Use Aqua Therapy For Rehabilitation In Your Own Backyard

Looking for a new way to exercise this summer? If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool on your property, new physical fitness options are at the ready in the form of so-called “aqua therapy.”

Aqua therapy is exactly as it sounds, therapy and attentiveness to your physical needs while wearing a swimsuit and hanging out in your swimming pool.

Doing physical therapy underwater is a low impact way of exercising that puts minimum strain on your body while also allowing you to stay in shape or, in some cases, rehabilitate old injuries and/or prevent new ones.

Aqua therapy is good for both body and mind and can bring a lot of health benefits alleviating a whole host of chronic conditions, particularly if used on a regular basis or as part of a daily routine.

Some of the conditions aqua therapy can help with include back pain, joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, heart disease, athletic injuries, circulation issues and many more.

If you have a swimming pool, aqua therapy is pretty simple and easy to accomplish. You don’t need any special equipment or attire, just ease into the pool and let the water support your body.


You can even invite a friend or two over to take part in your daily exercises. The more the merrier, right?

Many people think of aqua therapy as something exclusively for the older demographic, as that’s probably what they’ve seen on television or on exercise or online videos.

But regardless of your age, you can reap the benefits of doing aqua therapy. You’ll feel great afterwards, whether you’re 10 or 100 or anywhere in between.

Whether you have an injury or a trouble spot that needs attention or you just want to get in better shape, aqua therapy is an option that’s worth looking into.

Water is hundreds of times more resistant than air, so participating in water-based exercises provides greater results over time than working out in the gym.


While you’re going to want to use your backyard swimming pool for a whole lot of fun in the sun during the summer months, don’t forget about these other uses for your pool.

If you live in a particularly warm climate, the early morning hours could be ideal for aqua therapy in your backyard swimming pool.

Get up and get moving while the rest of the family is still fast asleep, then get ready for a fun time around the pool once everyone else has begun their day.

Over time with aqua therapy, you’re going to notice yourself getting in better shape and many of those nagging issues you’ve been dealing with will also begin to improve or perhaps even go away entirely.

So why not devise a plan, invite a couple of friends over and start exercising in the pool every morning? As with any exercise plan, the first step is almost always the hardest.

But once you’ve gotten started and begun seeing results, you’ll want to stick to it and continue making improvements in your overall health and well-being.

It may not be the reason you bought the pool in the first place, but exercising and getting in shape via a diligent aqua therapy regimen can certainly be an excellent by-product of installing your very own backyard swimming pool.

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