Accidentally Damaged a Client’s Property – 5 Steps to Solve it and Prevent it

Workplace accidents happen, and your company needs to be ready for these eventualities. These events are a risk and are par for the course. Business owners must take these in stride and must not penalize their employees, especially if they did their best to prevent such things from happening. A good business must always cover its bases and be as fair as possible in dealing with such concerns.

Service-oriented companies realize that they need to invest in various insurance policies such as general liability coverage to protect their employees and their corporate image. In addition, they know that they must strive to keep their clients happy while still keeping their employees happy and ready to serve. It can be a delicate balancing act, but it should be part of their company goals.

If your employees accidentally damage your customer’s property, here are five steps to resolve the issue and prevent it from happening again.

Admit The Mistake And Have The Insurance Cover The Damage

Insurance Cover The Damage

Your company needs to admit that an accident indeed happened. There’s no use to deny it to the customer. It will be great for your corporate image if you readily admit any mistake your staff made and work on resolving them to both parties’ satisfaction. This is why you need to have updated liability insurance to cover such concerns. You mitigate the damage to your reputation and keep your customers and employees happy, too.

Ask Customers To Sign Waivers And Appraise Them Of Potential Hazards Prior

Potential Hazards Prior

This is one of the many reasons your service company should conduct inspections before proceeding with the job. To appraise your client, you can thoroughly inspect the workplace and identify any potential safety hazards. Upon explaining such cases to them, you can have them sign a waiver to mitigate your risk and liability.

Document Everything That Your Staff Does

Document Everything That Your Staff Does

One of the best ways for your company to take care of its reputation is to document everything your staff does in the workplace meticulously. If you can capture what they do on video, it will be a great way to document your staff’s actions.

You also need to keep track of various maintenance tasks such as repairs, inspections, and maintenance as part of your records. These will help you keep track of where potential hazards are present.

Post Safety Warning Signs Around The Area

Post Safety Warning Signs Around The Area

One way to prevent workplace accidents is to ensure that enough visible warning signs are available in the area. This will ensure that safety will continue to be a top priority and your staff can prevent any mishaps from happening. Your company would also do well to have a contingency plan to mitigate such hazards.

Proper Tool And Equipment Maintenance

One of the common causes of workplace accidents is improperly maintained equipment. Your personnel must work hard to ensure that all equipment that they bring into your clients’ property is safe to use to prevent accidents. The better maintained your tools are, the less chance of a mishap.


Preventing workplace accidents should be one of the priorities of your service-oriented company. However, should problems arise, your company must take the necessary steps to resolve the issues and reinforce company policies to prevent such cases from happening again.


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