Gaming Room Ideas: 40+ Eye Catching Gaming Setup Designs of 2022

No matter how small our house is, we always dedicate a part of it to our hobbies. If you’re a gym enthusiast, you’ll likely have a home gym, and if you’re a book lover, maybe a tiny library in your room. But what about gamers and their endless love for computer hardware and games?

The demand for computer hardware and peripherals has seen a steep rise over the past few years, with more people developing a keen interest in gaming. It means that gamers want to keep this equipment in the best way possible and dedicate a space in their room to a gaming setup. Today, we will present you with 40+ video game room ideas, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your room.

What Do You Need For A Perfect Gaming Room Setup?

Before we dive into the creative video game room ideas, let’s look at the equipment you need to set up a perfect gaming room.

Computer / Console

To start with, you need a computer with good specifications, allowing you to run the games you want to play with ease. You can also have a gaming console if you’re not into computers.


A gaming monitor complements the system to meet your display needs. The number of monitors you should have depends upon your preference and usage. In modern video game room ideas, people include more than one screen in the setup.

Speakers And Headset

Next, you need an audio system that delivers excellent sound to your ears, immersing you in the games. To have the best experience, you need both – a good headset and speaker system. Of course, if you are going to be playing online against others, you will also need a fast and reliable internet connection, to ensure you have the best experience possible. It can sometimes be tricky to estimate the speed required, but thankfully, if you are questioning this, HighSpeed Options has a useful how much internet speed do i need calculator to help in finding the perfect plan for you.

RGB Lighting

To add a bit of character and charm to your video game room ideas, you will also need a lighting system. Most gamers use RGB lighting strips. You can change them with a remote control to match your mood and the theme of the game you’re playing.


Another vital component of creative video game room ideas is the décor. Without proper decoration of the room, you would not pick up the gaming vibe, however good your computer specification is. It starts with a comfortable and stylish chair and a spacious table to place your hardware. While giving your room an attractive look, do not forget about your comfort. The critical aspect of a good gaming setup is comfort, allowing you to stay in your room longer and play the games you love with all your heart.

Creative 40+ Brilliant Video Game Room Ideas And Game Room Designs

There’s no limit to video game room ideas; the hardware, furniture, décor, and lighting depending on your preference. The more imaginative you are, the better gaming setup idea you’ll come up with. However, we’ve compiled a list of 40+ creative video game room ideas to help you embark on your gaming journey and make changes to it as you go.

Here are 40+ creative video game room ideas to help you design your dream gaming setup.

1. Multiple Monitor Setup

Multiple Monitor Setup

The first concept in our list is a multiple monitor setup. Are you the one who likes to multi-task while gaming? Then this suggestion involving various monitors to keep you on track with all your activities is for you.

Additionally, you can connect two or more monitors to a single computer, enlarging the field of view to your favorite games. Undoubtedly, you’ll spend long hours on the computer with this setup – make sure you have a comfortable chair!

2. Clean Gaming Setup

Clean Gaming Setup

The concept behind this gaming setup idea is to give your space a decent and organized look, closely resembling your living room. The essential requirement to pull this idea off is to keep the room clean and have furniture that supports the organization. You’d have a spacious table against the wall with speakers at each side and the video game collection neatly stuffed in the shelves. And you can have a giant sofa-looking chair in the middle.

3. Home-Office Gaming Setup

Home-Office Gaming Setup

The third in our video game room ideas is the collaboration of work and gaming. Whether you’re in a home office or temporarily work from home due to COVID-19, this gaming setup can be a great addition. The design requires a spacious room that you can divide into two – one for office and the other dedicated to gaming, using a screen divider. You’d like to compliment the work portion with darker and decent colors to maintain professionalism and motivation while adding some vibrant hues to the other half reserved for gaming.

4. Lively Décor Gaming Setup

Lively Décor Gaming Setup

The fourth of our video game room ideas adds more liveliness to your setup. It mostly looks good when you have a multiple monitor setup and RGB lighting to match the overall theme. The only prerequisite for this one is a spacious table or a shelf above the monitors where you can display small action figures. You can also tack some posters on the wall and match the lighting with their colors to give it a more vibrant look.

