Top 14 Contemporary DIY Computer Desk Ideas (Pictures Included)

A computer desk is a vital piece of furniture for every home and office, providing a dedicated place for your computer components. If you work from home, they are even more crucial. It brings a formal feel and comfort as well as offers a decent workplace. A DIY computer desk is a better option than purchasing it ready-made. Not only you save a lot of money, but you can also give the desk the look of your choice. Now that we have established, we need a DIY computer desk; the question is how to build a computer desk. What are the most popular designs? Today, we’ll discuss 14 contemporary styles you can follow to develop your favorite computer desk.

1. Long Computer Desk

Long Computer Desk

The first DIY computer desk in our collection is the long desk to accommodate more of your stuff. The table follows a simple design with a long and flat wooden top and two X-shaped legs. These allow the table to fold.

Whether you plan to use the desk for gaming or office work, it is a perfect pick owing to its spaciousness. To match it with the theme of your room, you can give the legs and the top a contrast. The desk is spacious enough to host two computers and other office instruments.

2. Floating Gaming Desk

Floating Gaming Desk

Another DIY computer desk worth exploring is the floating gaming desk. As the name suggests, this table design comes without any base – instead, the wooden top mounts to the wall.

The size would depend on the width of your wall. The larger the desk you make, the more gaming peripherals it would house. To give it a more pleasing look, you can pair the floating desk with RGB strips and set the color of your choice. Make the desk more versatile by placing a desk lamp and dedicating a portion to study or work.

3. Ladder Computer Desk

Ladder Computer Desk

Do you like to be creative? Then a ladder-shaped DIY computer desk from Nathan James is a fantastic project to work on. The desk’s design takes more vertical space, making it more suitable for small rooms. The appearance is unique – a large ladder with each step acting as a shelf to hold your computer components.

The first step can act as a work desk and hold your monitor screen or laptop. You can place decorative items on the upper stages to spark up the overall appearance. Furthermore, you can paint the ladder desk with a shade that matches your room’s color theme.

As a bonus, you can hang a trailing indoor plant from the ladder to give it a more aesthetic feel.

4. Chained Computer Desk

Chained Computer Desk

This one’s quite similar to the floating gaming desk we’ve seen above. However, the design is a bit different, as it involves metal chains and brackets. The idea is to pin the wooden top to the floor using chains to fold to reveal the side underneath.

This DIY computer desk allows more versatility. Let’s say you’re an online teacher; you can use the desk’s underside to install a whiteboard. With the help of metal brackets and hinges, you can lift the board to reveal the bottom and use the whiteboard.

Paint the desk and metal chains to arrive at a nice contrast that matches your room. Place an upholstered stool under the desk for more comfort.

5. Corner Computer Desk

Corner Computer Desk

Our list includes another decent DIY computer desk for small spaces. It employs a unique design that fits nicely into a corner. The desk has three legs and a triangular base to slide into any corner of the room.

Make sure to take correct measurements to avoid the desk dangling when placed against a corner. You can paint the top and the legs differently for an exciting contrast. However, the desktop won’t be big enough, which is a factor to bear in mind.

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6. L-Shaped Computer Desk

L-Shaped Computer Desk

Another DIY computer desk worth considering is the L-shaped desk. This table’s design uses two walls and provides abundant space you can place your computer components. The idea is to construct an L-shaped table that mounts to two walls and provide seating space for two people.

This baseless computer desk offers a cleaner look to your room. Place a pair of metal stools and throw a matching rug on the floor to give the room an elegant appearance.

7. Foldable Computer Desk

Foldable Computer Desk

This foldable table is among our cool computer desk ideas. The design provides for a cleaner and compact look, owing to its foldable property. The DIY computer desk plans for this design begin with constructing a wooden compartment, accessible through a lid, which mounts to the wall.

