Homefire – Heat Your Home This Winter With a Wood Burner

The colder weather has finally arrived and many people are exploring their options to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature.

With energy bills being so high, using a wood burner could prove to be the best choice for everybody at your residence.

This article will look at why wood burners are the smart choice and how they operate.

Why you Should Consider a Wood Burner

Why you Should Consider a Wood Burner
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It’s been reported that energy bills will rise even further in January, putting more of a strain on the finances of people than ever. The stress involved with paying boiler bills is evident among families up and down the country.

Wood burners, on the other hand, are a cheaper way of heating your home when times are tough. The figures vary on how much you could save in a year but it could be in the hundreds of Pounds. As gas prices continue to rise, this can be the perfect answer for British homeowners.

You can expect long-term savings by purchasing and burning kiln-dried wood instead of switching on your boiler whenever you want to get warm. It takes far less energy, in terms of kWh, to burn wood in one of these appliances than other types of heating.

There is a vent that emits potential smoke from your wood burner (not that this is a problem for kiln-dried wood, however). This means you can get all the beautiful aesthetics of a log fire at a cheaper rate than you might be used to.

The roaring charm of a wood burner is reason enough for many people to install the appliance in their homes. The lack of a fireplace needn’t be a problem anymore.

Better for the Environment

Better for the Environment
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On top of the financial savings that could be made, your carbon footprint should be reduced too since you’re relying on gas less. We’ve all heard how negatively fossil fuels contribute to greenhouse gases, so switching to an efficient form of wood means you’re doing your bit for the planet.

Switching from fossil fuels to a renewable source of energy puts you in control of your environmental contribution. We use a kiln-drying technique to remove the majority of the moisture from the logs so it is safe to use and amazingly efficient. You can expect the logs to burn for a long time, resulting in stocking up less.

Smoke Control Areas were introduced throughout the UK to combat the type of pollution that wet wood and other products that emit excessive smoke cause to the environment. Kiln-dried wood is not banned in Smoke Control Areas because it is deemed a smokeless fuel, taking one more thing off your mind.

At Homefire, we’re experts in supplying responsibly sourced and efficient fuel sources that are good for the environment and your wallet. Explore our website for our entire range of products.


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Terrill Welch
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