5. Cozy Gaming Setup

Cozy Gaming Setup

Maybe you have an apartment with not many rooms and a small area in the common you’d like to dedicate to gaming. Then you can have a cozy gaming setup, where the aim is to keep furniture to a minimum. A small table to hold your hardware, a decent audio system, and a chair would suffice. You can bring in a foldable sofa as well to make the setup more comfortable while also being so compact.

6. Small Room Gaming Setup

Small Room Gaming Setup

The sixth on our video game room ideas list caters to the gaming desire of people with small rooms. It is possible to have all the necessary furniture fit into the room, but the space is so tiny that you don’t feel like entering the room. In this case, lighting can help. You can match the RGB lighting to your screen’s wallpaper to give the room a more welcoming look. Moreover, you can use open storage solutions to avoid mess.

7. Art Wall Gaming Setup

Art Wall Gaming Setup

For this one, you’ll need a big empty wall behind your computer desk. The concept is to choose an artwork, preferably from a game, and collage it using many small picture frames. Next, you must consider your monitors as picture frames as well and set wallpapers that match the art wall. Finally, you can set the RGB lighting to the color that matches the artwork’s theme to spark up the vibe.

8. Budget Gaming Setup

Budget Gaming Setup


Maybe you don’t have enough money to spend on expensive furniture and hardware, or just you lack the space. Then this budget setup from our video game room ideas list is for you. You’d just need a decent table to hold all your hardware and a chair to sit on.

Excellent addition to the budget setup could be lighting behind the screen. You can install a light bar on the wall behind, offering your eyes a little distraction off the screen when you get bored looking at it.

9. Gigantic Monitor Setup

Gigantic Monitor Setup

The ninth on our video game room ideas inventory catches every gamer’s eye – the concept is to use three big monitors, preferably 30″, side to side and connect them to the same computer. The setup does not have a table; instead, it contains a monitor holder that keeps the screens in place. You can tilt the screens downward and place a chair, most likely a sofa, underneath them so that you can face the screens upward. Next, you just enjoy the game with the controller in your hand.

10. Adult Gaming Setup

Adult Gaming Setup

Here is the tenth on our list of video game room ideas. This setup emphasizes quietness and comfort. You dedicate a portion of a room to a table holding all hardware and have a chair in front of it. The rest of your room contains all the furniture for your comfort. It can also work out well for couples who occasionally play games or watch movies together, as it offers both; comfort and fun.

11. Spacious Gaming Room

Spacious Gaming Room

The requirement is to use a big room that you want to be filled with nothing else but gaming equipment. You can assign your computer table and chair to a wall and fill the rest of the room with shelves holding your favorite game CDs. You can also install a giant LED TV and audio system in the room to cover your cinematic needs. If you’re into arcade games, arcade machines can make their way in, as well.

12. Light-and-Dark Gaming Setup

Light-and-Dark Gaming Setup

The goal of this one of the exciting video game room ideas is to divide your room into two themes. First, you need dark-colored furniture in your room that gives it a gloomy look. Then you have to place your computer hardware in the center of the room and install lighting strips behind your monitor. When you switch off all the lights and set the strip to white color, the room shows an immersive black-and-white environment.

13. Working Desk Gaming Setup

Working Desk Gaming Setup

Do you have a working desk in your room that has plenty of space to hold your gaming hardware? Then this setup is for you. This one from our video game room ideas list involves a single monitor and maybe a desk lamp for work or study. You can place the computer on the floor underneath the table, as utilizing space on the desk is the key.

14. Nerdy Gaming Setup

Nerdy Gaming Setup

It is for the gamers who think outside the box. To pull this gaming setup off, you’ve got to be a PC enthusiast and must have a gaming history, as you’ll need your old gaming hardware. You can decorate the wall behind your desk with old motherboards, RAM sticks, and graphic cards. Mix this up with frenzy lighting to give your setup a nerdy look.

15. Bright Room Gaming Setup

Bright Room Gaming Setup

On the fifteenth spot of our video game room ideas, this setup needs a room with one or more windows. The concept is to utilize the sunlight in shaping the ambiance of the room. Therefore, place your desk right underneath or near the windows and enjoy the sunlight hitting the table as you mesmerize yourself into the game.

16. Basement Gaming Setup

Basement Gaming Setup

You are very fortunate if you have a basement you can dedicate to your gaming setup. The dream of every gamer, basement setup cuts you off from the worries, the stress of life and lets you focus on the game alone.

