12 Eye-Catching Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget

Owning a nice, average home with a swimming pool to unwind sometimes is a dream coming true, especially for people belonging to working class. Who wouldn’t like a relaxing pool outside their house to loosen up a little?

However, a big underground pool comes very expensive and you must already own a big enough house.

But what if we tell you we have a solution for you? Are you wondering what could that be?
Well, you guessed it right – affordable pool deck for above ground pool.

Bright side, you wouldn’t have to struggle so much. All you need to do is look for spacious areas around your backyard and patio to brainstorm some cool backyard pool ideas on a budget.

Since installing an Olympic-size pools require extravagance besides big budget, homeowners are directing more towards setting up cheap above ground pool landscaping.

Above ground pools are not only easy to install but they also present your aesthetic sense as you come up with the customized designs and features.

If you are out of extravagant budget and big house, then you must look for some budget-friendly small pool ideas that could save you some bucks and a lot of trouble.

Here in this blog, we have listed some worth-the-shot above ground pool ideas on a budget. Fear not, there is no way an above ground pool deck will make your backyard look awful. Instead, you will have a pleasant surprise in the form of an aesthetically pleasing above ground pool. No pool-lover would deny such a blessing!

Now, let’s take you to our recommended pool landscaping ideas that won’t only be under your budget, but take minimal time to install. Meaning, you won’t have to wait longer to witness an exquisite view of your backyard!

Before you go on to explore above ground pool deck ideas, we owe you an explanation as of why setting up an above ground pool should be your next investment.

What Makes Above Ground Pools A Go-To Option For Homeowners?


Building Above Ground Pool Is Totally Worth It – Here Is WHY

Undoubtedly, pools add great value to the overall aesthetics and designs of your house. The trend of setting up above ground pools has sparked to next level due to its affordability and ease of installation. Besides that, you get you flex with that new, artistic view of your backyard. So, there is so much more to above ground pools.

Let’s tell you what how above ground decks are important for your pool-loving soul.

Above Ground Pools Are Affordable

Setting up an above ground deck means saving thousands of dollars that can go like a breeze for in-built pools. Plus, the area you would need is ridiculously expensive. Above ground pools are not so durable. If anything, they provide great value for your money with the jaw-dropping cheap price for installation.

Effortless To Install And Assemble

You don’t need to climb up mountains to set yourself up a nice and cute above ground pool. All you are required to do is assemble the pool parts and you are good to go.

Less Space, More Fun

World is largely moving towards minimalism. People tend to follow less daunting and more flexible ideas to have fun. Similar case is with the above ground pools. All these little, cute above ground pools would require is a limited space in your backyard or patio. And voila, you are all ready to witness your first, customized swimming pool for ultimate fun.

Above Ground Pools Are Low-Maintenance

Low-maintenance for any object is a good news. Meaning you won’t have to pay a fortune to a professional for fixing your pool. In case of bad weather predictions, just cover your above ground pool immediately in advance. Or if it meets any damage, patching it up wouldn’t be as costly as traditional built-in swimming pools.

Safe And Convenient

Best of all, even a non-swimmer would easily enjoy their body floating around the fresh water in long, summer days. Because the above ground pools are only up to 52 inches deep, even your kids can have good time there.

Arrange Themed Parties

Bored of traditional parties, it’s time to make your parties talk of the town with yours truly, above ground customized pool. It doesn’t matter if you have a limited backyard, a themed party in your very own above ground pool is surely going to be an exciting end to your tiring week.

Above ground pool – what a thrilling addition to your home, right?

Enough of the talk… Jump to the new exciting ways to pretty up your backyard or patio with fine above ground pool ideas on a budget.

X Amazing Above Ground Pool Ideas On A Budget:

Are you currently planning to finally own your minimal pool that fits right in the palm of your budget? You have come to the right place. We hope you find your dream pool ideas and apply it on your pool!

Let’s get straight to what pool landscaping ideas are trending. We will help you finalize your pool patio or pool deck ideas here!

1. Above Ground Pool Idea With A Bridge

Above Ground Pool Idea With A Bridge

Just imagine the beauty of the scene – a bridge connecting the deck with the swimming pool around and flora beautifying it all even more. That’s how a ridiculously cheap yet artistically beautiful above ground pool look like. Doesn’t it seem a fancy, floral dream already? Bright side is it will be totally under your budget but look expensive. The beauty of flora in the landscape makes it a number one among above ground pool ideas.

2. Wooden Deck Above Ground Pool Idea

Wooden Deck Above Ground Pool Idea

Now let’s talk about how wood makes everything aesthetically pleasing and elegant? This is exactly what we are presenting in our next above ground pool idea – wood above ground pool deck. The wooden deck acts as a terraced wood over the pool multifunctioning, both as a design material and a place to relax or place your things around.

3. Backyard Haven Above Ground Pool Idea

Backyard Haven Above Ground Pool Idea

Another budget-friendly above ground pool idea we is backyard haven above ground pool. Not only does setting up such a pool would be cheap, but it also has a vast space where you might want to chill in the swimming break and place your swimming stuff around.
However, you must have a little extra spacious backyard to set this up.