When opened, the desk folds out and spreads to the floor. When the desk is out on the floor, the compartment reveals a couple of shelves you can use to store computer peripherals. For a better idea of this design, check out this foldout desk from Basicwise Store.

8. Computer Desk with Storage

Computer Desk with Storage

Are you in search of a computer desk that also meets your storage needs? No worries, you can quickly build a DIY computer desk with storage compartments. The concept is to have a large enough worktop to host all your computer parts, an empty area to facilitate the legroom, and two large cabinets on either side.

You can go for variations in the storage section, such as having 2×2 cabinets on either side. Build your own computer desk with storage, and place a work chair. In the end, mount a matching painting on the wall to give your room an elegant look.

9. Industrial Computer Desk

Industrial Computer Desk

Do you like having an industrial look around your room? This DIY computer desk brings the fusion of wood and metal to promote professionalism. The table design is simple – a wide wooden worktop with industrial piping for the legs.

You can even make this table portable by installing wheels at the end of each pipe. Place the desk against a dark wall to give the room an industrial feel. A metal stool in front of the table adds more spark to the setup.

10. Concrete Top Computer Desk

Concrete Top Computer Desk

As the name suggests, this DIY computer desk is for ‘concrete top’ lovers. For a concrete worktop, the size would usually be small. It is a practical idea for people with tiny apartments, as the desk does not take much space.

The base of this computer table has wooden legs to give it an eye-catching contrast. A vital point to consider: do not use cheap quality wood. As the concrete top is heavier compared to the wooden worktop, you need strong wood in the base to support it. To beautify the setup, place the table on a rug, and throw a low stool before it.

11. Book Shelf Computer Desk

Book Shelf Computer Desk

Are you a book lover searching for a table to hold all your favorite books while also providing space for work? Look no further, as this DIY computer desk brings that exact design to life. The concept is straightforward; have bookshelves above the worktop to house all your books.

The number of shelves you build would depend on your book collection. To give the table a library look, use dark-colored wood. Place a few indoor plant pots over the topmost shelf for a refreshing feel.

12. Custom Gaming Desk

Custom Gaming Desk

Gamers wish for a computer desk that meets all their needs. Therefore, with gaming desk ideas, creativity is vital. Take a minute and think about all the characteristics you’d like the table to have. If you want to place the computer on the table to showcase that remarkable PC case of yours, extend the tabletop’s length.

Storage is another crucial factor to remember, as you need enough drawers to stow your gaming peripherals away. Add another layer above this DIY gaming computer desk to arrange collectibles. Or simply showcase indoor plant pots for an aesthetic feel.

13. Back-to-Back Computer Desk

Back-to-Back Computer Desk

This DIY computer desk design is for couples who love to work in pairs. As the name suggests, the back-to-back desk style involves the couple facing one another instead of working side by side. If privacy is a priority, a back-to-back table overtakes the side-to-side design.

You can have a large tabletop and wooden legs for a simple design, or you can spice things up. Instead of using the legs as the base, try building a bookshelf or a storage compartment and split the tabletop into two. Then, mount the tabletops from either side to the new base you’ve constructed. Each partner can decorate the shelves facing their side according to their liking.

14. Wooden Pallet Computer Desk

Wooden Pallet Computer Desk

If you’ve worked on DIY projects before, you must be familiar with the flexibility of the wooden pallet. The idea behind this DIY computer desk is to have a shelf with many small windows mounted to a wall. Additionally, you’d attach a wooden board, using metal chains and hinges, to the shelf that’d slide out when you need to use it. On this board, place your monitor and other peripherals. Use the small windows on the shelf to put picture frames, plant pots, or stationery.

Final Words

A computer desk is a crucial piece of furniture that holds your computer components, provides a working space, and keeps the room organized. You can buy a ready-made computer table or build one yourself to save a few dollars. Whether you want a straightforward computer desk or something cool, DIY ideas come in various designs to meet your needs. Follow the insights under each plan above to learn how to build a computer desk from scratch.

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