You can up the setup level by installing a projector and casting it onto an empty wall. Throw a pair of cushions onto the floor and dive right into your favorite game.

17. Futuristic Gaming Setup

Futuristic Gaming Setup

To pull this one of the best video game room ideas off, you need a big wall that can home a giant 60” LED TV. The screen might as well cover the entire wall, and that’s what’s so great about this setup. This arrangement from our video game room ideas perfectly suits console players, with no extra peripherals than just a controller. Back off and take a seat under the giant screen, and teleport into the world of your favorite game.

18. Pub-Style Gaming Room

Pub-Style Gaming Room

This one in our video game room ideas list is for the pub and old-school furniture lovers. But to complete this gaming room idea, you need a spacious room, as it will hold many things. To begin with, it’d have a desk homing a monitor and a pair of sofas in the corner. Next, you can have a bar with soft drinks at the go in another corner. In the middle, you can have a foosball table and a couple of arcade machines. Pair all of these with a wooden floor to give it a more rustic look.

19. All-White Gaming Setup

All-White Gaming Setup

On nineteenth in our video game room ideas list is for people who love the color white. If you have an empty white wall, you can dedicate to a gaming setup; you’re all set. A minimalistic white desk that’s more of a shelf and a swivel chair would do the trick.

Additionally, you must have a white computer case, keyboard, and mouse to match the overall theme. Tack a white wall clock above the monitor, and you’re ready to go.

20. Neon Gaming Setup

Neon Gaming Setup

As the name suggests, this idea brings neon to your gaming setup. You can purchase neon strips and give an angular design with them to the wall behind your desk and set their color to your liking. You can also add indoor plant bots and trails to your table and put a natural/botanical wallpaper to balance the industrial feel.

21. Soundproof Gaming Setup

Soundproof Gaming Setup

We all know that a gaming room without loud noises is nearly impossible. Gamers love to let see the world what they are feeling, whether it is rage or happiness. For this reason, on 21st position in our video game room ideas list is one of our favorites.

The concept is installing soundproof padding within the room so that the sound does not leave the room. However loud you scream, it won’t go past your room now. Furthermore, it would also enhance the quality of sound within the room if you’re using speakers.

22. Gaming Stand Setup

Gaming Stand Setup

We’ve all seen Dish TV stands, but what about gaming stands? Among our best video game room ideas, this one is for people having a confined space with only enough area to fit in a gaming stand and a chair. The gaming stand is more of a vertical wooden structure that holds the monitor and has shelves for your console and game CDS.

Again, this one’s for people with consoles, as you sit back and relax in your chair instead of worrying about the placement of keyboard and mouse.

23. Electricity Gaming Setup

Electricity Gaming Setup

All the gamers out there know the problems caused due to cable management. But what if we use it to our advantage through one of our video game room ideas? The concept is to mount up your computer to the wall and run the cables to your monitor and power outlet using wire managers. Add a bit of lighting behind each component, and it’ll give the setup a futuristic look.

24. Console Collection Setup

Console Collection Setup

Have you been a gaming console fan since your childhood and own nearly every console released to date? Then this gaming setup is for you. Get a cabinet with enough portions to showcase each console. The one you’re currently using can take up its place on the throne under the monitor above all other consoles.

25. RGB Lighting Setup

RGB Lighting Setup

Recently, the use of RGB lighting has increased in gaming room setup. If you don’t like to settle on a single theme and prefer the colors in your room to cycle on, this is one of the best game room ideas you can use.

Install RGB strips on the wall, behind the monitor, and under the table. Grab an RGB gaming case and peripherals to sync them to the room’s theme.

26. Sleep And Play Setup

gaming room ideas

If you have a small room with barely any space to walk around, use this to your advantage and convert it into a gamer bedroom. Combine your room with a desk holding your hardware, and place a bed right next to it.

This way, you can play a game with the comfort of your bed and fall asleep whenever you feel like it.

27. Tetris Room

gaming room ideas

Have you been a fan of Tetris since your childhood and are looking for game room ideas to relive the experience? Then it’s time to bring it back to life with Tetris textures on your wall. Each group of blocks can take a different color, and you can paint the background white to make them more vibrant.