4. Aluminum Surround Above Ground Pool Idea On A Budget

Aluminum Surround Above Ground Pool Idea On A Budget

While aluminum is a savvy material for decking, it also provides contemporary appeal to the overall view of an object. Best of all, aluminum is cheap yet it’s durable and can be slatted and meshed into any shape you want. Expand the size a little bit to create space for seating.

5. Multilevel Deck Above Ground Pool Idea

Multilevel Deck Above Ground Pool Idea

What would look more alluring than a multi-level deck with a four layered structure in the backyard? Sounds fancy enough, right? It is one of the trending above ground pool ideas on a budget. If you want to level it up high, you may even layer it beyond 4 layers. Just know that you are never doing wrong with a multilevel above ground pool.

6. Space-Friendly Narrow Wooden Above Ground Pool Idea On A Budget

Space-Friendly Narrow Wooden Above Ground Pool Idea On A Budget

If you have a lengthy backyard that doesn’t have wide enough space, worry not. We have a savvy above pool idea for you – a narrow spaced wooden above ground pool that goes like a slender and seem like water therapy baths. You may hang RGB lights around and adorn the walls with wines to elevate the aesthetics of the view.

7. Deck Out Above Ground Pool Idea On A Budget

Deck Out Above Ground Pool Idea On A Budget

Surviving with a minimal budget and can’t spend more bucks on a pool? Well, a decked out above ground pool is your salvation. Executing this idea requires lesser money than expected even after providing amazing artistic scenario in your backyard. So, sit back and relax once you are done setting up this pool!

8. Patio Pool Transition Above Ground Pool Idea

Patio Pool Transition Above Ground Pool Idea

Incorporating your patio with an above ground pool can be another inexpensive and low-maintenance pool deck idea for you. Forget about the seating issue as patio itself will be a seating out there. Moreover, it is a seamless design that would almost look in any backyard.

9. Raised Deck Above Ground Pool Idea

Raised Deck Above Ground Pool Idea

Want your pool to be easily seen through your house’s backyard? Well, a raised deck above ground pool idea calls for you. The raised decks would themselves pretty little walls for your pool. Inside the deck, you may also place some wooden furniture to give finishing to a pleasing view.

10. Vintage Above Ground Pool Idea

Vintage Above Ground Pool Idea

Form vintage surroundings in your deck pool and give a BMW look to your above ground pool to make things seem even interesting.

11. Enclosed Above Ground Pool Deck Idea

Enclosed Above Ground Pool Deck Idea

Don’t let that spacious backyard of yours go to waste. Instead, set up an enclosed above ground pool that will be enough for the whole backyard and make the surroundings super appealing.

12. Wall-Mounted Above Ground Pool Idea

Wall-Mounted Above Ground Pool Idea

Worried about not having enough space even for an above ground pool? Don’t worry. That’s here a wall-mounted deck idea will come to rescue. Mount your deck along a perimeter of backyard and you are good to go with your new, super-budgeted above ground pool.

What To Consider Before Setting Up An Above Ground Pool?

Since we care about your interests and well-being both, it is better you know that above ground pools come with some cons. Well, don’t worry, they are nothing as compared to the perks these pretty minimalist pools bring to your life.

Everything comes with a cost, no matter how many relief it brings you. This is why you need to prepare yourself for a little consequences. Following are some factors you need to consider if you are finally prepared to get an above ground pool in the backyard of your house.

Limited Timespan Than Conventional Pools

One thing you must know beforehand is your above ground pool will easily last for 10 years or so but not an entire lifetime like built-in pools. However, with the budget it comes up, up to 10 years is more than enough.

Less Durability To Damage

It might be an upset for you if you have already become a fan of above ground pools that they are less resistant to storms and other damages. But we would ask you to consider a better building material if you are so much eager to get an above ground pool.

Less Versatility

Of course, built-in swimming pools have greater depth and versatility as compared to above ground pools. However, the thrill and fun you get with the cheap pool deck in your backyard is priceless and absolutely worth the shot with a minimal price to pay!

Overall Appearance

One more thing, the overall appearance of your above ground pool depends upon the shape you opt for – oval, rectangular, etc. Although the aesthetics these shapes display will still satisfy your fancy.

Choose Reputable Manufacturers And Brands

Many brands offer to set you up a marvelous above ground pool but only selective ones will deliver the value for your money. So, make sure you choose a reputable brand for the pool mission. Good luck for that!

Note that the purpose of telling you the above-mentioned factors is not to kill your thrill but to keep you up with the reality. However, these cons are easily neglect-able.

In A Word

The bottom line is that above ground pools are worth the investment in your home’s aesthetics and outdoor entertainment needs. Not only are they cheaply installed, but provide a great view to your still, tired backyard or patio.

But to pull it off, you must reach out for professional’s assistance for perfect, functional look. This article rounds up some awesome above ground pool ideas on a budget! Hoping that you would shortlist one idea from our highly-researched list!

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