5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Composite Decking

The benefits of incorporating a deck into any property are evident. It provides extra space for entertaining guests, enhances the property’s value, improves the aesthetic appeal, and is relatively inexpensive. Homeowners deciding on home improvement projects often find that adding a deck is a profitable decision.

However, the choice can be more complex for some, particularly novice homeowners whose only exposure to decks may be the wooden ones from their childhood homes. When installing a deck for the first time, selecting composite decking is usually the optimal decision. Here are five reasons to have confidence in a new deck.

Maintaining it is Simple

Maintaining composite decking is quite straightforward. Unlike wood, it doesn’t necessitate regular painting or staining. When it becomes dirty, a quick cleanup with some soap and water is all it needs. The main reason for having a deck is to relish your time outdoors, and minimal upkeep allows for more of that. A product that lets you enjoy more leisure time in your yard rather than maintaining it is certainly a benefit.

The unique makeup of this product makes it easier to manage than a deck made solely of wood. Composite decking boasts resistance to rot, mold, and mildew. This means you won’t have to worry about your deck warping or deteriorating over time.

Amazing Aesthetics

The appeal of composite decking might be apparent to those who have experienced it before; it simply looks outstanding. A wide array of color choices are available, with options like Ash, Black or Silver composite decking boards.

Brown Composite Decking Boards are notably popular, with countless happy customers.

They claim that it rivals the appearance of many hardwood types without the associated cost, time, or energy that hardwood demands over time. The clean lines and modern finish of composite decking are ideal for a contemporary deck design or to complement the style of your home.


Source: TimberTech

One of the comforting aspects of composite is its consistent quality, given that it’s a manufactured product. This means it lacks the inherent flaws or weaknesses that can come with natural timbers. This uniformity in quality is also why composite products often have extended warranties due to their quality manufacturing.

For example, most boards have a 15-year warranty and are designed to last longer without ongoing maintenance. It’s not uncommon, and indeed justified, for companies to face inquiries about the lifespan of a timber deck, which can also last 10 or even 15 years.

While this is accurate, achieving such longevity necessitates constant high-standard maintenance, either by yourself or a hired professional. The annual expenses for stains and sealers are also far from insignificant. In contrast, composite offers a more cost-effective and less labor-intensive solution over its lifetime when compared to timber.

Decks Enhances the Worth of Your Property

Homeowners are perpetually exploring methods to enhance their property’s value. One way is by adding a deck, with composite decking potentially providing an even greater boost.

Composite decks, recognized for their long lifespan and low upkeep, are favored among homeowners, but is the investment truly worthwhile?

Some individuals may discover that trading in their wooden decks for composite versions, instead of refurbishing them every few years, can lead to financial savings over time.

However, others might prefer wood for its natural appearance and its cozy atmosphere to their porches during nighttime.

Avoid Deck Warping or Splintering

It’s disheartening to shell out additional funds to fix and refinish classic decks. However, with a composite deck, the probability of such occurrences is virtually zero. This implies you can relish its benefits for an extended period without worrying about escalating costs.

The need to constantly smooth down worn-out areas, apply stain, and repeatedly seal them becomes unnecessary.

If you’re a parent or pet owner, you know how distressing a significant splinter can be. You can completely circumvent this predicament by opting for composite instead of hardwood for your new deck.


If you’re a homeowner in search of a decking material that’s durable, easy to upkeep, and environmentally friendly, then composite wood decking is an excellent choice. This decking material also provides a broad spectrum of colors and patterns, enabling you to pick a hue and style that enhances your house and garden.


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