28. Super Mario Room

gaming room ideas

Another idea to bring back an old game to life. Who doesn’t want Super Mario world in their video game room? You can paint the walls with the same background the game offers. To make it even more immersive, mount a few ledges and paint them to resemble Mario climbs’ ledges in the game and place a few cactus pots over them.

29. Gaming Library Setup

gaming room ideas

It’s true; not all of us love libraries. But what if it’s a gaming library? It’s hard to say no to that, right. The only requirement to pull this idea off is to have a large enough gaming collection. Next, you must purchase enough shelves to hold the gaming CDs and position them around your gaming desk.

30. Angry Birds Room

gaming room ideas

If you love the Angry Birds game, you can bring them back into action in your room. All it requires is good painting skills to give your wall a fancy Angry Birds art. Keeping the furniture to a minimum is the key to make the art wall visible.

31. Recreational Gaming Setup

gaming room ideas

If you like to have other stuff in your room to keep yourself busy apart from gaming, consider this from our best video game room ideas list. At the start, you can have a giant LED TV to watch movies when you get bored. Furthermore, you can have a library or a piano set to keep a balance between gaming and other activities.

32. Virtual Racing Room

gaming room ideas

This one from our video game room ideas suits the gamers who have an interest in racing. Manufacturers such as Logitech offer gaming steering wheels that you can connect to your favorite racing game. Pair it with a triple monitor display, take the seat behind the wheel and enjoy!

33. Luxury Gaming Setup

gaming room ideas

Everything in your room would be luxurious, from the monitor screen to the chair you’re sitting on. The aim is to have as much comfort as possible. Mount a giant screen on the wall and throw a couple of massive leather seats on the floor to enjoy this one. Definitely, It is one of the most elegant video game room ideas.

34. Batman Room

gaming room ideas

We all share the love for Batman, but why not dedicate your gaming room to him? You can start by tacking up Batman posters on the wall, throwing a rug on the floor with the batman logo, and decorating the table with little batman collectible figures.

35. Ironman/Capitan America Room

gaming room ideas

Not much of a DC fan? Then you can have a look at this one from our video game room ideas. The goal is to change the entire room’s theme to match your superhero’s. Or better, you can spark your room up with Ironman vs Capital America theme.

36. Dual Gaming Setup

gaming room ideas

You might not have a room all to yourself. In this case, you need a more oversized desk to hold more than one computer and monitor. This one from our video game room ideas best suits couples who love playing games.

37. Computer plus Console Setup

gaming room ideas

If you love both computer and console games equally, we bring you this setup to meet your needs. The optimum style to pull this one of the best video game room ideas is to have a desk holding all your computer hardware, and at the same time, a giant LED TV connected to the console. Whenever you feel tired sitting on the chair, throw yourself on the cushions on the floor and play your favorite console game.

38. Star Wars Room

gaming room ideas

We cannot forget Star Wars when it comes to dedicating your room to movies/games. The great thing about Star Wars is that you can shop hundreds of collectibles and merchandise. Place these collectibles on the table, tack some posters on the wall, and pair them with green and red lighting.

39. Classy Gaming Setup

gaming room ideas

From all the video game room ideas, this one focuses on class. Decency and elegance are the most significant factors. For this, get a white desk and a white PC case, and throw blue lighting behind them. A crucial decision is to mount the monitor screen to the wall a little bit above the desk.

40. Colorful Gaming Setup

gaming room ideas

If you don’t like to settle to a specific color in your room, you can always mix it up a little. Many manufacturers make gaming peripherals in different colors, such as pink keyboards and mice from Razer. Pair these up with the circling effect of RGB lights to give your room a colorful look.

41. Space-Themed Room

gaming room ideas

If you share the love for outer space, this one from our video game room ideas is for you. By painting the walls to resemble space-ship windows showing the area, this setup can make you feel like you’re in a space movie. Install a giant single monitor and pair the room with appropriate dark lighting to enjoy the best space experience.

Final Words

The fever of gaming is relatively high these days. Nearly every teenager dreams to have the perfect gaming setup to play all the new games. There are countless gaming room ideas to decorate your room to get the ambiance you look for to evolve your game.

However, you need specific components without which the gaming setup would be incomplete, such as a computer, console, monitor, and RGB lighting strips. But certainly, there’s no limit to gaming setup ideas, and you can try to be as creative as you want to find the perfect one for you.

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