and breakfast bar. Similarly, clothe both with dark wood casework.

Have studded white leather upholstery for the breakfast bar as a seating solution. Moreover, pay special attention to lighting. Hang a pair of egg pendants over the island and bar, and install white downlights on the back wall together with under cabinet strip lights.

13. Recessed White Panel Cabinets

Recessed White Panel Cabinets

This antique white kitchen cabinets style makes use of recessed white paneled cabinets paired with dark hardwood flooring. The kitchen island has a salt and pepper granite countertop, and a white wooden plinth carved delicately.

Choose a black studded leather upholstery as the seating solution to match the dark flooring. To offset the dark hue, have some stainless steel appliances, antique white cabinets on the wall, and limestone backsplash tiles. To uplift this transitional-styled kitchen, run a rug along with the washbasin and dishwasher. Hang a trio of black metal and glass lamps over the island to add another vintage touch.

14. Spacious White Cabinet Kitchen

Spacious White Cabinet Kitchen

Do you have a tiny kitchen but still want it to look nice? Then this antique white kitchen cabinets style would suit it best. The idea is to get rid of the kitchen island to allow for more space in the kitchenette. The back wall would feature raised white paneled cabinets along with glassed display cabinets reaching the ceiling to occupy all available space.

In the backsplash, choose light brown brick tiles to give a decent look to the kitchen. In the center, fix a stainless steel stove for a modern touch. For the flooring, go with the same color you’ve chosen for the backsplash tiles, preferably light brown. For lighting, install downlights on the back wall, or use windows for natural light.

15. White Cabinet Kitchen With Storage Island

White Cabinet Kitchen With Storage Island

Has storage always been an issue in your kitchen? Don’t worry; with this antique white kitchen cabinets model, you can use the kitchen island for extra storage. Best for a small kitchen, the concept is to line the wall with high raised white paneled cabinets reaching up the ceiling, as well as shelves under the countertop.

The kitchen island has a beige granite countertop, and the casework features plenty of white paneled cabinets and shelves for extra storage. Decorate the shelves with edibles such as fruits and vegetables and place a flower vase on the countertop for a refreshing look. Complete the set with brown wood plank flooring.

16. Glazed White Cabinet Kitchen

Glazed White Cabinet Kitchen

The final antique white kitchen cabinets design on our list brings a glazed finish to the white cabinets. The theme includes both high raised and under-the-countertop glazed cabinets. The island features a Carrara marble finish countertop, in addition to chrome-finished faucets and basins, and dark wood casework.

The walnut wood plank flooring offers a warm feel and holds the kitchenette together. Hang an ornate brass chandelier that matches with the glazed white cabinets and adds a premium look to your kitchen.

Final Words

In any kitchen, cabinets are an essential component, offering storage and adding value to its beauty. Antique white kitchen cabinets are the go-to choice for many due to their versatility and elegant look.

You can try numerous available designs with antique white kitchen cabinets or add variations according to your preference. Whether you like the contrast of black and white, want to give your kitchen a medieval touch, or simply love a luxurious place for cooking, antique cabinets offer many interesting white kitchens plans.

So, what else do you need in your new kitchen? Here are kitchen essentials.


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